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Rules and Roses- Prologue

My name is Nathaniel Marvin Wolff, but in my kingdom, they call me Prince Nat. I was born into royalty, and the kingdom of Amare is my home. We are called Amare because it is the Latin word for "love." Apparently, the people who inhabited the land in the mid-1850s were the most loving and selfless people during the Great War. They would sacrifice themselves before they would kill someone else, and they could never resist helping someone who was injured in battle.

To be honest, I thought it was a stupid name. Every other kingdom was named after their bravery and power, but we got stuck with the humiliating name of love. Everyone else thought it was great, including the King, who I should probably refer to as "Dad." Each time I spoke of the idiotic name our kingdom held, he would give me a twenty minute speech about how love is the most powerful of all feelings.

I used to think love was stupid. Sure, I loved my dad and my brother, but that was a different kind of love, the kind everyone was born with. However, the version of love that is found in movies and fairytales was a lie to me. It didn't exist.

Or so I thought.

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