I rushed about the bar, with Shad at my heels, barely able to keep up. I could hear him gasping for air as I ran about, packing my bag with essentials. At last, I had managed to fit all of my things, along with Shad's, in one bag.

I flopped down in a wooden stool and called Telma over. "What can I do for ya, honey?" "I'd like the usual." "Coming right up!" She walked off into the back, and I sighed. I should've thought a little more about the mission... "Ashei, my dear, you looked stressed" my red-haired husband interrupted my thoughts. "Oh.. Yeah... Just nervous about the trip..." I replied distantly. I was thankful when Telma placed my Strawberry-Ice tequila on the counter. "Thanks Telma." I sipped the alcohol, lost in my own thoughts. What would tomorrow bring?