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Chapter 4

dance in the dark


The Tardis materialised in the middle of a familiar London street. The doors opened and The Doctor strode out, slamming the doors behind him. He marched across the street and walked up to a blue door, reaching out to knock on it several times. There was a shuffle of feet behind the door and it swung open to reveal a dishevelled looking Rory. His face fell when he saw the Doctor and he peered behind the tweed wearing alien as if expecting someone to jump out and scare him.

"Hello Rory," the Doctor's smile was not genuine, "Is your wife home?"

"No." Rory replied.

"Well," the Doctor barged his way inside, "I'll just come in and wait for her then. Got a few things she needs to hear."

"Better get settled then," Rory slammed the front door and followed the Doctor into the lounge, "She's been gone two months."

The Doctor spun around, his eyebrows furrowing, "What?"

"It's two months since Demon's Run," Rory said angrily, "Eight fucking weeks since I found my wife, and she hasn't come back."


"After you fucked off, she took River's Vortex Manipulator and stayed behind with Vastra, on Demon's Run," Rory replied, "She said she'd be home soon, that she had something to do first, so I let River take me home along with Jenny, using Vastra's Vortex Manipulator. And it's two months. Two months and I don't know where the hell she is. Tried phoning you a couple hundred thousand times but you weren't answering your phone, so now, I've got hours of hospital work and not much else to do but sit and wonder where the hell my wife and children are."

The Doctor swallowed. "I told River to take you all home."

"Have you found my children yet?" Rory ignored him, "Have you found Melody and Aria?"

"No," the Doctor cast his eyes downwards, "No, I haven't. I've been looking and no one seems to know anything. And if they do, I can't find them. They've hidden themselves in the Universe and no one is talking. Probably because of your bloody wife."

"Why?" Rory's eyebrows creased, "What did she do?"

"Well, I assume it's the reason she stayed behind on Demon's Run," the Doctor began to pace, "She sent a message to the Universe, a rather loud one and it scared people. And pissed them off. Now no one is talking and I can't find my—" he stopped himself before he said my daughter. "—idiot best friend."

"What message is that?"

"She used Dorium's software to hack into every single technological system within the Universe, apart from Earth. She broadcast a warning message to every alien species, that if they knew anything about her daughters, they should speak, and if they tried to harm them, she'd kill them."

"That's Amy for you," Rory folded his arms.

"That's not all she did," the Doctor muttered angrily, "She made it rain fireballs, on every single planet in the Universe."

"How the hell can she do that?"

"With a boost from Time Lord technology? Easy peasy."

"Where exactly did she get that from then?"

"From me. Accidentally," the Doctor scowled, "She pick pocketed my sonic screwdriver, must have been when I hugged her. I came to tell her that trying to make fear people you is not going to work. In order to find her daughters, she needs allies, people that will listen and tell us things. That can't bloody happen if she's out there, scaring people half to death. And some won't take that threat lying down. She's lucky that half an army didn't seek out to capture her. So bloody Scottish."

"It's been two months, how do you know that she hasn't been captured?" Rory snapped suddenly.

The Doctor sighed, looking down. "If she contacts you, phone me. I promise I'll answer this time."

"So you were avoiding my calls on purpose then?" Rory confirmed what he already suspected. "Why?"

The Doctor swallowed thickly. What was he supposed to say? Sorry Rory, I avoided your calls because Aria is actually my daughter, not yours, and oh yeah, not to mention this supposed prophecy about one of Amy's daughters becoming the source of all evil in time and space. So he settled with a half truth, "I didn't want to let you and Amy down again. I didn't answer because I didn't know anything."

Rory sighed deeply. Then he said, "I'm coming with you," the Doctor started to say something but Rory continued, "No, you don't get to tell me not to come, Doctor. This is my wife and daughters we're talking about. Let me get changed first and then we'll go."

The Doctor watched Rory walk out the lounge and fretted. This could not be leading to anywhere even remotely good.


Vastra was sitting in her lounge opposite Jenny when the Tardis materialised across the room from them. They had been enjoying a pleasant cup of tea and a tray of sandwiches when the whooshing air and familiar whirring noise of the time machine came rushing all around them.

