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Warnings: NaruSasu, male on male action, and cursing

"Alright Mr. Uchiha, if you would please sign here…"

He took the offered ballpoint pen from the lawyer and reluctantly signed the document. He dug deeply into the paper, the ink bleeding more than it should have. His knuckles were white due to the pressure of clenching the writing utensil tightly.

Sasuke couldn't believe it.

His wife was leaving him. She was leaving him and their son.

He gave her everything. There wasn't anything she didn't have. He gave the world to her and this is how she repaid him. Sasuke sneered at the piece of paper lying innocently against the dark brown oak desk. He threw the pen brusquely and leaned against the uncomfortable chair. The blue cushions acted more like hard, stiff bricks rather than soft, plush padding.

Ungrateful bitch.

"Thank you for your patience. The process is a long one. We'll have another hearing and then establish child custody and financial aspects as well as property rights. I'll see you in about two weeks. Good day Mr. Uchiha."


Sasuke stood, glaring at the hand waiting to be shaken. He ignored it and stalked out of the cheap office. His son looked up from the videogame, hearing the door creak open with a powerful bang, and jumped off the chair, catching up to his father. His tiny feet clad with squeaky sneakers pattered against the smooth marble floor as he grinned toward his stoic father.

"Daddy! What took you so long?" The young raven haired boy asked, grabbing his father's hand in his own, chubby fingers latching onto his effectively.

Sasuke smiled sadly, his gaze softening.

"I'm sorry, I thought it wasn't going to take long," He whispered tenderly, picking up the toddler dressed in heavy clothing. The child pouted, his plump cheeks puffing out adorably as they tinted pink. His wide onyx eyes, a carbon copy of his father, glaring as he wrapped his arms around the strong neck.

"When is mommy going to come home?"

Sasuke sucked in a breath, tightening his hold on his beloved child as he buried his face into his raven locks.

"Soon, Kaname," Sasuke whispered, walking out of the building and into the frosty cold air. Kaname shivered, the heavy coat felt almost useless. The icy air washed over their bodies. Burying his small nose in the nook of his father's neck, Kaname whimpered.

Sasuke quickened his pace, fearing for his son's health that if they stayed outside for too long Kaname would contract some type of illness. His car was barely visible, blending among other fancy sport cars parked along the sidewalk and hidden with mounds of pristine snow. His breathing became short, huffing out cool air. His heart raced at a dramatic rate, palpitating painfully against his ribcage. A cold sweat began to form as he neared his sleek vehicle and, with shaky fingers, he grabbed his son and put him in the toddler seat.


"I'm fine," Sasuke said hoarsely, straightening his suit once he finished latching the seatbelt on his son. Closing the door rather harshly, Sasuke jogged to the passenger seat where he sat for a few minutes as he clutched onto the only object available for support, his steering wheel. His vision blurred and suddenly, the light was too bright. His body felt spaced out, like nothing seemed real. A sensation of dizziness washed over him, the nausea he had fought so hard only a few moments before threatened to leave his body.

He literally felt like shit.

A feeling like he was going to die.

The panic grew and so did his anxiety. In a hurried frenzy, he picked up his phone and dialed the number he had for important occasions. After three rings, Sasuke almost gave up hope until a deep baritone voice greeted him.


"Itachi? Aniki?"

"Sasuke? What's wrong?"

"I-I," The young Uchiha began, flushing at his stuttering before he proceeded to speak, "I think I'm having a heart attack! My heart is beating and it feels like I'm going to pass out any second now!"

There was a silence.

Sasuke clutched his cell, about to angrily yell, when his older brother spoke.

"Ok, take deep breaths, and drive yourself to the nearest hospital. Do you understand Sasuke?"

"R-Right, Ok."

"Call me when you're finished."

Putting the cell back into his pocket, Sasuke switched the gear into drive and, with cautious ease, sped off to the hospital. It took almost an hour to finally locate one, situated amidst the busy streets of Konoha. Not bothering in parking his car, Sasuke stationed his vehicle in front of the emergency entrance. He grabbed his son, who expressed his worry with a frown and watery eyes as he frantically looked around to see who was hurt.

Sasuke approached the front desk, explaining why he was here. The young nurse looked up from her paperwork. Her emerald eyes widened and her cheeks flushed as she took in the specimen waiting for her response. She opened her mouth, words never leaving her pink lips. A hand grabbed her shoulder, shaking her out of her reverie and smiled at the doctor in relief.

"What seems to be the problem?"

Sasuke glanced at the doctor smiling politely at him. If he wasn't in a haste to get a checkup, Sasuke would have appreciated the doctor's appearance.

