Just a short filler chapter, like a bridge.

It hadn't been easy and it certainly hadn't happened over night but Chakotay had been disconnected from the Borg and was now again for the most part himself mentally. After the Doctor had shocked him to disconnect him from the collective, Chakotay had tried to assimilate the security team. I was shocked to see how just a few hours had already had such an impact on his mind. Removing his implants however was a much slower process and certainly bringing the commanders moral down. He seemed so distant, particularly from me and it broke my heart seeing him so lost.

But there was one person who brought back that sparkle in his eyes and that warm smile to his face, Krita. Krita had been to sickbay to see Chakotay every day whether he was conscious or not. No matter what state of mind he was in, she would bring him joy. They had bonded over the incident and she had become like a daughter to him, even asked if when he was better if she could live with him, of course he had said yes and naturally Krita was over the moon about the whole idea. Only at this moment did he seem to come to his senses that he had been distancing himself from me and failed to discuss taking Krita into our lives together.

I didn't know if this hurt me more or whether I just felt happy to know that Krita was someone who could bring him back to this world. It was hard enough losing the person you loved but to know that someone else was able to bring the person you loved happiness rather than you, despite the fact that Krita was only a child, made me feel slightly threatened by her existence in his life. All I wanted was to have Chakotay back in my life, in my arms, to be happy together once more.

As I came back to reality I found myself contemplating these events on the bridge. I had been completely in another world, luckily no one had noticed. It was just another uneventful day on Voyager. Since we found that cube there have been surprisingly no other Borg encounters, I couldn't help but wonder why and that nagging question of just what exactly had happened on that cube still had me completely puzzled but I knew I would find out some information soon enough, the Doctor said I could come by sickbay later to talk to Chakotay about his 'Borg experience'.