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"You know, Nat, most people eat their sandwiches, not beat them."

"Alex, what you call a sense of humor really isn't helping."

"Woah, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed."

Nat decided to blow that last comment off, bringing his focus back to his now messy peanut butter and jelly sandwich. For the last five minutes, he had done nothing but sit at the dining room table, poking at the food in front of him. He wasn't in any mood to eat.

"What's wrong?" Alex asked him, finally trying to be sincere.

"They picked the girls yesterday. I'm meeting them in an hour." Nat murmured.

"Dude, it's not that bad. Just imagine you're on one of those reality shows where desperate men and women try to find life partners."

"Alex, I am on one of those shows." Nat said sadly.

"Yeah, but you're not desperate." Alex shrugged.

"The government thinks I am."

"Well, screw the government!" Alex yelled, and Nat immediately hushed him. He knew the consequences they would both face if someone heard his brother.

"That isn't even the worst part," Nat said, attempting to change the subject. "Rosalina hasn't talked to me for two days. I've called and texted her a million times—just like every other day—but she won't answer."

"Do you think she's okay?" Alex knew how often Nat and Rosalina talked. It wasn't like her to not respond.

"I hope so. It's really making me nervous."

"Don't worry, bro. She's probably just busy with those fifty siblings she has." Alex joked.

"There's only six of them," Nat replied.

"Same thing."

"Sure it is," Nat rolled his eyes. "I have to get ready. The government wants me to look "dapper" for my first encounter with the candidates. See you."

"Bye," Alex responded. "Wait, Nat?"


"How many girls are there?" Alex asked.

"Three," Nat replied, wondering why his little brother was concerned.

"Save one for me."

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