A fast one-shot about family.

Savio: Yep

Really sweet and short. Enjoy!

I looked at the time it was nine in the morning. It wasn't like Savio to sleep in this late. At this time he is always running around by now. " I should go check on him," I told myself getting to my feet.

I walked down the hallway to Savio's room and open the door." Savio?" I whisper. All I get as a reply is a groan. Pushing the door open some more I walk over to Savio; I could tell something was wrong. "Savio what's wrong?" In a small voice he says." I don't fell well." " You don't look well," I said" Let me take your tempacure."

I ran back to the kitchen and rushed back with the temodure. " Ok Savio, You know how to do this right? Just put it under you tongue and keep it there until it beeps" I said holding it out for him." But I don't want to." He said turning his head." Come on Savio. Be a big boy." He groaned and did as I told. It didn't take long for it to beep. I pulled it out of his mouth and looked at his temperature. Just as I thought. He was a 99.7." You have a fever," I told him pulling his bed sheets up more." Just stay in bed and take it easy. Try to take a nap." He nods and rolls over.

" Poor guys* I mumble and close the door and make some mice soup in the kitchen. Holding my nose I poor it into a bowl. I hate this stuff because it smells gross and taste bad but Savio loves it. As I let it cool off I heard nocking at the door. I knew who it was before I open it; Hans, Clemson and Blowhole.

"Savio here?" Hans ask. I nod" Yeah but he cant play today."

"Its not play it's 'hanging out." Clemson points out." Playing is for little kids."

"Right. "I roll my eyes" Well Savio can't "Hang out" today."

"Why not?" Blowhole ask

"He's sick" I just really wanted them to leave.

"Really? Gross!" Clemson says taking a step back.

"How sick?" The dolphin asks.

Before I could answer a loud sneeze came from Savio's room.

" That sick." I tell them.

"Oh well we should go" Hans says and the three of them leave.

I sigh and bring the soup to Saivo's room. "Here's some mice soup" I tell him handing it to Savio. "Thanks" He says and drinks a little bit before asking. " Who was at the door?"

I didn't really wanted to tell him to make him feel bad he couldn't play with them but I couldn't lie to him." Hans, Clemson and Blowhole."

He nods" Why can't they come in?"

"You don't want to get them sick." I tell him.

" I can get others sick?" He asks

"You sure are full of questions today," I said" And yes you can get others sick."

"Will I get you sick?" He says after having a bit more of his soup.

" Yes but Ill be ok. Don't worry about me." I say standing up. " Go back to sleep."

The next day I wake up feeling sick. But I ignored it and got up. Going into what I always do frist thing in the monring, shower, get dress and make breakfast.

I put breakfast on the table just in time. Savio slithers in.

"Feeling better?" I ask.

He nods and eats some bacon.

"Good" I say and do a quick sneeze.

Savio truns to me" Are you ok?"

"Yeah" I lied" Like I said don't worry about me."

Wow I wrote this in like an hour.

Savio: Rolls eyes* Wow that so impressive.

What ever. This was going to be one of the chapters in Family Pain a story about Savio's life and me but I thought it might be nicer as a one-shot. Well tell me what you think please! Thanks for reading.