An Average Girl...

Cindy glanced up from her lunch at the person who had sat down next to Kristen and smiled while greeting her.

"Hey Stacy."

"Hi guys." Stacy replied while brushing some of her hair aside, she was still getting used to letting her hair hang down, but after Kirsten had pointed out that her pigtails were a tad immature there hadn't been a choice.

"So how'd you do on Phelp's test?" Kristen asked while pulling out her math test with an A+ on proud display.

Stacy grinned and showed them the B- that graced her copy.

"Cool." Kristen drawled with a rare smile.

"Awesome!" Cindy chimed in while pushing her glasses back up since they had started to slip, "I knew that you could do it!"

"Thanks guys," Stacy replied while putting the paper back away, "That tutoring is really paying off."

She would have said more but then she felt familiar arms wrap themselves around her and a kiss was planted on her cheek.

"How's my girl?" Les asked as he pulled away and sat on Stacy's other side at the lunch table.

"I'm great!" Stacy replied sweetly before kissing him back.

Both of her friend's giggled at the sight, then once the conversation started to flow again Les told them that he only managed a C on his math and added, "I might need to take a bye again on the next one."

Cindy frowned, "You know that colleges can smell byes if you take too many."

"I know." Les said with a sad frown, "But Math is just not my subject."

"Hey I have an idea!" Stacy said happily, "You should join me at the learning center, there are lots of tutors there. and they've been super nice to me."

Les sighed, "There's no way my parents would shell out the cash for it."

Stacy frowned, not liking her boyfriend when he was sad, so she hugged him and told him they'd think of something.

Then there was a very fake "Hem hem hem." cough from behind them, Cindy was the first to see who it was.

"What do you want Sandi?" she asked as everyone glanced behind them at the so-called 'popular girl' and her cult.

Sandi Griffin gave her a look of contempt, "I am here to warn you, again, that you are all in violation of the rigid fashion standards that all girls should, like, be meeting."

"Tori!" She yelled at her blond henchwoman, "Hand them their warning slips."

Wordlessly, Tori Jericho handed them yet another set of Fashion Violation Papers, Cindy took her's and blew her nose in it before throwing it right at Sandi's face and grinned at her complaints.

"Go away Sandi," Stacy said as they were being threatened by the Queen Bee, "We don't like you, we don't care about you, and we might not be wearing the latest fashions but that doesn't mean that we don't look good, so I'll say it again, go away."

"I'll get even for this you... you... you brain!" Sandi snapped while giving them all death glares, Kristen yawned while Les tore his FVP up, then did Stacy's for good measure.

As Sandi, Tiffany, Tori, and that new redheaded member stalked off, they all shook their heads.

"What is wrong with her?" Kristen asked once they were gone.

"Beats me." Stacy replied before adding, "But who cares, they are out of our hair, so... What were you saying Cindy? Before we were interrupted I mean."

Cindy grinned sweetly and began to tell them about being asked out to the movies by Adam, Stacy and Kirsten were both happy that she was putting herself out there again after being viciously dumped by Corey when he got a date from that redhead, whoever she was.

Stacy could never remember her name, then again it didn't matter.

They weren't friends and most likely never would be.

"I have all the friends I need right here." Stacy thought to herself with a warm feeling in her heart.

No matter what High School threw at them, she knew they'd be alright, because they would always have each other.