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Summary: Hinata is a shy; nerd that's always bullied by the same most popular and hottest guy in school ever since they were 8. Hinata leaves the school for 2 years, after 2 years away from Konoha high she comes back. With a new attitude and look, why did Hinata dyed her hair scarlet? Since when did Hinata know how to defend herself?

Everybody is age: 14/15

Chapter 1: Leaving and a promise

Hinata's POV

I heard a knock at my bedroom door, "Oneesan wake up its Monday and you have to go school…oh by the way father wants to speak to you" Hanabi said left. I groaned and got out of bed and getting my school uniform on. I went downstairs to father's office.

I knocked on father's door. "Come in" father answered, I open the door and went in. "Y-y-you wanted to see m-m-me otousan?" I asked, he nodded and told to sit down.

"Hinata since your grades are outstanding on your test papers, a school in the Suna village has offered a place for you at that school, and you will be leaving at the end of this week so I want to you pack up soon as possible. I've also told your head teacher about it…..you may go" father explains while sipping his tea.

"And how long will I be staying at the Suna village?" I asked.

"Two years" he answered.

"Hai otousan" I bowed the left the room.

I went into the kitchen to make my own breakfast (since there were no maids in the kitchen); I put my bread in the toaster.

Why do I have leave my village? But at least I live in peace from those bullies for two years.


"Yes Neji-nisan" I answered, "Would you like me to you to school?" Neji asked.

"No thanks Neji, but thank for the offer" I replied with a smile. "Alright then" Neji said then left as the bread pop out of the toaster.

*At Konoha high school*

Normal POV

The first thing Hinata saw when got in the school gates was a huge crowd; fill with girls and boys students that attended Konoha high school.

I wonder what's going on. Hinata thought while walking up to the huge crowd. After a few minutes walking around the ground to find an entrance to see what was going on, Hinata decided to give up.

"Hey Hinata-chan" cooly voice called. Hinata turned around.

"H-hi Kiba-kun" Hinata said, "Why is t-there a c-crowd? Is I-it something to with N-naruto-kun? Hinata asked worriedly. Hoping it's nothing to with Naruto. Kiba grinned at Hinata and answered, "It's nothing to with Naruto this time", Hinata signed in relief. Kiba continued on, "But Sasuke and Sakura...some kind of argument between those two, there is gossip going around the school saying that Sasuke cheated on Sakura with some whore"

Hinata sigh in annoyances, these gossips have going on for a month now Hinata thought.

"And now Sasuke's fan girls are trying to get in Sasuke pants, and trying to find who that whore is" Kiba finish with a sigh. Hinata thinking about telling Kiba the news, she was worried about Kiba's reaction.

*School bell rings*

The crowd of students start to break apart make their way to whatever lesson their have. Hinata and Kiba were walking to class together since they have the same lesson, then Hinata stop walking so did Kiba.

"Is there something wrong Hinata-Chan?" Kiba asked, he cared for Hinata like she was his little sister, what an actual older brother would do for a younger sister. "N-nothing Kiba-Kun I left my textbooks in my locker…..you can go on without me" Hinata answered simply. Kiba just shrugged, "Okay see you in class" he said and walked on leaving Hinata alone in the empty hallway.

Hinata started to walk to her locker not noticing a certain Uchiha hidden around the corner.

I can't until this week end of I can go the suna village Hinata thought happily, while getting her textbooks out of her locker.

"Hyuuga" a cold voice called. Hinata started to tremble a bit with her eyes wide open, the only one who would call her 'Hyuuga' would be…

Sasuke Uchiha.

She slowly turned around, still trembling. "W-w-what c-can I-I do f-for you U-u-u-uchiha-san" Hinata whimper, she never like Sasuke, actual she hated him.


Sasuke has been bullied Hinata for 6 years now, non-stop. He makes her do his homework even though he is the smartest boy in the class nobody knows about it, it happens Hinata is alone. But the thing is that Hinata hasn't told anyone.

I wonder why?

"Nothing much…. I just want to talk" he answered.

She nodded, Thank you Kami Hinata praise in her thought.

In a blink of an eye Hinata was pinned against the wall with her arms above her head, she felt his warm breath on her neck.

"I heard that your moving school to the Suna village, is that true?" he whisper huskily in her ear. Why me, why does everything bad happens on me Hinata thought, closing her eyes to hold back the tears.

"I waiting for an answered Hyuuga" Sasuke said a hint of annoyance. "Yes its true" murmur loud enough for Sasuke to hear.

Hinata gasped trying to hold moan when she felt a hand on her right breast that started to squeeze it, she just lets him do as he pleases.

"Hn" all he said and continues on what he was doing. Hinata blushed red, more like a tomato! Hinata's eyes widen when another hand go under her shirt. Hinata used her to push sasuke off her; she felt tears streaming down her checks. She wiped her face and ran to the toilets.

When she got there, Hinata went straight in the toilet door and lock it. She was sitting on the toilet seat, crying her tears out poor girl.

Hinata's POV

Baka pervert Uchiha touching my breast, now I feel a lot weird. I really can't until I leave this school for two years, be free from baka Uchiha. And most of all is away from my beloved Naruto-Kun, I'm going to miss him so much, without my sunshine I'm nothing.

(A/N: This is NOT a NARUHINA STORY, it is a SASUHINA STORY. Maybe little tiny bit of NARUHINA)

After school (Still Hinata's POV)

"Oi Hinata-Chan!" Kiba called out to me, I near the school gates waiting for Kiba to walk me home. I guess this is my chance to tell him.

"Hey Hinata, why weren't you in your first lesson? And don't lied to me" Kiba said, I took a deep breath and told him what happened.

"I'll kill him!" Kiba said with anger eyes, oh no not good I thought. "Please don't do it calm down Kiba-Kun, besides I have something else to tell you" I declare. He did what he said.

"If is something about moving to the Suna, don't worry Kurenai-sensei told the class about it. Be careful there are a lot more perverts in the Suna than Konoha." Kiba warned me. I smiled in returned, I feel happier when I'm with Kiba.

"Thanks Kiba" I told him then gave him a hug and he hug me back.

"You're welcome Hinata" he said.

That is why me and see each other in our eyes as brother and sister.

5 days later (Saturday morning)

I was at the airport with my personal maid called Mariko; she's like my second mother to me. She reminds me of my mum who ran away 8 years ago, I've been trying to find her but father told me it's a waste of time and studying. So I just gave after what he told me.

"Hinata-Sama our plane leaves in half an hour what would you do now until then?" Mariko asked. "Mariko-Chan please call Hinata without the 'Sama' part please were not in the Hyuuga house hold anymore, so please call me Hinata" I said.

"Yes I understand Hinata and thank you" Mariko smiled.

"You're welcome" I reply.

I really want to change myself at the Suna, I've two years and that's it. I need to show Sasuke that I'm not afraid of him anymore; I need to be strong, smart and confident and have some friends at least. I want to change my personality, my hair; the new Hinata is what I want.

And it's a promise too.

I Hinata Hyuuga promise I will change things about me and be smart, strong and confidents.

Few hours later I arrive at the suna village as the new Hinata Hyuuga.

End of Chapter 1

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