I touched his face as we kissed passionately in the bar, hidden from view. I drew back and looked into my lover's brown eyes, which looked huge under his spectacles.

"Shad and Ashei! Rusl needs to talk to you two lovebirds!" I nearly jumped out of my skin, and turned around to see the bartender, Telma. "You nearly gave me a heart attack, Telma!" Shad said to her. "And we're married, I think we're allowed to kiss." He frowned. "Ah, I was kidding! Now go see Rusl! I hear he has to tell you something REAL important." The friendly woman walked away to tend to her customers.

I sat on a stool next to a blonde, bearded young man. "Rusl! How are you?" I asked him. He turned and faced me and Shad. "I'm just fine, Ashei." he said with a smile. "So I hear you wanted to tell us something?" "Ah yes, I have a mission for you two. An oocoo-" Rusl was immediately interrupted by my husband. "OOCCO?" I elbowed him in the side, and heard him groan in pain. "That was for interrupting Rusl!" I gave him a sharp look. "S-sorry, Rusl. Those birds are extremely fascinating!" "Yes, and that is why I have chosen you to go to the Temple of Time to rescue a rare one" Rusl continued. "You will have to travel through Snowpeak and-" Rusl was interrupted once more, this time by me. "We accept" He was surprised at my immediate response, but I saw he was also pleased. "Very well." he smiled. "Get ready. You're leaving tomorrow."