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Setting: One year before the androids arrival

It's a bright, sunny morning and blue haired Bulma Briefs is comfortably relaxing in her recliner at Capsule Corporation. Suddenly, she hears a ground shaking explosion quickly followed by the sound of loud obscenities and profanity. Bulma didn't have to think twice to know it was Vegeta destroying the gravity chamber AGAIN! The inventor decides that she'll just ignore it today considering Vegeta blew up, destroyed, or demolished something every day. She leans back into her recliner thinking that for once she was going to have a relaxing morning…she thought wrong. Vegeta bursts out of the gravity chamber sweating, bruised, and angry and as usual hunting someone or something to blame for whatever mishap he happened to bring about because it couldn't possibly be the Saiyan Prince's fault…never.

The black haired Saiyan looks around the room for the Earth woman he'd come to live with for the past two years, "WOMAN!"

She rolls her blue eyes and growls her annoyance at his insistence on calling her 'woman' instead of her name, "What does he want…WHAT?!"


There was never a 'please' or an 'If you have time'. It was always yelling and demanding, "NO!"

She then hears Vegeta cursing her as he stomps into the room and stands right beside the recliner that Bulma is lounging in, "What do you mean no?!"

"I mean no. I'm taking a day off from fixing droids, gravity chambers, or body parts." She lifts the foot rest on the recliner and places her arms behind her head in a relaxing gesture trying to ignore his furious expression.

He balls his hands into fists trying to keep from punching her in the face, "But, my training can't take a day off because of you, stupid woman!"

"Oh, well…I guess it will because I'm not moving from this recliner until I get good and ready and when I get ready I'm going to put on a bikini and lay out by the pool and then I'm going to take a bath and then I'm going to make dinner and then I'm going to take a nap and after that I might watch the soaps, but one thing I'm not going to do is help you train." She gives him a look of unconcern as she closes her eyes.

He lets out an irritated growl as a vein in his forehead begins throbbing, "I have to train. I have to get stronger than Kakarot and with you lazing around I'll never be stronger than that fool!"

"And your point is?" She rolls onto her side away from him in the recliner with disinterest.

"My point is…" He bends down and grips the underside of the recliner in his strong grasp and flips the piece of furniture over making the blue haired woman fall to the floor in an ungraceful heap, "Get up and fix the gravity chamber now or you won't be well enough to lay by the pool."

She sits up and gives him a hateful glare, "You're such an asshole, Vegeta!"

He shrugs indifferently, "And your point is?"

"My point is that you have a choice." She pushes her disheveled hair away from her face before giving him his choices, "Either I fix the gravity chamber or I make your lunch."

"WHAT?!" His eyes widen in anger and shock, "You'll do both!"

"Try me." She finally stands up from the floor and straightens her skirt and brushes her clothes off, "Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to work on my tan and when you decide what you want you can come outside and tell me."

The Saiyan prince watches her leave the room and walk up the stairs, "Uhhh! Stupid woman!"

When Bulma comes back downstairs clad in her bikini she doesn't see Vegeta anywhere and feels proud of herself for letting the fowl tempered Saiyan know what's what. Unfortunately, when she walks outside she notices Vegeta standing beside the gravity chamber and sees her father underneath the gravity chamber, "Dad! What are you doing?"

Dr. Briefs sticks his head out from under the gravity chamber to see his daughter looking furious, "Oh hello, Bulma." He quickly retreats back under the broken structure to avoid her glare, "I'm just fixing the gravity chamber for Vegeta."


Before she can finish her objection, Vegeta cuts her off with a smug look on his face, "I've decided…I would like for you to make my lunch."

"Ughhhh!" She storms away from the two men and makes her way to the pool, puts her towel down, and sits down, "I can't believe dad! Always helping his 'Highness'. That spoiled little brat! He always gets his way!" She lies back onto the towel and puts her sunglasses on, "Stupid asshole!"

"I didn't know you thought of me that way, Bulma."

The ranting inventor jumps at the sound of another voice and turns to see Chichi standing at the edge of the pool, "Oh, Chichi! I wasn't expecting you!"

"Sorry to startle you." She walks closer to the bikini clad woman, "What did Vegeta do this time?"

Bulma rolls her eyes behind the sunglasses and frowns, "Ughh! Don't get me started."

"That bad, huh?"

"Mom and dad do everything for him and he is so bossy!" She crosses her arms over her chest becoming angry just from thinking about the gravity chamber incident again.

Chichi giggles softly, "Well, that's Vegeta for you."

"Yeah, I suppose." The blue haired woman takes in a cleansing breath to try and get back to relaxing, "So, what are you doing in town so close to Capsule Corp.?"

"Gohan and I were shopping for new clothes and I decided to pop by for a little visit since we were so close." She sits down beside Bulma and the two women begin chatting beside the pool.

Elsewhere, Dr. Briefs comes out from under the gravity chamber and wipes his hands on a rag as he looks at the dark haired Saiyan, "That should do it."

"It's about time, old man!" He puts his hands on his hips impatiently waiting for the old inventor to move away from the door.

