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Later that evening, after Bulma and her father go their separate ways, she and Vegeta are sitting across from each at the dining table eating their meal. Bulma is being unusually quiet and Vegeta seems to be oddly interested in his supper. They eat in silence for a few moments before Bulma looks up from her plate at Vegeta, "So, how was training today?"

Vegeta swallows the rice he'd been chewing on and clears his throat, "Same as always."

"That's good."

He nods in agreement, "Did you get those machines running that you were working on?"

"All but two." Vegeta looks at Bulma, but then quickly looks back down at his plate when he notices that she is looking at him as well, "You just imagined me without any clothes on, didn't you?"

He lets out a defeated sigh, "Was it that obvious?"

"Very." She sighs as she puts her hands in her lap, "I knew this would happen."

He looks at her face again with a puzzled expression resting there, "What are you talking about?"

"I've been imagining you naked all evening too." Her cheeks tint a light pink color at her confession.

His eyes widen in shock to find out he wasn't alone in his imaginings, "You have?"

"Every time I look at you, I don't see Vegeta anymore."

Vegeta suddenly looks at her with a very interested gleam in his eyes, "Well, what do you see?"

Bulma's blush deepens a little as she takes a sip from her drink before answering, "Um…never mind."

He gives her an annoyed glare, "You can't do that."

"Okay, I'll tell you, but you have to promise not to laugh."

He gives her a stubborn frown, "I don't make promises so just say it."

She crosses her arms over her chest in annoyance, "When I look at you, I don't see Vegeta anymore. I see…I see…my real live sex toy.

Her face turns bright red as Vegeta lets out a very loud and amused snort, "Oh, really?"

Her mouth drops open at his amusement with her answer, "It's not funny. This is serious!"

"How is that serious?" A skeptical look plays across his face.

"Because, if we don't act natural around everyone else then our secret deal will be revealed."

His skeptical smile fades and is replaced with a sudden look of seriousness, "You're right."

"Of course I am." She clenches her hands into fists as if trying to make her point more serious than it already is, "We have to stop picturing each other naked and acting weird when we're not doing it. Otherwise, our plan will be ruined and I know neither of us wants that."

He nods in agreement, "Well, what should we do?"

"I don't know." She thinks for a minute before replying, "Say something sarcastic to me like you always do."

"I only make comebacks…you have to start it out."

They sit in silence just looking at each other in bewilderment. Vegeta then takes his last bite of dinner and stands up. She looks at him with a questioning expression on her face, "Where are you going?"

"To finish training, stupid woman!" He stomps out of the dining room and Bulma smiles.

"That's more like it." She lets out a relieved sigh as she also finishes her dinner.

Sometime after dinner, Bulma decides to work on the two machines that she didn't finish earlier in the day. Vegeta, of course, is still training in the gravity chamber. As she works, she softly hums a tune to herself. She works for a little while before looking up at the poor, wounded wall. She stops humming and thinks to herself, 'That's just something else for me to fix.'

She sighs in slight annoyance, but then she grins as she starts back working, 'It was worth it though.'

She continues working as the sky turns dark outside. She's so wrapped up in her work that it startles her quite a bit to hear a loud knock on the door. She looks at the clock seeing that it's 10:45 p.m. She frowns at the thought of a visitor so late, "Now, who could that be?"

She hears the knock again, "Come in."

Her blue eyes widen when her ex-boyfriend Yamcha enters the lab, "Hi, Bulma."

"Yamcha, it's late. What are you doing here?"

He shrugs, "Do I have to have a reason?"

She frowns at his nonchalant reply, "Don't say you were in the neighborhood because it's almost 11:00." An angry glare flashes across her eyes, "Unless you were visiting one of your lady friends." She turns away from him and starts back working on her machines.

He looks offended, but due to her being turned around she doesn't notice it, "I was in the neighborhood, if you must know, but I wasn't doing anything like that."

Bulma lets out a snort of disbelief, "I've heard that line before."

Yamcha's expression twists to one of hurt at her words, "Bulma, why do you keep bringing up matters of the past?"

She lets out an exhausted sigh and turns to look at him again, "Okay, Yamcha…why did you come here?"

He stares at her for a moment without speaking, but eventually finds his voice, "Is that a button missing on your shirt?"

She looks down to see that he is indeed right about the shirt missing a button. She blushes as she remembers what happened to the button, "So what if it is?!"

"Sorry." He holds his hands up in a gesture of surrender at her hostile answer, "I just noticed."

"Now, say what you came here to say." She puts her hands on her hips and taps her foot impatiently.

He scratches the back of his head and shuffles his feet a bit before speaking, "Well, I came to ask you if maybe we could give our relationship another try?"

