Dear Charlie,

I know what you said in your first letter to me, that you didn't want me to find you. You said that you didn't want to know me, but call me selfish because I want more than anything to find you.

Please don't be scared Charlie I just want to find you so I can thank you. So I can thank you for sharing your life with me, for changing my life for the better.

I want to give you all the unaddressed letters I wrote after yours arrived to me. I want to show you that I will always be your friend.

I just started high school Charlie I know where your coming from. I see what you saw. I learned so many valuable lessons from you Charlie and I can't go my whole life without letting you know how much you inspired me.

You were brave Charlie you were far braver than most. You were afraid and I don't care how many times you cried.

I want you to know I cried with you and laughed with your friends. I want you to know that you are my friend.

I want you to know that I did care about you and I did feel for you. And Charlie, never forget that when your all alone in the world, I'm still here and I'll always care about you and your life.

You are beautiful, your story is beautiful and don't you ever forget that.

Charlie you are not only amazing you are infinite. You always will be because of that one moment. I'm listening to 'Asleep' as I'm writing this to you by the way. You have great taste in music.


I think that you have taught me more in one year than any teacher ever could. Again I know you didn't want me to write you and please forgive me but I want you to know just how much your life has impacted mine.

It was never difficult to read your letters, in fact I waited for them. Charlie I think you should be a writer because the letters you wrote to me were wonderful.

I hope you don't think me to be strange but I can never thank you enough for allowing me to be a part of your journey through your first and probably most memorable year of high school. I can never thank you enough for showing me your world, your life. I can never thank you enough for letting your friends become my friends and for showing me how much they and your family love you.

Thank you Charlie for trusting me, for giving me hope. Thank you so much.

And Charlie one last thing, you gave me my new life goal.

To be infinite.

Love always,

Your Friend