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Vegeta does as he said and went straight to the shower after the laundry room sex and while the Saiyan Prince is in the shower, Bulma changes out of her bathrobe and into some actual clothes. Once she's dressed, she makes her way to the kitchen and begins preparing lunch. A few minutes before she's done cooking, Vegeta finishes his shower, gets dressed, and takes his place in the dining room at the table. She joins him in the dining room and places their lunch on the table before sitting down herself. The both of them load their plates and begin their meal.

The blue haired woman notices that Vegeta is being exceptionally quiet, 'What's wrong with you?"

He looks up from his plate to look her in the eyes, "What do you mean?"

"I mean you're being really quiet and you have a weird look on your face." She lets out a sigh, "If the food sucks why don't you just say it? You always have before."

He scowls at her assumption, but continues talking, "It has nothing to do with the food."

"Then what?" To her surprise, she notices Vegeta's cheeks reddening, "What is your problem?"

She lets out a giggle and he quickly turns his face away from her gaze, "It's nothing."

"Yes, it is." She stops giggling, but continues to smile at his scarlet complexion, "You're turning red. I've never seen you get embarrassed before."

"I'm not embarrassed!" His face quickly turns a darker shade of red as his embarrassed blush mixes with his anger.

She shrugs, "Whatever."

He lets out a tense sigh attempting to relax himself before speaking again, "I just have a question, that's all."

"Well, then ask it and stop being so silly."

He eventually turns to face her again with the blush still fresh on his cheeks, "When you were arguing with…him."

"You mean Yamcha?" She takes a bite of her lunch as she waits for his question.

"Yes, I mean that loser." He clears his throat and begins his question again, "Anyway, when you two were arguing and you told him that you faked all your…"

His cheeks heat up again when she begins smiling from his hesitation, "Orgasms."

"Yes…um…" He looks down at his plate and back up at her trying to gather his words.

Bulma notices that Vegeta is turning redder by the second and she tries to hold back her giggles, "What about it? I was telling the truth. He sucked in bed and not in a good way."

"Well, I was wondering if…" He puts his eating utensil down and stares at his half-eaten plate of food, "Never mind."

The inventor laughs and Vegeta looks up at her again with his cheeks a flaming red color, "If you're going to ask me if I faked the ones with you then the answer is no." A relieved expression washes over his features, "All of them were real and I enjoyed them very much."

He crosses his arms and puffs out his chest, "Well, of course they were real. I don't know what I was worried about. After all, I am the Prince of all Saiyans."

He begins eating again not noticing Bulma roll her blue eyes at his reassured confidence. They eat silently for few moments before Bulma speaks, "Okay, now I have a question for you."

"About what?"

"I was in your room earlier today gathering up your dirty laundry and I wasn't snooping or anything, but as I was gathering clothes I noticed a picture on your bedside table and I was just wondering who the woman in the picture was?" Vegeta stops eating and stares at Bulma for a long time making the blue haired woman nervous, "I'm sorry for looking at it, but it was just lying there so I had a peek. You can go ahead and yell at me for being nosey if you want to. I will say, however, that she was a very beautiful woman so I couldn't help but have a little look."

When Vegeta still doesn't answer her, she wipes her mouth with her napkin and puts her drinking glass down on the table, "Okay, I'm sorry for looking. Go ahead and yell at me."

He finally relieves her nervousness and speaks, "I'm not mad that you looked at the picture."

"Then why are you being so quiet?" She looks at his conflicted expression and wishes she hadn't brought it up.

"I had just forgotten it was in there."

"Oh." A confused expression appears on her face, "Well, then who is she?"

"My mother." Bulma's features twist from confusion into a surprised expression. He smiles slightly at her expression, "Why do you look so shocked?"

"I guess I never really thought about you having a mother before."

He lets out a small laugh, "What do you mean? We all have mothers. How else would I have gotten here?"

Her cheeks dust pink at how dumb her statement must have sounded, "Well, I knew you had a mother, I just never really thought about it before." She takes a sip of her drink before continuing her sentence, "You never talk about her."

He shrugs indifferently, "What's there to talk about?"

"I don't know." She shakes her head, "But, people tend to talk about their mom…at least a little."

They both begin eating again, but the Saiyan looks up from his plate to find Bulma staring at him with curiosity apparent on her face. He lets out a defeated sigh, "I guess you want me to elaborate on the subject of my mother?" The inventor smile happily as she nods her head, "Before you ask the question…yes, she's dead and she died when I was a young child. I don't remember much about her, but what I do remember are all very good things."

"How did she die?" Bulma pushes her plate away as she becomes more interested in the topic of Vegeta's mother.

"I don't really know." He takes in a deep breath, "She was one of the only women I respected on my planet or any planet for that matter."

Her blue eyebrows knit together in puzzlement at his statement, "How come?"

"Do you really want a history lesson right now?"

"History lesson?" She cocks her head to the side as if she doesn't understand the question.

"I'll have a lot of Saiyan history to cover before you can understand it."

She shrugs her shoulders, "I've got nothing better to do and besides, I don't really know much about you or your planet. So I guess I'm all ears."