"Not again," Jenny cried, standing up.

The doors opened and the Doctor and Rory stepped out.

Vastra stood, "Doctor. Rory. Lovely to see you again, although I fear it's not on good circumstances."

"You're right about that," the Doctor said, looking around the Victorian manor. "When was the last time you saw Amy?"

"A couple of months ago," Vastra replied quickly but there was confusion written all over her face, "Why? Where is she?"

"We don't know," Rory said aggressively, "We haven't seen her since I left you and her on Demon's Run, two months ago."

"She brought me back to my time once I had helped her with something," Vastra strode over to the window, "She took River Song's Manipulator, and gave mine to River. She told me I'd get mine back soon, but I haven't heard from her since. I assumed she liked the thought of an escape route."

"Well, she did apparently," Rory muttered, "Either she's still out there, or she's been taken. She pissed off a lot of people apparently. You know, that message you helped her send out? It's not like we've not got our daughters to look for, now we have to find my stubborn wife as well."

"Why can't you just ask River Song?" Jenny asked suddenly, "She's your daughter as well, isn't she? She's lived this, right?"

"The last version we saw of her hadn't gone through it," the Doctor replied, "If we go to her now, we don't know what version we're getting. We could get a version of her that is still hiding who she is, and in that case, we can't reveal to her that we know who she is because everything has to happen the way it already has, like the Butterfly Effect. If we get a version of her from the future then she will turn us away because she knows that she can't give anything away. Finding the right version of her that is on the same time line as us is literally impossible. We keep meeting in the wrong order."

Jenny widened her eyes, sighing. "That's confusing and complicated."

"That's a time traveller's life for you," the Doctor shrugged.

"Can we forget semantics and get to the part where we find my wife?" Rory interrupted them.

"Rory, I want to find her just as much as you," the Doctor turned to look at him with narrowed beady eyes, "But snapping at people isn't going to help. I lost my temper once before when this happened and my anger cost me the most precious mistake."

"Why can't you use your time machine to go back to five minutes after you left Demon's Run and stop Amy from disappearing?" Jenny waved her hands about, "Isn't that what time machines are for?"

"I can't go back on my own personal history when I don't know for certain that it won't rip a hole in the Universe," the Doctor had started to pace. "We can do this. We just need to think. There must be a way we can somehow..." he looked up, "Oh yes. Yes! Vastra, I need the base code of that Vortex Manipulator she has."

"What does that matter?" Vastra asked, frowning. "I don't know how you'd get it, it was River Song's and you said you wouldn't be able to get her in the right time line."

"Maybe not," the Doctor pulled out his wallet of psychic paper, "But I could send her a psychic message, asking for the base code of her Manipulator. It wouldn't matter what time line she'd be in then because I've always known her to have one."

"And once we get this base code?" Rory asked. "What happens then?"

"We can track her movements through the Tardis," the Doctor replied, "Find out where she last landed."

"I'll come with you," Vastra announced.

"No, you've done more than enough," the Doctor shook his head, "Stay here with Jenny. Be safe. If I need you, I'll call."

The Doctor and Rory each nodded goodbye and then walked into the Tardis. It's familiar whooshing and noise faded away like the box itself dematerialised.

"How long before River replies?" Rory asked the Doctor.

The Doctor held up his psychic paper and showed Rory the code; 02154:25484:0


Amy grinded against the metal pole to a tacky beat of sleazy music. The cold metal pressed against her back as she slid down it, smirking in the direction of an overweight alien man. He had four eyes and he was wearing a large black robe, sitting in the corner of the tacky club. Amy slid back up, gripped the pole and then bent backwards, letting her fiery red hair cascade over her shoulder.

She was wearing something extremely revealing, the leather pressed against her creamy pale skin in all the right ways. For a woman who gave birth to two babies a little over two months ago, she was definitely back in shape. She swayed her hips to the sound of the music and walked off the stage in a seductive manner, her heels echoing one after another.

She sauntered through the club, heading straight for the alien man in the black robe. She'd had her eye on him the entire time. "Hey, sailor," Amy whispered into his ear as she bent over and placed her hands on his shoulders. "I noticed you staring."

