This is a sequel to The Birthday Hunt – as requested. If you have not read The Birthday Hunt I suggest you do, it will clear some things up. Updates will be slow as my exam revision is top priority. But anyway read on and let me know what you think! Also just saying that I don't own Star Trek Voyager, just borrowing the characters for a little bit of fun.

POV- Kathryn Janeway:

Just a few weeks ago I had been running around the ship hastily in search of clues. This had been a part of a birthday hunt that would supposedly result in finding out the person who loved me. Of course I thought this was just a bit of fun, that there was no one who loved me. That no one on this ship could or would love me. Little did I know that at the end of it all there actually was the man who loved me, who had always loved me since the first day we had met. But I had been furious about this and turned him down, only to later realize that he was the one that I loved, that I had always loved since the first day I saw him, I just kept denying it, until that night.

That night I had told him that I had wanted him and couldn't stop thinking about him and that I loved him and we had kissed, a very long, passionate and desperate kiss. Then we continued to do so before he led me to his bedroom then started to peel off my clothes and the next thing I knew we were in his bed making love and it was amazing. Our first night together had been perfect and I thought that our life together was perfect but oh was I so terribly wrong.

He wanted to make our relationship public, I didn't and he wouldn't take my excuse for why as a fair enough answer. He wanted to be able to be appropriately intimate when around the crew, I didn't. We argued about almost everything from something as simple as what to have for dinner to what we would do about the fight incident that had occurred earlier today in engineering. We disagreed on everything, he was secure in our relationship and I wasn't, it was too new for me. I sighed, pinching the bridge of my nose as I watched Chakotay pacing up and down the room. He was angry with me because I didn't want to go as his 'date' to Neelix's party on the holodeck tonight.

'Why?' The word came out of his mouth like vile.

'Because I don't want the crew to know we are together.' My words were calm but expressed the seriousness of which I intended.

'Why?' This time he sounded calmer, more pleasant.

'Because it's a breach of protocol, the crew won't be able to deal with it, everything will spin out of control!'

'You already know it's what the crew wants. That they have been trying to get us together for years!' His words came out angry, I had expected him to be more composed with this.

'And now we are, maybe they will regret it.'

'Damn it Kathryn, why are you fighting this? It's inevitable. They will have to find out sooner or later.'

'Yes, later preferably.'

'Why? Are you reconsidering all this? Do you not truly love me?' The apprehension and doubt that came with Chakotay's words spilled out of the previously irritated man and settled around me, infecting me like a plague.

'No! I love you Chakotay.' The apprehension wore off and the anger settled in. I couldn't believe he would ever think I didn't love him or want to be with him. ' I can't believe you would think that despite what we are going through.'

'And what exactly are we going through?'

I was too angry to continue the conversation; I had already exited my quarters when he finished his sentence. I entered the turbo lift. 'Bridge' I commanded and the lift came to life and began to move. I calmed myself, letting my anger recede and clearing my mind of biased judgment. I put my captain's face on just as the turbo lift came to a halt and the doors whooshed open to let me out.

I sat down and checked our status. We were cruising along at warp six, no anomalies or anything that would cause any problems for Voyager. I relaxed into my command chair at the sound of the turbo lift doors opening. I knew it would be Chakotay, even more reason to be relaxed. The bridge was silent as he sat down beside me. Suddenly there was a beeping alerting us to the presence of something. I turned around to see Harry analyzing the reason for the noise.

'It's a Borg cube.' Harry stated.

'Alter course Mr. Paris.' I commanded.

Just as we were altering course we suddenly dropped out of warp. Immediately our response was red alert, raise shields, arm torpedoes. But there was no 'we are the Borg, resistance is futile' speech, no weapons fired at us to blow us to smithereens, nothing. So we scanned for life signs determining there were thousands of drones very much alive but couldn't understand why they hadn't attacked us, after all they were the Borg.

I stood up with my focus still on the Borg cube that was glowing on the view screen. It was dead in the water, just like we were. Its weapons were not locked on us, there was no attempt at communication and as far as we could tell there was no damage to their ship or anything that would cause them to be in the state they were in. We were unable to move for whatever reason so the best course of action now would be to wait but my curiosity was getting the better of me.

'Captain. If you'd like, I'll take an away team to the cube, see what's going on over there.' Chakotay was staring right into my soul, I looked into his eyes, there was a calm at the surface that most people would see but I saw the anger and pain that lay deeper within him, I had yet again caused this.

'Agreed Commander. Take a security team.' This time my command was more aimed in Tuvok's direction, who responded with a simple nod before exiting the bridge into the turbo lift.

As Chakotay left my side I couldn't help but let a small amount of personal concern for his safety make it's way to the surface. Despite all the problems we were having I did love him and I just wanted him to return safe and as the same Chakotay I had always known. I returned to my seat and relaxed into it as much as one could relax knowing six of your crew were about to enter a Borg vessel.

'Transport successful Captain, the away team should contact us any moment.' Harry apprised me, which I was grateful for.

'Keep an open channel Ensign.' The bridge fell silent once again as now, all that was left to do was wait.