Vegeta takes in another deep breath, "Okay." He finishes what little bit of lunch is still on his plate before beginning his explanation, "The planet Vegeta is a planet made up of warriors. The reason for this is because we send our Saiyan babies to other planets to destroy them and then sell the planet for a profit. In order to get the best warriors, the strongest male and female Saiyans breed to produce a worthy baby."

He takes a sip of his drink to wet his throat before continuing, "Well, in doing this there is no love attachment just breeding in order to get new warriors. Therefore, the majority of the planet had no idea who their parents were. Me, on the other hand, being royalty knew exactly who my parents were. My parents had an arranged marriage. Coincidently, they loved each other so it didn't seem like an arranged marriage."

"What does all this have to do with you respecting your mother?"

He lets out an annoyed sigh at the interruption, "If you will shut that big mouth of yours and let me finish you will find out."

She frowns, "Okay, sorry."

"As I was saying, I had the benefit of knowing my parents. My father being the king of the planet of course wanted me to be a great warrior for his elite team. He was a great warrior himself and my mother was also a great warrior, but being royalty, she had the choice of whether or not she wanted to participate in the fighting. She wanted me to be a warrior as well, but she also wanted me to be educated. So during the day, I worked on my fighting skills to appease my father and in the evenings my mother hired a private tutor to teach me academics. My father despised this because he thought I should spend all my time training to be a great warrior, but my mother insisted and he gave in and even after she died he still allowed the tutor to come and teach me. I respect her for wanting me to be more than just an ignorant warrior."

Bulma gives Vegeta sweet smile, "That's so…"

"Don't say sweet." He lets out another sigh, "All I did was tell the truth and it doesn't call for all your foolish emotions."

"Sorry." Her brows furrow as she stares at the raven haired Saiyan.

He can tell that she wants to ask another question, "What else do you want to know?"

"You say that your father despised your academic training and your mother died when you were still young."

He shoots her an unsure look not really knowing where she's going with that statement, "What about it?"

"If your father hated it so much, why did he allow the tutor to come even after she died?" She places her elbows on the table and props her head on her hands, "It looks to me like he would have just stopped your education once your mother died."

He nods in understanding of her question before speaking, "Growing up, I always wondered why my father allowed my mother to do this. It was so out of his character to let anyone sway him from his opinion. All he wanted me to do was train to be a warrior, but somehow my mother had managed to talk him into this. She could get him to agree with her on most matters when no one else could. Later, I found out the reason."

Vegeta rolls his eyes as he makes his next comment, "My parents didn't just love each other and it wasn't because they were married, but it was because they were bonded with each other. It was one of my father's biggest weaknesses in my opinion."

Bulma thinks about all that she'd been told for a moment and finally gives him a perplexed look, "Bonded? What does that mean?"

His eyes widen a bit in surprise at her question, "You mean you've been friends with Kakarot all this time and he's never mentioned or explained bonding to you?"

"Goku doesn't tell me things about Saiyans."

Vegeta sighs as he leans back in his chair, "Bonding is a kind of blood oath. As I said earlier, most Saiyans only mate to produce more warriors and then they never have dealings with that particular Saiyan again. My mother and father were married, but that doesn't mean that they would have to be bonded."

"But, what is it?" She continues to look confused, "What does it mean?"

"Two Saiyans bond when they feel like they can't be without that other being. In other words, when the bonding ritual is performed it means that they are promising not to mate with anybody else and the same goes for the participating partner." He lets out a sigh not believing he is actually explaining to this human woman what Saiyan bonding is.

"So how is this ritual performed exactly?" She leans in closer to him on her elbows, but the table is still between them.

He sits up in his chair and props himself up on his elbows as well making them look eye to eye during the bonding discussion, "During mating one individual initiates the bond by biting the other on the neck until blood is drawn. If the mating partner wants to bond as well then they do the same thing."

She straightens up at this revelation in the bonding story, "What do you mean 'If the partner wants to bond'? The two don't discuss this before it happens?"

He sits up straight as well with an offended expression on his face, "Of course not!"

"But, what if the mate doesn't want to?" Her face looks almost hurt at the thought of a love unrequited and a creature dismissed after working up the courage to initiate the bond.

The Saiyan prince just shrugs unbothered by the prospect, "Then the initiator has just made a fool of themselves."

She shakes her head in disbelief, "It all seems really strange to me."

"It might surprise you to know that Kakarot is bonded to that obnoxious mate of his." A disgusted expression is present on his face as he speaks of his 'rival' and his chosen mate.

Bulma's blue eyes widen at this new information, "Really! Chichi went along with it?!" Vegeta nods, but she gives him a skeptical look, "How do you know this?"

"I saw their scars, of course." He gives her a bored look as if that were the most obvious solution, "There not very noticeable to anyone who didn't know to look for them, but I was curious about it, so I looked one day just to see if Kakarot was stupid enough to bond with a human female."

She crosses her arms over her chest in annoyance, "Well, I don't think it's stupid. I think it's sweet. I don't see why you think it was your father's weakness."

