A/N: This was written for the Hogwarts' Games 2012, category Men's Football (write a fic based on a fanon pairing). I've also used the prompt "flabbergasted" from the Pairing Diversity Boot Camp, the prompt "book" from the Character Diversity Boot Camp and the prompt "acknowledge" from the Minor Character Boot Camp.

Padma Patil was probably the most beautiful creature Vincent had ever seen. He could not stop himself from staring at her satin-like black hair that she wore in a ponytail. To him, she was perfection. He was very careful however not to mention any of this to Draco or Gregory, because they would scold him falling for a non-Slytherin. In class, he would watch her chat with her friends and in between classes, he watched the subtle sway of her hips. She mesmerised him. How was it possible that such a creature even existed? He hoped that as by miracle, she would suddenly turn around, smile at him; acknowledge the fact the he existed. However, he knew she saw him as their entire year seemed to see him: one of Draco's dumb cronies. He knew he wasn't the brightest cat of the litter but that did not bother him much. As long as he passed his test without having to do anything for them, that was fine by him.

But Padma was a Ravenclaw. She was smart. She actually studied for her tests and got far better grades than he could ever manage. Maybe he should work just a little harder, if only to show her he wasn't as dumb as she'd think.

One day, he'd gathered enough courage to ask her if she would tutor him on Charms.

"I never knew you were interested in Charms?" she asked, one eyebrow raised.

"Uhhh," Vincent stuttered.

"Well, I'm okay with tutoring you, but only if you promise to make a real effort," she agreed eventually.

He could tell she regretted it already when she said it. "I will," he grunted. He noticed the look of skepsis in her eyes and he couldn't blame her. He never had taken any interest in Charms before.

Yet, he arrived in time at the library, where she had said she would meet him. He had clutched his Charms spell book under his arm and carefully laid it down on the table where she was seated.

"That looks rather new," she commented and he felt himself go red. She was right of course, he had barely touched the book so far. He decided against saying something and just sat down.

Padma sighed. "Why am I even bothering?" she muttered and he could swear she rolled her eyes. He pretended not to notice.

As Padma started explaining the basic elements of Charms, Vincent wasn't listening. Instead, he stared at her, admiring her looks and wondering what on earth he might have done to be seated opposite her.

"Are you listening?" she said sharply and snapped her fingers in front of his face.

"Sorry…." he grunted. "I was looking at you." He didn't know why he had said that, but now that he had, there was no turning back.

Padma shot him a look of disgust. "This tutoring lesson is so over," she said. "And if you ever want tutoring again, I suggest you actually pay attention."

As she left, he could only stare at her. He hadn't heard a word she said. All that had gotten through to him was that she might be giving him other tutoring lessons in the future. A large grin spread across his face. Now that was a thing to look forward to.