Dr. Briefs lets out a sigh from Vegeta's poor manners, but doesn't mention it, "Try not to be so rough on it, Vegeta."

"Hmmph, just get out of my way!" Vegeta shoves passed Bulma's father and stomps into the gravity chamber. He makes his way to the control panel to set the amount of resistance he wants, but hesitates a moment when he looks out the tiny, round window to see Bulma talking to Chichi beside the pool.

*Italics are thoughts*

'Women are such a confusing species…especially the woman…she's so loud and obnoxious and…beautiful. Huh?'

He quickly snaps out of his thoughts and his eyes widen when he realizes what he just thought, "No, what is wrong with me?!" He quickly sets the gravity before walking away from the window and begins doing push-ups against the gravity's resistance, "I do not have feelings like this… (groan) and I definitely don't have feelings for…(grunt) the woman." He continues doing push-ups only using one arm for this set, "She is so…(grunt) annoying and obnoxious…Ahhh! No! No! No! No! No!" The angry Saiyan powers up and punches the side of the gravity chamber in his fury.

Bulma and Chichi are oblivious to his turmoil as they continue to chat beside the pool. Chichi stands up and brushes her clothes off, "I've got to get going. I'll bet Gohan is getting hungry and bored. All he wants to do is train with Goku anyway. Maybe things will look up with you and Vegeta."

Bulma lets out a derisive snort, "Yeah right, I'll believe that when it happens."

Chichi waves good bye and soon she and Gohan have left Capsule Corp. Bulma soaks up the sun for few minutes longer before deciding to go inside and start lunch. It doesn't take her long to prepare lunch and as she walks into the dining room to place the food on the dining table she sees Vegeta already sitting at his place around the table, "Oh, Vegeta, you scared me. I thought you would be in the gravity chamber for another two hours at least."

He shoots her a bored look not wanting to hear her chatter, "Just give me my lunch, woman!"

"Yes, your highness." She puts his plate down in front of him with an angry slam, "Anything for the spoiled little prince." She grabs her own plate and sits down as well to begin eating.

He lets out a low growl at her nicknames for him, but begins eating nonetheless, "Has anyone ever told you how obnoxious you are?"

"No, but it takes one to know one. I guess that's why you noticed it." She takes an irritated bite of her food.

"Hmmph." He continues eating without commenting, but that doesn't stop the blue haired Earthling from continuing to scold him for Kami knows what?

"You'd think after everything I've done for you, I would at least get a few compliments…"

As Bulma continues talking, Vegeta just eats and acts as if he's paying attention, 'Does she ever shut-up? I know for a fact that I have no feelings for this human. I wouldn't be able to stand her constant blabbering.'

He tunes back in just in time to hear the end of her lecture, "…but, his highness always has to have his way! Isn't that right…are you listening to me?"

He gives her an uninterested look, "No." He stands up leaving the dining room and heading back to the gravity chamber to resume training.

Later that day, Bulma is in the lab and Vegeta is still working out in the gravity chamber. In the midst of her working she hears a knock on the lab door. Her eyebrows come together in confusion, "Since when do you knock, Vegeta?"

She hears the door open, but she doesn't turn her attention away from the machine she's working on, "I think you're mistaken, Bulma."

She turns around when she recognizes the voice as not belonging to Vegeta, "Yamcha! What are you doing here?"

"I was in the area and I decided to drop by and visit. So how is it going since Vegeta's been living with you?"

She can hear the disgust in his voice when he mentions Vegeta's name, but she chooses to ignore it, "It could be better."

He walks farther into the lab just looking around. It had been a while since he'd come to visit Bulma. Everyone had been so busy training for the android's arrival that no one had seen much of anyone else, "That doesn't sound good."

"The good thing is that I hardly see him." She decides to multitask and finish her work while she talks.

"What do you mean?" He picks up one of her inventions giving it a once over before setting it back down on the table.

A soft laugh leaves her throat as she thinks of how little she actually does see the Saiyan prince, "Well, you know how he works out all the time so he's always in the gravity chamber. He only comes out to eat, shower, sleep, and use the bathroom."

As Bulma and Yamcha continue their talk, Vegeta finishes his training and leaves the gravity chamber. He begins making his way to the shower, but he has to pass the lab to get to the bathroom and when he walks by he picks up Yamcha's scent. A disgusted look plays across his features, but he decides not to harass the stupid Earth man and proceeds to the shower. He walks into the bathroom and slams the door before undressing and stepping into the shower.

'I can't believe she wastes her time with that weakling…that sorry excuse for a fighter. I don't see how she can stand him and I really don't see how she can forgive him. He's just a pitiful mass of flesh that's useless to the world.'

Vegeta thinks back to the night Bulma caught Yamcha cheating on her. She had burst into the house with tears in her eyes and stayed in her room for three whole days. Vegeta had to give it to the Earth woman for being the bigger person and still remaining friends with that loser. During the Saiyan's thoughts he senses that Yamcha is gone and only Bulma remains in the lab. He finishes his shower and gets dressed before walking to the lab and barging in uninvited.