"Because, once the two are bonded they become stronger because of it. This sounds like a good thing at first, but if one of the mates dies then the remaining mate becomes weaker from losing their bonded mate. When my mother died it made my father weaker, but it is the reason I got to finish my education. He loved my mother so much that he knew she wouldn't want my education to stop, so he allowed it to continue."

Bulma sits quietly for a moment and Vegeta can practically hear the gears turning in her head until finally she speaks, "I see a flaw in your theory."

"What theory?"

"Your little bonding thing."

He winces at her referring to it as 'little bonding thing', "What about it?"

"You say your father became weaker, right?" She gives him a look as if asking for permission to continue.

He nods, "Yes, what are you getting at?"

She continues her explanation, "If the partners became stronger due to the bonding, but becomes weaker when the bond is broken then doesn't that mean that the reason they got weaker was because the strength they gained from their mate is now gone?"

"Isn't that what I said?" He snaps his response impatiently at the seemingly dense Earth woman.

A know it all smirk appears on her face before continuing, "So in essence they really didn't get weaker they only went back to being the way they were before they were bonded. So that means if your father had trained harder and become stronger while he was still bonded to your mother then when she died he wouldn't have went back to being the same, he would have been stronger."

A scowl suddenly appears on Vegeta's face, "That's the stupidest thing I ever heard!"

He stands up angrily, but Bulma doesn't seem bothered by his outrage, "It is not. Just think about it. It makes perfect sense."

"I hate living with a know it all." He begins walking toward the dining room's exit to finish training.

She stands up from the table as well, "So you're admitting that I'm right?"


"Yes, you are." Her smile widens at the furious expression on his face, "You just called me a know it all, which means you think I'm right about the bonding thing."

"Leave me alone! I've wasted enough of my training day chatting with you." He leaves the dining room and heads straight for the gravity chamber. She only smiles because she knows he just inadvertently admitted that she was right.

The next day, Bulma is already sitting at the table eating an egg and cheese omelet when Vegeta walks into the room and sits down. He starts eating the omelet Bulma has already put on his plate. They eat in silence for a long time, but occasionally Vegeta lets out an annoyed sigh. Bulma eventually questions this, "What is your problem?"

A surprised expression takes over his features, "What are you talking about?"

"What's with all that huffing and puffing you're doing?"

He continues to feign ignorance to her question, "I don't know what you're talking about."

She lets out an annoyed huff, "Yes, you do. You keep looking over here and acting like you're so annoyed and to my knowledge I haven't done anything yet for you to be annoyed with me about."

"You're imagining things." He takes another bite of his breakfast to her irritation.

"Whatever, you might as well tell me what you're so pissed off about because you know I'm not going to leave you alone until you do."

Vegeta rolls his eyes and looks away from her, "It's just, last night I was thinking about what you said."

Her face shows her confusion, "What are you talking about?"

"Your little bonding theory."

"Oh." She nods, "Yeah, what about it?"

"Well, I guess…I guess that maybe…" His face turns pink and he shakes his head as he begins eating again, "Nothing."

Her mouth drops open, "Oh no, mister! You had better finish that sentence."

He looks at her again with the most embarrassed look Bulma has ever seen on his face, "Well, I guess that maybe you were right." He quickly lowers his gaze and furiously starts shoveling more breakfast into his mouth.

Bulma coughs on a piece of toast in her shock of his admitting she was right, "WHAT! Did you just say that I was right? Quick pinch me."

"What?" He gives her an odd look at wanting to be pinched.

"I must be dreaming."

He crosses his arms and stops eating, "It's not that amazing."

"Yes, it is. The precious little Prince of all Saiyans is admitting he was wrong and a stupid Earthling woman was right." She eats a little bit more of her breakfast then looks at Vegeta again, "So what made you come to this conclusion?"

"Well, I guess if my father hadn't been relying on my mother's power so much, he wouldn't have neglected his training so much. He got weaker and it was his own fault." She laughs and he looks at her with anger on his face, "What's so funny?"

She shakes her head, "Nothing"

He snorts and turns his face away from her, "Well, the good thing is, I won't ever have to worry about meeting the same fate as my father."

"Okay and why is that?"

"Because, stupid woman, I don't have the need or the desire to do any foolish bonding with a female of any species…human, Saiyan, or otherwise." He takes a sip of his drink with a very adamant look on his face.

She shrugs, "So don't."

"I won't." He starts chewing on a piece of toast and notices the questioning look is on her face again, "What?"

"Why are you so against the bonding thing anyway? I mean, Goku and Chichi are bonded and Goku is one of the strongest fighters in the universe."

An angry expression flashes across his features, "Why are we talking about this?"

"You brought it up."

He takes a final bite of toast before speaking, "Well, I'm putting it down!"

She begins laughing at his statement, "That's a first. You usually come to me with it up."

His cheeks turns bright red as he stands up and shoves his chair under the table, "That's not what I meant. This discussion is over and I'm going to go train!"

"Don't get mad at me because you're being so chatty this morning." H growls as he storms out of the room, "I'll see you at lunch."

Vegeta doesn't respond and Bulma finishes her breakfast and heads to her bedroom.


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