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Normal POV

"Whenever you're ready Mariko" Hinata declared "You don't have to tell me everything about your past". Hinata was desperate to know about Mariko's past, it wasn't fair to her that she told Mariko about her problems and past. But Mariko just gives words full of lies. "No Hinata" Mariko shut eyes tightly "I have to, but before I do please promise me that won't tell anyone".

"I promise..."

"Ok when I was four years old, I ran away with mother " Mariko whispered.

"Why would you run away from your own father?" Hinata questioned. She was quite surprise by the sound of toned.

"Because" Mariko's body shaken in fear "My real father abuses me"

(A/N: Normal Thoughts "Talking")

A girl with short midnight blue hair was backed against the wall in her bedroom with a tall man that she called father.

Lots of sweat had trickle down her fragile face mixing with blood and tears. She scared, really scared, in fact she was so scared that she would rather commit suicide.

"You worthless little girl!" the father yelled, raising his hand and slap her "I wish you were dead" slapping her again.

Mariko cough, she felt this warm liquid increasing in her throat, she felt it burn. Opening her mouth, Mariko spat out liquid that was in her mouth.


The father was about to give Mariko her final slap. Mariko closed her eyes tightly, wishing for her death to come quickly.

"Mizu ryū no hōkō! (Water Dragon Roar)"

"What the-"

Then Mariko's fell into darkness.


"Mariko! Wake up!" a sweet but serious voice called out to her. "Mariko! Can you hear me?" the person shook her.

"M-m-mother…what happened and why am I soaking wet?" Mariko whisper, "I thought father knocked you out" Mariko got up.

"Mariko" The mother said "There's something I want to tell you." Mariko look at her mother curiously "Is it something to do with dad" The mother shook her head "No it's not. It about me" The mother sighed "You might want to sit down. It could be a long story"

"I-I-I'm" the mother breathed.

"I'm a dragon slayer"

"Hold your fire Mariko" Hinata sighed "So you're telling me. That your mother is a dragon slayer"


"Does she kill dragons or something?"

"No. If let me continue, I shall explained!" Mariko exclaimed.

Mariko's eyes widen in surprise W-w-what my own mother is a dragon slayer. "I don't understand…what is a dragon slayer?"Mariko tremble "How did you become a dragon slayer?" the mother closed her eyes "Mariko. I'm going tell you all the information you need to know" the mother said.

"Dragon Slayer Magic, which is also known as Metsuryū Mahō. Is a lost magic that lets users to changes the structure of their own body into that of a dragon" the mother explained "Therefore, the user of that magic can transform their body the element that they control."

"There are three categories of the dragon's slayer"

"First Generation, Second Generation, and Third Generation"

"Which generation are you mother?"

"I'm the First Generation. The first generation is the original dragon slayers, they were taught by actual dragons. Some Dragon Slayers teachers were their foster parent and I was a foster daughter." The mother frowned.

"The Second Generation of dragon slayer magic is used by individuals who have specially had Dragon Lacrima inserted into their body." The mother hesitated "If you're going to ask what Lacrima is. I'll tell you after I've explained the Third Generation"

"Third Generation of dragon slayers magic is used by individuals who have been taught by a dragon, and also have Lacrima inserted in their bodies."

"You said that you were going to tell me what Lacrima is" Mariko reminded her mother. "Ah! Yes I did say that. Well, Lacrima is a mystic crystalline material that is found on Earth Land and Edolas. It's used with dissimilar spells and used different resolution" The stretched her arms out and yawned.

"Here have this book" the mother gave to mother "It tells you everything about what I said in better detail" Mariko examined the ancient heavy hardback 'Mahō'.

"Also I want to have this necklace" the mother undid the clip from her neck, and then clips it on Mariko "My foster mother gave this to me, and now I want to give it to you"

"What does it do?" Mariko examined the Opal gemstone

"It teleports to Fiore also known as Fiōre Ōkoku" the mother answered "It's my home country"

"Ok that's very interesting" Hinata whisper "But what about your dad? Was he a wizard? If he was, what kind magic did he wield?" there were so many questions that Hinata wanted Mariko to answered, but Mariko shot glare which says 'Shut up or otherwise I'll stop'

Hinata sweat drop "ah Gomen, gomen"

Mariko sigh Jeez it's like telling things to a toddler "That's okay. First of my father is not a wizard, second my father doesn't know anything about my mother probably, and thirdly me and mother didn't get along with father" Mariko stated.

"What do you mean by that?"

"What I mean is that mother and father would always argue, which would then lead up to fighting." Mariko picked up Akiyo "And then violence" Mariko whisper while lowering her head "He would be abusive to me when I would come back from school.

"Okay. So what happened next?"

"My mother gave me all the supplies that's use to go Fiore"

"Why would she do that because?"