Her mouth drops open as her eyes widen in shock, "WHAT?! You cheated on me!"

"Can't we just forget all that?"

"NO!" Her eyes glitter with the presence of a few faint tears, "I really loved you, Yamcha and when you cheated on me that really hurt."

He twists the hem of his shirt in his nervous grasp, "Can't you forgive me?"

"I know what you're doing!"

Yamcha suddenly looks at her with confusion apparent on his face, "What are you talking about?"

Her features morph into an even angrier expression, "Whoever your little whore at the time is just dumped you and now you want to string me along again!"

"You know, Bulma, you're being very childish about this."

Her blue eyes open impossibly wider at his statement, "I'm being childish?!" She turns away from him, too angry to even look at him.


Before he can finish his sentence, she cuts him off with her own words, "No! Did you come here thinking I would just jump into your arms and forgive you?!" She turns to face him again, "And, what makes you think that just because we broke up I don't have someone else?"

"Who else is there, Bulma?" He lets out a derisive laugh, "No one else can put up with you?! I'm starting to see why I cheated on you in the first place! You're too high maintenance."

"Or maybe, you're just too cheap!" She picks up her wrench and waves it at him, "Why don't you get out?! I'm very busy."

He completely ignores her words and walks closer to her, "That's another reason why I cheated on you. You spent more time in this lab than you did with me!"

She smiles as she places the wrench on the table, "And, the reason I did is because I got tired of getting the microscope and the tweezers out every time we had sex!" His mouth drops open as his eyes show how offended he is with her words, "That's right, I faked every one of them! Now, get out of my lab!"

He holds his ground and even walks farther into the room, "I'm not leaving until I get good and ready!"

"I think you should do what the woman says and get the hell out."

Bulma and Yamcha both look toward the doorway to see Vegeta propped against the doorframe with his arms crossed, "Vegeta?!"

Yamcha then turns his anger toward the eavesdropping prince, "Since when do you tell me what to do?"

"Since your yelling and bickering started getting on my nerves." He walks farther into the lab, glaring at the foolish man still standing in the room.

That's another thing, Bulma…" Yamcha turns away from Vegeta's glare to face Bulma again, "You're housing someone who tried to kill us."

Vegeta laughs, "Tried?! I did kill most of you and instead of yelling at her why don't you have the balls enough to yell at me?"

Yamcha walks closer to Vegeta with a glare of his own, "You know, Vegeta, you don't scare me."

A bored look is plastered to the Saiyan's face, "Is that so?"


Vegeta uncrosses his arms making Yamcha flinch, "Could have fooled me."

Yamcha finally lets out an aggravated growl, "Fine, I'm leaving, but it's not because of you two. It's just that I've had enough of all this ignorance."

The blue haired inventor rejoins the argument, "Then leave already!"

"I will and when I do you'll regret that you didn't take me up on my offer."

She rolls her eyes, "Yeah, I bet I'll only get eight to ten hours of sleep tonight worrying about it. Now, get out!"

Yamcha scowls, "I can't wait to leave." He glares at Vegeta one last time, but the Saiyan isn't very worried.

He gives Yamcha a smirk, "I think she said now. You're wasting her time."

Yamcha doesn't say anything, he just storms out of the room. As soon as the troublemaker leaves the lab , Bulma turns her face away from Vegeta as tears start to fall from her eyes and stream down her cheeks. Vegeta doesn't say anything at first and just stands there trying to pretend he doesn't see her crying, 'Why does she have to cry over a loser like him? He doesn't seem worth it to me.'

Vegeta walks over to the crying inventor and places a hand on her shoulder, "Why are you crying?"

She wipes the tears away with her hand before facing him again, "I'm not."

He gives her a small smile, "Yes, you were." Bulma picks the wrench back up and walks back to the machine she was working on before Yamcha arrived, "He's not worth it, you know?"

"I have a lot of work to do, Vegeta."

He stays silent and watches her work for a moment, "I don't think men should make women cry." She turns and gives Vegeta a look of surprise as he continues speaking, "Even if it is a stupid woman like you."

Bulma laughs, "Thank you for helping me out tonight."

"I wasn't doing it to help you. I was doing it to salvage my sanity. I could hear all that loud ass arguing in the gravity chamber."

She sniffles a little from her earlier crying, "Well, thanks anyway."

He grunts and crosses his arms as he walks toward the lab door, "By the way, the microscope/tweezer comment…nice one." She smiles, "Oh, before I forget." He turns around to face her before he walks out of the room, "I found this…catch."

He then throws something in her direction and walks out of the lab. Bulma catches the item and looks at it. She blushes as she stares at the missing button from her shirt, "I guess I'll need to fix that too."

Bulma smiles as she gets back to work on the machines.


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