Hey, this is just something I came up with, when you read this I just want you to know that I am in the middle of season 2 so if this doesn't really make sense, just bare with me.

Lillian is in hiding with her younger brother, Josh. She and her brother both have powers (these powers might not have come up in the episodes but I think they should be have). They ran away from their parents about 3 year ago. Their mother was abusive, she beat them day and night. Lillian is 15 now and Josh is 8. They were living in varies places but are now living in a small village in the woods that is only for gifted children and a few adults.

"Lily? Lily are you in here?" a voice asked from outside. I groaned and sat up.

"Yes Jason, what is it?" I asked as he stepped through the curtain that hung as my door.

"We can not find Josh?" he stated as he stood next to the door not stepping in any further.

"What?! Again?" I asked as I stood up, I stood up a little to quickly and ended up on the floor dizzily.

"Lily, are you okay?" Jason asked kneeling down next to me.

"I'm fine, can you get teams out looking for him?" I asked standing up with his help.

"I already have," he stated looking very proud of himself.

"Good, are Seth and Brock still in camp?" I asked.

"No they are leading the two teams I sent out," he said looking very ashamed, "Would you like me to go get them?"

"No, that won't be necessary, I'll just wait for them to get back," I said before turning around.

"Aright if I hear anything I'll come to you," Jason said.

"Okay now leave so that I can get changed," I commanded. He nodded as most guards do and left. I went to my bag and pulled out my pants and undershirt. I put those on and than an over cover dress that left my legs out so that it was easier to run and fight is necessary. I grabbed my sword from under my bed and put on my boots. Once they were secure I stuffed my dagger into one of them. I strapped my sword onto my waist as I usually do. I stepped out of my tent and glanced at the peaceful little village I helped build.

"Lily, Lily, wait up," a voice shouted from behind me.

"Relax Dennis, I haven't even started walking yet," I smirked as I turned around to greet my dear friend.

"Well good because you need your breakfast," he smiled handing me a chunk of bread.

"Dennis, you know I could never live without your insistence on eating every moment I get," I smirked taking a bite of the bread.

"Only breakfast, it is the most important meal of the day, you know," he smiled as we started walking.

"Yes, I know you tell me that everyday," I said. I was about to say something else but Jason interrupted me by almost running into me.

"Jason you cluts you could've hurt her," Dennis said pulling me to my feet.

"I'm fine, I'm fine," I insisted," what's wrong Jason?"

"Seth and Brock are back in camp," he answered as he got up from the floor.

"Where are they?" I asked almost eagerly.

"In the North Wing," he said but before he could finish I started running toward it. I got there in less than two minutes and burst through the door/curtain.

"Did you find him?" I asked before I even got my breath back.

"No," they said in unison. I stood there mouth open and on the verge of tears.

"Than why are you back?" I asked refusing to let my tears fall.

"We thought that maybe Valerie could help," Seth said.

"Seth, you of all people should know that we do not make people use their gift for selfish purposes," I explained.

"But this isn't selfish, this is your brother," he insisted. I looked away from them thinking.

"Do you want the daharans to get him?" Brock asked in his deep voice. My head snapped back toward him.

"Don't ever accuse me of wanting that for anyone," I snapped. "We will ask, but if she is not willing to help us, we will not force her."

"But what if.." Seth started.

"No buts, we are NOT going to force her," I snapped interrupting him.

"You know she does not work with everyone," Brock stated.

"Yes I know that, now lets go," I said leaving the cabin. We walked across camp and stopped in front of the cabin door. After a moments hesitation I walked through. The first person I saw was not a very pleasant sight, Nikita.

"Nikita, we are here to see Valerie," Brock said from behind me.

"She does not want to be disturbed right now," she stated looking me in the eye with one of her evil glares.

"Well if you want me to leave she'll have to be the one to tell me that, not you," I said moving through the curtain that separated the room into two parts.

"Nikita, is that you?" Valerie asked from her bed. I hated seeing her like this, she was blind but had a good heart, a sick but good heart.

"No Valerie, it is Lillian," I said moving over to the bed and grabbing one of her hands.

"Lillian, how may I.."she was interrupted with a cough, "help you?"

"My brother has run off and we can not find him," I explained, "if you have the strength I was hoping you could help me."

"I will try my best, but I may not have enough strength," she imitated.

"I understand, just do not push yourself too hard," I insisted. Valerie's grip on my hand tightened and her eyes glowed bright white. After a moment she collapsed back onto her bed. She fluttered her eyes and her grip loosened.

"He is in the forest near the only oak tree for miles, but you must hurry there is someone you must met," she explained leaning back against her bed," but I must rest now, may the spirits be with you."

"No my dear friend may the spirits be with you and protect your kind soul, we will find a cure for this illness, I swear," I said before standing up and walking through the curtain to the other side.

"So where do we go?" Seth asked stupidly.

"Into the forest I know exactly what place she was talking about," I stated before walking out of the cabin and towards the forest.

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