Bulma has no idea he's in the room and continues working, "Now, if I just twist this…damn!"

Vegeta continues to watch Bulma as she works on her newest project humming an unfamiliar tune as she does so. He watches her for a few moments longer, but he eventually clears his throat alerting her to his presence.

She jumps startled and turns around, "Vegeta, how long have you been standing there?"

"Not long." He leans against the door frame with his arms crossed over his chest.

She continues working once she knows he's there, "What do you want? I'm working on a very important invention."

He scoffs loudly, "It's not more important than my supper. I'm hungry, woman."

"I'm busy!" She never stops working and never sees the annoyed expression on his face from her quick dismissal of his hunger.


She finally turns her attention back his way at the odd response, "What's funny?"

"It's funny that you had enough time for that weakling Yamcha." He locks his eyes with her blue ones as if daring her to lie about it.

An offended look is what meets his gaze, "Were you spying on me?"

"I was not spying. I could hear his queer voice from the shower." The raven haired prince stands up from the door frame and turns away from her piercing gaze.

She stands up as well forgetting her invention and places her hands on her hips angrily, "It's my business who I talk to and when I talk to them and if I'm too busy to cook for you then I'm too busy!"

"Fine." He walks out of the lab and the furious woman follows him out into the hallway.

She grabs his shoulder and spins him around to face her, "Fine! Is that all you have to say?"

He lets out a defeated sigh, "What is this…a no win situation?"

"No, it's just that you usually have something smart assed to say. Have you gone soft on me or something?"

He twists his shoulder from her grasp and growls in annoyance, "I haven't gone soft. I'm just hungry and now that you're out of the lab you can make me my supper, woman!"

"Okay, okay." She rolls her eyes at the tone in his voice, "Don't get your panties in a wad!"

She stomps to the kitchen to begin making supper and he follows her with a smirk on his face, "I still have it."

As Bulma prepares supper, Vegeta sits at the table absentmindedly playing with the eating utensils as the inventor tries striking up a conversation, "I just have one question, Vegeta. Shouldn't you be in the gravity chamber?"

He puts the eating utensils down and crosses his arms, "Shouldn't you be minding your own business?"

She sighs as she continues preparing supper, "You turn everything into a fight. I was only asking because usually you're in the gravity chamber until two in the morning."


"Whatever." The two of them are quiet for a while just listening to the sounds of supper being prepared.

The Saiyan decides to try and have a civilized talk with the Earth woman for once and breaks the silence, "I just felt like eating early. Now, mind your own business, nosey woman!" He decides that talking civilized is overrated.

"Okay, okay you don't have to be an asshole about it." She turns to look at him just sitting at the dining table, "Did you wash your hands?"

"I just took a shower."

"Wash them again." She turns back to the food, "I saw you pick your nose."

An offended expression forms on his face at her words, "I did no such thing."

"I saw you…now go."


She turns and gives him a very serious look halting his words, "Do it or no supper." Vegeta reluctantly gets up from the dining table and trudges to the bathroom as Bulma smirks proudly, "I still have it." When Vegeta walks by, Bulma take a quick glance at his ass and smiles, "Take your time, Vegeta. The buns…I mean, the rolls still need to warm up."

'I never pick my nose…I might have scratched it, but pick?' He shakes his head in disgust as he dries his hands off and heads back to the dining room where he sits back down at the table.

Bulma finishes supper soon after he returns to the table and places his food in front of him and sits down to eat her own food. She watches as he hurriedly starts gulping his food down, 'He eats like a pig, but maybe I could get passed that. He is kind of cute after all and that ass…damn! Wait a minute, what am I thinking?! This is Vegeta…conceited, selfish, spoiled, royal, little asshole Vegeta.

"Why are you staring at me…are you going to eat that?"

She's pulled from her thoughts with his words and gives him an annoyed look, "I'm not staring and yes I am going to eat that."

"You were staring." He allows a smug expression to take over his face at her anger from him catching her staring at him.

"I wasn't…don't think I don't know you were looking at me in my bikini this morning."

His smug look his replaced with a look of surprise, "I was training. I never saw you."

"You are lying." She shoots him a convinced look knowing what she said is true.

"You're lying."

"I wasn't staring."

"Neither was I!"

She crosses her arms over her chest at his denial, "Yeah, right."

"Hmmph." He turns his eyes away from her face and looks down at his plate, "Stop changing the subject. You were looking."

She stands up and pushes her chair under, "I'm going to take a shower. I don't have to take this." She walks into the kitchen and drops her plate in the sink, "Don't let my shower get you all hot and bothered because I know you'll be thinking about it."

"You can only wish that I would waste my time thinking about you!" 'You have no idea.'

Bulma leaves the dining area and Vegeta watches her hips sway until she disappears into the bathroom, but as soon as he hears her singing in the shower he leaves immediately to continue training in the gravity chamber.


That's all for chapter 1. There will be lemons in later chapters...so many lemons! If you want that then you will be happy later on I promise. Thanks for reading and as always, love ya!