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Chapter 1

Jane POV

My day started bout great, I got back from England with Jermy, and he was able to present the designs in time, Gray forgave him for all he did and he got his job back. I however got back to see my boyfriend and India actually having a civilized conversation.

Eli! I exclaimed as I ran into the arms of my boyfriend Eli Chandler, Grays' nephew. Hey Jane, he said do you want to do something tonight because I need to talk to you about something. Just from him saying that I knew things weren't going to end well.

Later on that night

Eli and I were going on a walk tonight so when he picked me up at 7 and his face was full of guilt I didn't know what to do.

Eli what's wrong? I asked

Jane I am so sorry I didn't mean to do it but I just felt like you weren't letting me into your life and something was going on between you and Billy, I stopped him there

Wait you thought something was going on with me and Billy, and what are you so sorry about?

When you went to England to go get Jermy India and I

That's when my world came crashing down, I didn't want to hear anymore I got out of the car and ran, it didn't matter where I was running to but I had to get out of that car.

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