"I noticed you staring," he retorted. Then he looked at her partially naked body and said, "What's a human girl doing in an alien strip club like this?"

"Used to be a time agent," Amy pointed to the Vortex Manipulator on her wrist, "Now I dance for a living. Got a problem with that?"

"No," he shook his head, "Maybe we should go somewhere a little more private?"

"Now, you are finally speaking my language," Amy straightened up, took his hand and pulled him up. She walked seductively towards one of the back rooms, the four-eyed man in the black robe trailing after her.

Amy slammed the door shut when she and the alien were alone in the back room. She shoved him onto the nearby couch and put her heel on the edge of the sofa, trapping him there with her leg. "Do you know what I want?" she whispered to him.

"I assume you want payment first," the man reached into his robe, but Amy stopped him.

Amy leaned in, "I want you..." she licked the man's ear, smirking, "... To tell me where my daughters are, or I'm going to kill you," she whispered.

"What?" the man's face fell.

Amy stopped smirking and then drove her heel into the man's stomach. He screamed in pain and Amy added, "Scream all you want, Mikar. These walls are sound proof."

Mikar clutched his stomach, screaming again, "How do you know me?" he gasped, "Who—who are you?"

"Someone who wants to know where Madame Kovarian is!" Amy snapped, slapping the man across the face, "My intel tells me that you know where she is, and if I can find her, then I can find my daughters. Now tell me where she is, or the next place my heel will be your eye."

"I don't know where she is," Mikar whimpered, "I swear—I swear to you, I don't know—Ah!" he gasped when Amy punched him in the gut. "I swear!" he added. "I swear!"

Amy pulled back, glaring at him, "I don't believe you. She reached into bra part of her leather ensemble and pulled out a knife, "Shall we try this again?"

Just then, the door slammed open and Amy turned around, ready to defend herself when she came face to face with Rory and the Doctor.

"Oh my god," Rory glanced at his wife.

The Doctor glanced with heated eyes towards Amy and then the sobbing Mikar and slammed the door shut behind them. "What the hell is going on, Amy?" he asked lowly.

Amy sighed, rolling her eyes. "How the hell did you find me?"

"We tracked the activity of your Vortex Manipulator," Rory said, frowning, "No wait, Amy, what is going on? Why are you here? And what are you wearing?"

"I had to infiltrate this place," Amy said annoyedly, "My source told me that this trade broker," she glanced to Mikar, "Knew where Kovarian was."

"I don't, I don't!" Mikar cried.

"Have you been having sex for information?" Rory suddenly cried, "Have you been having sex with aliens?"

The Doctor bit the inside of his cheek. If only Rory knew...

"Of course not," Amy folded her arms, "I dance for information. One of my other clients gave me the intel that Mikar here knew something. And I was extremely thorough."

"I don't know anything!" Mikar screamed, still clutching his stomach.

"Then why would my client lie to me?" Amy turned around and glared at him. "Believe you me, I will gut you like the coward you are if you don't start talking."

"Amy!" the Doctor suddenly shouted. "This isn't how we operate. This isn't how we do things!"

"It isn't how you do things!" Amy screamed back, "Me? I've changed, in case you haven't noticed!"

"I've noticed," the Doctor retorted. Frankly, he didn't know where to look. Had Amy always been that pale and creamy, and soft? "I saw your little message to the universe. That caused more bad than good."

"Like I care," Amy hissed back. "Have you found anything out yet?"

The Doctor looked down. He sighed deeply, "No, I haven't found anything."

"Well then," Amy turned back to Mikar, "Maybe you should both just leave now. The next part could get messy."

"Amy, come on," Rory shook his head, "This isn't you! You abandoned me, for two months and didn't even let me know you were okay! Do you even know how much I've been going out my mind? I thought you were dead! I thought Kovarian had returned and killed you!"

"She could try," Amy replied.

"Amy!" Rory snapped. "You're my wife! I'm your husband! This isn't how you treat your husband!"

"I'm not your kept woman, Rory," Amy snapped back, "Right now, I'm a mother trying to find her children, so either get out of my way, or leave."

