Summary: AU, set during AGMGTW [6x7]. An altered version of events where Amy is pregnant with two babies, one is the Doctor's and one is Rory's. Deals with what happens during Demon's Run and after Madame Kovarian escapes. Won't stick to canon because I have my own plotline to run with. Completely off course, I only use some of the AGMGTW script to suit this. The first chapter is Amy still kidnapped on Demon's Run with a little background to how she and the Doctor happened, and from there on, it'll be in full swing. It'll be confusing at first but everything will be explained in later chapters.

Pairing: Eleven/Amy.

Warnings: Rated M for death, profanity, torture, depression, kidnap, mature scenes.

Disclaimer: Don't own, don't sue.



Demons run when a good man goes to war,

Night will fall and drown the sun

When a good man goes to war,

Friendship dies and true love lies,

Night will fall and the dark will rise

When a good man goes to war.

Demons run but count the cost,

The battle's won but the children are lost.


Chapter 1

look how they shine for you


I wish I could tell you that you'll be loved, that you'll be safe and cared for and protected, but this isn't a time for lies. What you are going to be, is very, very, brave.

But not as brave as they'll have to be, because there's someone coming. I don't know where he is, or what he's doing, but trust me, he's on his way.

Amelia Pond couldn't remember the last time she'd not dreamt of the Doctor. She dreamt of him as a little girl, and then as a teenager and all the way into her adulthood. He'd always been there for her. In her dreams, saving her, rescuing her. And now here she was, standing in an observation prison that she had been held in for months. It was white. Clinical white. The kind that should drive you mad. It doesn't effect Amy anymore. She's gotten used to white. White uniform, white walls, white straight jacket.

Her hair is scraped back and the memory of the Doctor dissolving her flesh form repeats over and over and over in her mind. A fury like no other burns the back of her throat and flows down into her veins. What she would do for five minutes alone with Madame Kovarian; that raspy voiced eye patched woman that has haunted her for months. Amy tries hard to remember the last time she – the real her – saw the Doctor and Rory. She can't place when the switch happened. Was it before President Nixon and the impossible spacesuit? Or was it when they captured her from the creepy old orphanage?

Despite everything she had been through, she had faith, and courage and she got it from him; her raggedy Doctor. Amy couldn't wait until the moment the Doctor swooped in and saved her. They would get the hell that was coming from them and it would be the first time in her entire life that she wished physical pain on another living being. She was standing by the white baby holder, looking down with a soft smile on her face. She knew in the back of her mind that she didn't know yet. If Madame Kovarian knew anything, she wasn't saying.

Amy wrapped her arms around herself as she remembered. She never forgot that night. How could she? When she stared into the white bassinet, she saw her beautiful daughter, Melody. Melody Pond. What she saw staring back at her was an anomaly. She tried to understand it, but she couldn't, and she didn't know if that had more to do with her doubt than her ability to understand. By all reasoning, it shouldn't have happened, but it had and Amy can't bring herself to regret that night. She'll never regret it.

Amy won't reveal to anyone what happened after Rory died and was wiped from existence by the time energy.

She loves Rory, but the Doctor is always someone – something – that she will never stop being in love with. She loves him as brightly and fiercely as it is possible for another breathing thing to need another. She knows of the risks and the dangers, and a part of it thrills her to her toes. She keeps Rory because he's a back up, and she hates herself, but he is. He's always been a back up. She may pretend like they have a spark, but it's only because the fear of rejection from the lonely Time Lord is too much for her to compute.

How tragic it would be, to declare her love for him, only for him to send her again. She can't, so she doesn't. But then there's no Rory and something resembling clarity enters her mind. She can't help but wonder why they're not together. Why are she and the Doctor not together? It doesn't make any sense.

They go to Arcadia, and Trojan Gardens. He appears to be awkward, but she mistakes that as just nervous alien tendencies. She takes his hand and he almost pulls away, but she notices sadness in his eyes that is undeniable. She hugs him and thanks him and presses her mouth under his ear. A thrill goes through him. He's struggling, she notices, but she doesn't understand why.

"Is it because I'm human?" she asks him.

"No," he whispers back, "It's because I'm not."

He whisks her to Space Florida next. That's where everything changes. He tries to distract her with water rides in orbit and floating jelly fish but it's not working. She drags him to a secluded corner of the ocean and strips down, running into the water. When she walks back out, he almost faints. She's wet, and completely naked and just standing in front of him, not caring if anybody sees.

She bites her lip and suddenly regrets it. His face is unreadable, until he sees her bite her lip. She thinks he's rejecting her. He can't for a second let Amy think she's not good enough so he yanks at his bow tie and clothes and walks towards her, completely naked as well. He links their fingers together and they go skinny dipping in Space Florida.