"I'm having a heart attack and I don't know what to do! Please help me!"

The doctor pursed his plump lips and nodded slowly.

"Ok," He responded, "Take deep breaths and have a seat, we'll call you in shortly."

Sasuke nodded dumbly, walking towards the waiting area, oblivious to the fact that he didn't fill out any paperwork or went through the normal procedure that was to be expected when you arrive to the hospital.


I'm going to kill him.

Sasuke seethed as he glared at the patients surrounding him. Most scurried by, while others complained to the front desk that his behavior was not helping others who were barely recovering. His son sat innocently beside him on a stiff soft blue covered chair, engrossed in the videogame he had been playing for the past three hours.

Three. Hours.

The stupid doctor had made him wait in the lobby for three fucking hours. There he was, heavily breathing as he fidgeted in nervousness, a billion thoughts raced through his head. It wasn't until later that he realized he hadn't been called. Approaching the front desk, he asked the pink-haired nurse, whose name stated Sakura in bold letters on her badge, had responded that his name was not on the list.

Confused, he asked her to check again.

Sakura shook her head, stating that he was not on the waiting list.

"What do you mean I'm not on the list? It's been three hours since I have arrived here!"

"I'm sorry Mr. Uchiha, but you're not on the list. If you would like, you can sign in here—"

"No. I wish to speak with the doctor who had told me to wait in the lobby."

"Oh, uh, Dr. Uzumaki is currently busy. I'm not sure if he can speak with you directly—"

"I sat there for three fucking hours, believing I was having a heart attack. Now, if I don't see this Dr. Uzumaki," Sasuke spat the name distastefully, "I will not hesitate in finding him myself."

The nurse yelped, standing from her desk and rushing to find the doctor.

Now here he was, waiting for the asshole to show up. Sasuke gritted his teeth, glaring ferociously to anyone who dared look his way as he tapped his foot impatiently. Soon, he was greeted with a cough. Looking up, his gaze settled on the figure standing over him.

"Hello Mr. Uchiha, I was told that you urgently needed my assistance."

Sasuke looked past the forced smile and stood leisurely from his chair. He got a good look at the man standing before him. He was tall; standing a good couple inches more than the raven, and had broad shoulders. The white coat didn't hide the magnificent built body. Sasuke could tell he was fit, eyeing the slim waist, practically making a V shape until they expanded into strong thighs.

"You made me wait in the lobby for three hours for nothing. I believed I was having a heart attack and you made me wait stupidly."

An amused glint shadowed his strikingly blue eyes as he smirked down the smaller male. His blond hair moving with the adorable tilt of his head as the doctor shamelessly raked his eyes over his body.

"I'm sorry, but it was not my intention to make you feel… stupid, rather you were only blowing things out of proportion."

Sasuke's jaw fell slack, his eyes widening as he regained composure.

"Excuse me? Blowing things out of proportion? Is a heart attack blowing things out of proportion?"

"Of course not," He shook his head, still grinning at the Uchiha which seemed to annoy Sasuke even more, "Simply, that what you were experiencing was not a heart attack rather just a panic attack."

"A panic attack?"

"I was going to give you some calming medicine when I thought that you didn't need it. You looked like a smart individual, so I figured you would quickly figure out that you were in a moment of panic. Besides, this is a children's hospital, the medicine doesn't work as effectively on adults."

"Children's hospital? But—"

"It's perfectly normal for someone who was having a 'heart attack' to miss their surroundings."

Sasuke stiffened, looking around and indeed found himself in a child environment. Toys and other trinkets scattered around the floor, books littered the shelves, SpongeBob and Patrick played on the television screen, and to top it off, Disney characters decorated the dull light green walls. He was blinded with different colors of the rainbow.

"Daddy, can we leave yet?"

Sasuke snapped out of his daze, looking down to his son who was clutching onto his dress pants, frowning as his chubby fingers refuse to detach themselves from him. Picking up his son, he gave out a tired sigh.

"Thank you Doctor," Sasuke gritted, struggling to keep himself in check, "I appreciate taking your time off from your busy schedule."

Gathering Kaname's videogame from the seat, he brushed past the doctor. He didn't make it even five steps until the doctor decided to yell his name in the lobby, loud enough to have everyone look their way.

"Sasuke?" The doctor called out, "May I call you Sasuke—"


"Perhaps I was a little bit rude."

Sasuke scoffed, rolling his onyx eyes as he glared at the blond doctor.

"My name is Naruto—"


"Let me take you out to dinner as an apology," Naruto grinned, stepping forward confidently.

Will Sasuke agree to this date?

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