"She wanted me to live a life in Fiore" Mariko gazes out of the window "It was the only way to be free from father's aggressiveness"

"Y-y-you want me live in Fiore"


"But why"

"Because I want you live a life in Fiore and become a Mage like me" the mother answered proudly with a grin

Mariko's eyes widen in fear, a shadow figure stood behind the mother. The shadowy figure smirked at Mariko while raising his right arm. In his hand was kitchen knife.

"Behind you mother!" Mariko warned her. The shadowy figure grab the mother elbow "Say goodbye to pathetic mother. Mariko" then the father plunge the knife deep in the mother's abdomen.

"MOTHER!" Mariko yelled with tears in her eyes, ignoring her father who walked away from the scene.

The mother cried out in pain. She glanced down at the silver blade that was carved inside her stomach. She felt the crimson liquid spread across her blue summer dress.

She gaged, feeling the blood in her mother. She spat out the blood on his shirt.

"Y-y-y-you b-b-bastard" she whispers.

She felt all the strength gave up in her body; the mother fell limping backwards colliding with the cold concrete ground.

Mariko burst up from where she was sitting, and went up to her mother. Mariko got down on her knees; she lowered her head so that she could hide her tears. She hated crying in front of her mother, she wanted to be brave and strong just like her mother.


"Say nothing Mariko. I would like you to do something for me, before I leave" the mother muttered quietly enough for Mariko to hear. "I would like you take all belongings I gave to you. Then come back to me" the mother command. Mariko follow "Then take my hand and then…" before she could say more, the father laughed.

"She won't be holding your hand any longer Mizuko. After I finish her off" the father smirked looking horror in Mariko's eyes. "I hope you're ready for your death" raising the knife he made his up to Mariko.

I guess this is the end… Mariko believed wait it's not the end for me. Mariko look at the Opal gemstone okay so all I have to do is just what mother said right…I'll it a try.

Onegai take me took Fiore…

Nothing happened

The father was a meter away from Mariko. "I see your trying to escape Mariko, but that's not gonna happened. Once I get my hands on, I know you're gonna scream out loud just trying to get action" he sneered.

That's it…I'll say it out loud!

"I don't think so father…" Mariko glared with fierce eyes "Onegai take me Fiore" the opal gem blazed bright; Mariko grabbed the supplies and her mother's hand. While gemstone glowed, the father used his arm to cover his eyes. It shined so bright that it made the father tumble backwards on the concrete ground, his head met with a rock which then made him knocked out cold.

"Goodbye father" Mariko's voice echoed through his head, then disappear in a flash of light.

"You just left in a flash of light, that's so magical." Hinata winked

"I know right" Mariko agreed

"Have you got necklace with you?"

"No…I lost it in Fiore"

"Oh that's sad; I was hoping that I see what it in Fiore" Hinata whined "But I still don't get how you learned to be a dragon slayer" Hinata played with her fingers.

"Well Hinata, that's where I'm going to tell you" Mariko grinned

Mariko landed softly on front of her body onto the grass, did I make it Mariko questioned herself. Mariko got up on her feet despite the fact that she twisted her ankle.

"YES I'M IN FIORE! I MADE IT!" Mariko's voice boomed around her, making the birds escaping from the noise.

"Wow, I guess this is where she used to do her training her foster mother"

She twirled around to see the awe sight; it was so…breath-taking. Overflow of pure water toppling over the cliff that meets at the bottom of waterfall, with a clashing and roaring sound on the rocks. That splash on the soft massive green grass Mother must be with a water dragon slayer Mariko wondered talking about mother…where is she?

"Mother where are you?" she shouted "Where did she go? I hope she didn't drown in water. Wait if she did…I would have seen blood" Mariko marched around in a circle "Maybe she could be with her foster mother somewhere" Mariko guessed.

"Or she might be in that cave beneath the waterfall. I'm find them, sooner or later" she walked up to the water Great I'm going to my close wet Mariko whined Oh wells I doesn't matter anymore.

Mariko puted the supplies hidden in a bush hopefully know one doesn't take it Mariko frowned. She then walked up to the river. Mariko took a deep breath and dive elegantly into the water, and breaststroke across the stream.

A few minutes after her swim, Mariko manages to enter the cave. At least on land Mariko grinned and walked half so that see can still the entrance to the cave.

"Hello is anyone here?" Mariko sigh

"Sorry to bother whoever is in here, but I'm looking for my mother here name is Mizuko." Mariko shivered "But I'll be leaving now…have a nice day"

"Did you say Mizuko?" A female voice loudly asked but sadly

"H-h-h-hai" Mariko startled a bit, okay maybe a lot. She was quite scared that 'something' might want to harm her. "I am her daughter T-T-Tsukino M-Mariko. And who are you?" Mariko asked

"I am Mizuko's foster mother…"

It can't be her Mariko's eyes widened in surprise I must be dreaming


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