In Space Florida's ocean, they make love for the first time up against a red ice berg style rock. The Doctor hates himself, because Rory died for him, and Amy is truly subconsciously sad, but she's Amy and she's creamy and naked and red and moaning against him, and he can't pull away. It's the first time he's let himself relax completely.

He enters her mind unintentionally. What he sees and feels moves him to tears. Amy has always wanted him. She's always, always, wanted... just him. He tells her he loves her as the five suns rise above them. They can't remember how long they've been going for, but it's a while. Amy's exhausted. Time Lord sex is something she'll be happy to get used to. He guides her back through the water until they reach the shore.

She lies on the sand, lifeless. Her body is bared to the wind and the Doctor has to stop himself. He dresses quickly and then he helps her dress, because she really is exhausted. She can barely move. Another thing to feel guilty for, but Amy can't wipe that smile off of her face. She's never had multiple orgasms. In fact, until that encounter, she's thinks she might never have had a real orgasm before.

He carries her back to the Tardis bridal style and remembers that Space Florida will always be theirs. She sleeps in his room for a change – his idea – as he watches her. He's never needed to sleep and now he can't think why he would want to when he can just watch Amy now. She wakes up the next day and he's there next to her. Lying next to her. A blush breaks her cheeks. She's bruised and he almost pulls away from her because of the guilt but she stops him before he can go through with it.

He's selfish and he lets himself have her.

They don't label it, but they're together. Always holding hands, always touching, always making love. The Doctor has never felt such euphoria and Amy hasn't either. This is the Garden of Eden, Utopia, and the Promise Land all rolled into one. He learns to tell how she is and what kind of mood she's in just by her scent.

Amy lets the Doctor read to her at night. Sometimes they don't even bother to leave the Tardis, just so wrapped up in one another. And then of course, like all good love stories go, theirs comes to a devastatingly horrible halt. He means well, he does, but he hates that fate has another plan for him. How was he supposed to know that River bloody Song would deface the oldest cliff on the oldest planet in the Universe?

Amy frets but she doesn't tell him. River Song and her wiles have caused her some pretty horrible nightmares. Just before they are about to leave the Tardis and find out where River's co-ordinates have taken them, he pulls her back and kisses her longingly, softly, sweetly. She moans into his mouth and leans against him for support afterwards. Kissing him is so extraordinary that she always feels a little unsettled afterwards.

"Time can be written," he tells her. "All of it. Especially with River."

Her brown eyes are wary, "It's not fair. You don't even get a say in this, Doctor. Whoever she is to you, you don't get to make a choice about whether you want her."

"I don't," he says harshly, a little too harshly, "My Amelia Pond. Everything I want is right here."

He's never spoke truer words.

Nobody saw Rory coming back, not even the Doctor. He doubts that Amy is in love with him; he's seen her mind even before Rory was erased. The Doctor's all she thinks about, and the thought has made him giddy over and over and over again.

Amy can't help the guilt when she finally remembers Rory. She plans to do things properly – break it off with Rory – when everything is fixed, but fate has a cruel twisted way of intervening. He kills her, because he's not real, and she felt like she should have seen it coming.

When she wakes up, she's in the Pandorica two thousand years later and the Doctor is too busy rushing around for them to have a proper conversation. And then he does the unthinkable: sacrifices himself for the whole of the Universe. She's crying and he's smiling sadly and she can't believe that their story has to end there.

He kisses her and she breaks inside. Rory and River pull her back and then he's gone.

She wakes on her wedding day, feeling odd. Something is wrong, and she can just literally feel it to the tips of her toes and back up again. But she dismisses her reluctance for nerves and dresses for the occasion, but everything is definitely not a-okay. She can't help but bitterly think that of course – of course – River has to deliver the Tardis diary too late. If she had received the diary earlier, she would have called off the wedding without a moment's hesitation. Maybe River didn't do it on purpose, but it feels like it.

And then he's there again. Not dead. Not swallowed on the other side of the crack.

They sneak off while the wedding party is in full swing.

"Let's go," she says to him, "Go back in time and stop me from marrying Rory."

"Can't cross personal timelines," he shakes his head, "Especially this one. The base code of the universe, your wedding day. I technically didn't exist until now, so that time is off limits to me. Brand new universe, Amelia."

"What?" Amy gasps, "But I remember all of it. I remember our times together. Arcadia. Trojan Gardens. Space Florida. I remember all of it!"

"Because you're special and you're a time traveller," he replies, "None of it happened. This is how it's supposed to be. Rory's human, and I'm not."