"Amy, Amy, Amy," the Doctor walked over to her and cupped her cheek, "I'm so sorry," he looked down and then realised that was not a good idea. "I've made you this way," he added, "I'm so sorry."

"A little too late," Amy couldn't help how her voice softened at just the warmth of his touch.

"Come back to the Tardis with us," the Doctor whispered, "We can all look for your daughters together. It'll be safer."

"I don't believe you," Amy cupped his cheek for a moment and then turned back to Mikar. "Look, I've got business to attend to, so either help me get the fat man to sing or get out."

"Sorry," the Doctor murmured. He reached out and placed his fingers on her temples. Her eyes fluttered shut and the Doctor caught her unconscious body in mid fall.

"What did you do?" Rory asked.

"Just sent her to sleep," the Doctor replied, "Don't worry, she'll be fine. She'll be pissed when she wakes up though but that seems like nothing new," the Doctor slung her body over his shoulder and walked out of the door with her.

Rory turned back to Mikar and said, "Consider yourself punched."

"For what?" Mikar cried.

"For staring at my wife!" Rory cried.


Amy jerked awake, sitting up. She was lying in her bed, in her bedroom in the Tardis, tucked in under the covers, and she was alone. She jumped out of bed, not even realising that she was still wearing her stripper leather ensemble. Her red hair flew past her shoulder as she raced through the narrow corridors and headed towards the console room.

The Doctor was there, sitting on the couch, with a book in his hands. Amy marched down the stairs, grabbed the book from his hand and flew it across the room. "How dare you!" she screamed, "How dare you! Who the hell do you think you are? You can't just do that to people! You can't just do that to me!"

"Amy," the Doctor blinked, "Calm down, I did it for your own safety. Look at you," he glanced to her body and tried not to stare too hard, "What is this, Amy? Who are you?"

"A mother looking for her children," Amy slapped her fist on the couch, "You'll be surprised what a motivated mother can do. Much more resourceful than a Time Lord, who by the way, has done absolutely nothing. For god sake, Doctor, Aria is your baby too. Isn't this driving you mad?"

"Yes," he grabbed both sides of her cheeks and pulled her towards him, "Yes. Yes. This is driving me mad as well! But I can't focus completely when you're on my mind. I can't be worrying about you and trying to find your children at the same time."

"Don't you dare blame me for your lack of anything in this particular area," Amy pushed him away, "Don't. You. Dare. I can't even sleep anymore and all you can do is worry about me?"

The Doctor sighed. There were so many secrets between them. Rory didn't know that Aria wasn't his, and the Doctor wasn't telling either of them about the supposed prophecy that Kovarian had told him about. One of Amy's daughters was supposed to be the source of all evil, and at this moment in time, he really had no idea which one it supposedly was, if it was true at all.

They barely knew River Song, and Father Octavian had said that she had murdered a good man. Was River the source of all evil? Or was his only daughter capable of such horror? Would Kovarian really go to all that trouble for two babies if the prophecy wasn't true?

"Where's Rory?" Amy realised how intense their conversation had gotten. All that was separating them was a layer of clothing and she was inching closer and closer to him with every passing second.

"He went for a swim in the library," the Doctor shifted on the couch slightly. "Apparently that's what he does now... swimming," he swallowed thickly, "For release."

Amy looked downwards, leaning into his open legs.

"Amy, we never got to talk," the Doctor murmured, "Things got in the way and... We never properly talked."

"I wanted you and you pushed me away," Amy raised her head up, "And I know it was because deep down you were trying to look out for me, because Rory's safe, and human and partly because you can't truly let anyone in, but you did push me away. My wedding night... It was a moment of weakness, and I wouldn't change it for a second because it gave me Aria, but... It shouldn't have happened. I asked you to run away with me and you didn't."

"Amelia," the Doctor's voice broke.

"No," Amy pushed herself off him, "I can't do this again. I wanted you and you pushed me away. And now I have to focus on finding my daughters."

The Doctor's fingers ghosted down down her bare sides and made her tremble at her knees.

"I..." he began, choking thickly, "I... Oh you know."

Amy took a step away from him and headed back towards the stairs.