Like and Love
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"Sora, I like you."

At this, the brunette chuckled. "I should hope so Riku! You and I have been best friends for years. I don't think that would have continued had you not liked me."

"Of course he'd take it the wrong way," Riku thought. Said teen took a moment to take a deep breath, and tried to explain himself. "No Sora, I don't think you really understand. I like you in a way more than just friendship." At this, the younger teen was confused. "What other kind of 'like' is there?"

The silver haired teen couldn't help but sigh at Sora's denseness. Deciding to be bold, the older of the two leaned toward the other, and slightly pecked Sora's lips with his own.

The brunette stood frozen on the spot. He felt his cheeks heat up and little butterflies fluttering around in his stomach. "Did I just hear a 'doki'?" The shocked look on his face was met with a calm, patient face of Riku. The older boy had no regrets in his decision. He knew that if he didn't at least tell Sora, he'd regret it, and he also knew that if anything, Sora wouldn't stop being his friend because of this. "Your answer, Sora?"

Said boy felt his mouth go dry. "That's the kind of 'like' he meant." The blue eyed boy realized that he had to respond soon, or Riku might take it the wrong way. "R-Riku, I d-don't know what t-to say. I really like you, b-but I don't know if it's the same thing as l-l-love," the boy stuttered.

Thinking that he knew what Sora was talking about, Riku decided to help him with his problem. "Hey, is it that you don't know the difference? Between liking someone and loving someone?" Sora could here the sincerity and patience in the older boy's question, and responded with a slightly embarrassed nod.

Understanding his answer, Riku went on. "If you don't mind Sora, tell me what you think about both me and Kairi. How do you feel around us?"

"H-huh?" After slowly comprehending the question, Sora carefully thought hard about his answer before he responded.

"Well, you and Kairi are both my best friends. You guys are both like the siblings I never had. Kairi makes me feel happy inside; I like hanging out with her. She is joyful and a very likable person. Kairi gets me out of the times when I'm down, and slaps some sense into me."
"Y-you Riku, make me feel different. Sometimes when I'm near you, my head goes all fuzzy, and make me feel all happy stupid inside. You are a very protective friend and you care about me, which makes me feel warm. You give everyone great advice and steer me in the right direction so I don't slack off."

After confessing how he felt, Sora nervously waited to hear Riku's opinion. He trusted the other fully to give him an honest opinion and wouldn't take advantage of that. As the brunette was waiting, the older boy was taking it all in. He understood the teen's feelings, and planned on letting him know.

Raising both of his hands, Riku brought them to the brunette's cheeks and gently cupped his face. The silver haired boy slowly brought their faces closer, and shared a tender kiss. His long silver hair created a curtain, shielding them from prying eyes.

Sora's eyes first widened immensely, but slowly closed as he let himself be drowned in the kiss. He raised his arms and wrapped them around Riku's neck, and stood on his own toes, hoping the action would bring them closer.

The gentle kiss seemed to last forever to them, and they wanted to keep it that way, but both had to part for air. Both took breathes and released pants as light cerulean eyes locked with aqua blue ones.

Riku took in the sight of the now slightly flushed face of the younger teen, and slowly brushed his thumb in light circles on the brunette's cheek.

"So, Sora, do you understand the difference between like and love now?"

With a small smile on his face, said boy leaned in and pecked the older boy's nose. "Yes."