She thumps her fists against his chest, so enraged. "I love you," she cries.

"I love you too," he whispers. They barely make it back in time to the Tardis before he's yanking up that puffy wedding dress and making them one against the console. She moans his name, sweating and gasping. He's never loved her more. They finish and he has to steady her. He hates himself. He shouldn't have done that. He tells her that.

"But I wanted you to," she snaps at him, "Is this all I have left of you? You'll go with River and I'll go on with Rory? We had plans."

The plans that never came.

Rory interrupts their conversation. Amy and the Doctor pretend nothing is wrong and head their different ways in the Tardis. Amy doesn't make love to Rory that night, or the next. She can't bare it and although Rory doesn't deserve any of it, he accepts it, because he's in love with her and he thinks they're meant to be together.

The pregnancy scare comes in waves. The last time she had sex with was the Doctor and they both fear it could be his. He listens to her sob and her speech; fell out of the sky – the speech meant for him, not Rory – and is almost tempted to give in again, but he can't. She tells him that she's not pregnant, but the scanner on the Tardis says different.

The first time Amy and Rory have sex in the rebooted universe – yes it's been that long – is just after Christmas. The Doctor can't stand it and purposely sets about a course of turbulence for them. The bitter old man inside his soul chuckles. The Doctor doesn't realise that she's only doing it because of course, he had to mention bumping into River Song over the Christmas Holidays. Amy lets her imagination do the work for her. River Song's an ambitious girl.

Amy grabs Rory's hand and they have sex in the swimming pool with a library. Maybe it's pay back at him, or maybe she's just really a masochist, but it feels good to hurt him like he's been hurting her since he told her to stay with Rory. And the funny thing is, he'll know. He always know, it's his Tardis. Nothing goes on there that he doesn't know about. Rory's on top on the world and Amy is just floating there in the water, hating herself, feeling depressed and unsatisfied.

They get into a routine that is uncomfortable and safe at the same time. Amy won't have sex with Rory anymore and in return, the Doctor stays away from River. It's an unspoken agreement and one they don't have a hard time doing. The Doctor tries to act normal, taking her hand and kissing the top of her head but everytime he does so, his fingers itch to make that connection with her mind, the one he's been desperately missing.

There is something so special about Amelia Pond that has almost blinded him from working out the truth for so long. He wants to promise her, that no matter what happens, he will find her. He will do anything for her. He will rip planets out of the sky just to save her. She doesn't understand and he doesn't expect her to. She grips his hand and she begs him to hold her. Rory cries. The Doctor hates himself. This is undoubtedly his fault somehow, and he knows in his gut it's got something to do with the constant ever changing positive/negative pregnancy status.

He doesn't mention that the baby could be his.

He flips his sonic screwdriver at her and presses the button. And here she is. God knows how much time has passed, but here she is. Telling the story of a lonely God and the girl who waited for him to her daughter, Melody.

Melody stirred in her sleep, moving around the baby holder and Amy wishes she could pick her up, but she can't. Amy slouched down into the white uncomfortable couch nearby and caressed her baby bump. The one still to come. Who'd have thought it? Amy pregnant with two children at the same time, but neither delivered at the same time?

She doesn't even know who the father is. She wants them so desperately to be the Doctor's, but she gathers that a Time Lord baby inside a human cooker wouldn't run smoothly and so far, she's had no problems. Apart from being kidnapped. Waking up and giving birth to Melody was beyond traumatic but learning that it wasn't over, that she still had another baby to deliver was unnerving. It would be harder to defend herself. Two babies, one Amy.

She lives in hope. She always lives in hope.

The week rolls in when she finally gives birth to her second baby girl. Amy rests but demands that her babies be with her at all times. Surprisingly, a solider called Lorna Buckett swears to guard the white prison from the inside just so Amy can be with her daughters, and Amy can't thank this girl enough, but she's tired and she's weary and the one bassinet is replaced with a two jointed one.

She stares at them; her children, trying to tell them apart. Melody is only older by two weeks but already she's getting big. She names her other baby Aria Pond. Aria, like a song. They fit so well together. Melody and Aria Pond. Amy prays to a God that she doesn't believe in that they're the Doctor's children. Rory will be devastated and she'll hate herself, but she's in a dark depressing situation and until they rescue her, she's staying that way.

She clings to that hope.

And not even an army can get in the way.

He's the last of his kind. He looks young but he's lived for hundreds and hundreds of years, and wherever they take you, however scared you are, I promise you, you will never be alone, because this man is your father.

He has a name but the people of our world know him better, as the Oncoming Storm.