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Lillian and the others are right outside the camp.

"So there are only gifted children in the village?" Richard said again.

"Yes, only gifted children," I said ," No non-gifted and no adults."

"How old is the oldest?" Zedd asked.

"At the moment 19 but we had a 22 year old here a few months ago," I explained thinking back.

"Who was it?" Kahlan asked.

"Her name was Jensen," I said.

"You know Jensen?" Richard asked in a tone that I might have mistaken for excitement.

"Yes why?" I asked as I looked at him in curiosity.

"She is my sister," he explained as he picked up Josh and started carrying him.

"Oh, she never mentioned that she had a brother," I said.

"She might not have known about it back than," Zedd explained. I was about to say something else but I doubled over in pain instead.

"Lily what's wrong?" Seth asked grabbing me by my arms and helping me up.

"Valerie," I gasped before I started running.

"Wait," I heard Zedd call but at the moment I didn't care if he was Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander, great wizard of the first order I just needed to get to Valerie. I made it to the camp quicker than I had expected. I ran past everyone even Dennis and ran straight toward Valerie's cabin. But before I could make it inside Nikita stopped me.

"This is your fault!" she screamed as she lunged at me. I dodged her.

"What did I do?" I asked as I ran behind a tree to try and stop her.

"You put her under some kind of spell," she screamed as she pulled my hair. I grabbed her arm and flipped her onto her stomach.

"I did not!" I announced as she struggled.

"The last thing she said was 'now I will never be able to make my mistress happy'," she said quietly.

"What does that have to do with me?" I asked putting my knee on her back.

"She said that you were her mistress," she said throwing me a glare over her shoulder.

"But I didn't do anything," I insisted.

"You're a confessor," Kahlan said walking up to me.

"A what?" I asked.

"She doesn't know," she said turning to Richard and Zedd.

"We got her Lily," Seth said coming up behind me with Brock and Dennis. "I think you should go and talk to her." I got off of Nikita in a daze and walked over to Dennis.

"Dennis?" I asked as I looked up into his eyes.

"Yes?" he asked back looking confused.

"Are you sure that I can trust you?" I asked feeling stupid but it felt like something just clicked inside of me.

"Of course you can trust me," he smiled. "I would die for you!"

"That's what I'm afraid of," I said as tears started to form in my eyes. I turned around and looked at Kahlan. "I think I know what you are." I turned around and started walking toward my cabin. When I got inside I found Jason going through my stuff. "Jason?"

"I'm sick and tired of waiting for you to make a move," he snapped as he unshed his sword.

"Jason?" Josh asked coming in behind me. Jason snapped his gaze to Josh and plunged his sword into Josh's stomach.

"Josh!" I screamed pushed Jason away, "you will pay for that!"

"I'm sure I will," he smirked trying to go around me. I grabbed his throat and released any anger I had inside myself and sent it toward him.

"No, Lillian don't," I heard Kalhan's voice in the background but it was more of a whisper. I looked into Jason's eyes and saw them go black, not being afraid of this look. I let him go and he fell on the ground as I turned around I saw Cara leaning over Josh trying to give him the breath of life.

"Cara, stop!" I yelled but I was too late. Cara gave him the breath of life and as Josh's eyes fluttered Cara held her throat and fell on the floor, dead. Richard ran to her side.

"Cara, Cara can you hear me?" he asked frantically trying to wake her.

"It's no use she's dead," Zedd said moving past Kahlan. I turned to Dennis standing in the doorway.

"Go get Faith, and hurry," I demanded. Dennis nodded and quickly turned away and left.

"What's wrong with her?" Richard asked looking at me.

"My brother has the breath of fire and that mixed with the breath of life isn't a very go mixture," I explained. "It burns the throat and the air pipes killing the Mord'Sith trying to revive him."

"That's how you escaped the Mord'Sith palace, isn't it," Richard said starring at me curiously. I nodded. Before I could say anything more Faith and Dennis burst through the doorway. Faith stopped short when she saw Cara.

"I am not reviving her," she stated. Josh looked like he was about to cry.

"She saved my life," he whimpered.

"Did she really?" Faith asked looking at me. I nodded. Faith looked unsure but finally walked over to Cara and gave her the breath of life.

"Is that your gift young one?" Zedd asked in astonishment. Faith smiled and nodded.

"She was meant to be a Mord'Sith, she was in a temple too but she didn't become one leaving her with the breath of life," I explained.

"Amazing," Richard explained. Cara moved a little than sat up, she had her hand on her throat.

"It takes awhile for her throat to heal completely, she won't be able to talk for a while." I said moving out of the tent.

"Listen Lillian, we can start talking whenever you want to," Kalhan said putting her hand on my shoulder. I nodded.

"How about now?" I asked looking into her crystal clear blue eyes.

"Of course," she smiled as we started walking.

"Call me Lily," I said smiling a very small smile.

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