Not- So By the Book.

RIGHT before anyone reads on I want to make clear that I'm fed up with all these fics about girls falling in love with one of the Pearson boys.

Honestly, they all started the same way: Some friend of Toms sitting in his room chattering about his grades.

Now not all of the fanfics are tiring. That one by CheeleaderGynasticGirl? Hilarious. The main character was badass and her comebacks were witty. Cheers to you, Cheerleader. But some of the others...and the incest ones? really, incest? I mean...not my thing. *shudders*

Anyway I freaking Love those Aliens. So I decided, heck, How about some originality?

I'm being original because I like being original.


"Really, not looking to shove the blame on anyone, but that last mission? it was completely her fault."

"Ha. Yeah right mister drop the grenade..."

"Listen on yourselves!"

The commander's voice cut through their conversation with all the sharpness and quickness of a newly polished knife. Commander Skip of Squadron D stood with his hands on his hips, scowling at (or rather, up) at his two higher soldiers who's banter seemed almost like a second instinct. It was as if they couldn't help it.

It was this constant bickering that sabotaged most of their missions, which was the most common reason Skip tried to get them to do individual tasks that did not require either of them to interact. At all.

But, this was invaders work and sadly it involved a lot of interacting.

"Are you two completely unaware of the importance of this mission?!" The elder Zirkonian asked them in an aggravated tone while rubbing his temple. He could certainly feel a headache coming on...

"Um. Of course, sir!" Tazer straightened up proudly. Razer rolled her eyes at the action.

"He doesn't."

"W-well, you don't either!"

"Shut up the both of you!"

The commander forced himself to calm down and sighed deeply. "The importance of this mission is that Zirkon is in desperate need of resources, all of which" He put emphasis on the last syllable as he spotted the two glaring at each other, using a harsh tone to get their attention back "Are on this planet that we are approaching. Understand that?"

"Yes sir!" Tazor and Razor stood up straight and shouted the reply in unison.

"Good. Now get out of my sight until we arrive. Go and keep an eye on our status. Tazor, keep and eye on Sparks, where ever that soft-headed rookie's wandered off to."

"Yes, sir!"

The commander turned his back and stared grudgingly out the window and into the vast emptiness of space. Honestly, they could argue for an hour over the colour of the sky back in Zirkon...Tazor and Razor (again, seriously, how did two people with such similar names end up in the same team and also view each other with utter loathing?) Were handy soldiers, but Tazor had the brain of a Slycolian bug and Razor had all the sarcasm of an annoying adolence.

How by the rings of Zirkon had he got stuck with them?

And of course there was the engineer. Usually the most critical part of an advance team's operation, it was ironic in how useless they could be at times.

Skip chuckled darkly when he remembered 'engineer previous', another soft-headed pacifist who used the term 'not that bad' to describe a Slycolian creature a second before its jaws clamped shut on him.

That particular story kept Sparks in line. Timid, soft-spoken yet somehow talented, Skip had absolutely no idea how he got into the Invader Force at all.

Oh well. He was stuck with these three misfits on their way to a critically important mission. Might as well get on with it.

He grumbled to himself, crossing his arms.

One thing's for certien. If I hear another argument from those two I'll bash both of their heads together and see if it knocks any sense into them...

"You heard him, numskull. We're on an important mission so you just stay out of the way"

Tazor growled in annoyance from his position beside the control panel. He had just come in from finding Sparks (he had dragged the four-armed engineer in and thrown him over to the side somewhere) where Razor was filing her lethal nails.

"The commander never said that. And anyway, If anyone gets in the way, it's you and your pretentiousness!"

Razor feigned a gasp "That's a big word for you, numskull. Maybe you should go lie down, you'll hurt yourself"

"Why you-"

"Um...Guys?" A timid voice piped up. Both Zirkonions turned slowly, dangerously, to face its owner. Sparks cowered back slightly, holding up all four appendages to ward off any insults.

No such luck.

"You stay outa this, rookie."

"Yeah, Sparks, why don't you a nerd somewhere else?" Both of them laughed scornfully at his slightly hurt face. Sparks frowned and turned, slowly making his way away from them and to the other side of the room. It was strange, he thought, how two people who argued constantly could possibly find something they agreed in.

Then again, it had been an insult. A lot of Zirkonians liked insults nowadays.

The engineer sighed turned his thoughts to the poor inhabitants of the upcoming planet. He didn't think it was necessary, all this violence. But they did need the resources ..but couldn't they find another way that didn't involve taking it from someone else.

Sparks groaned and rubbed his temples, frustrated with his morality battled.

Maybe I'll just have to see it through. After all, my family needs to to do this job...

His thoughts brightened at the memory of his family. He decided that he'd get this horrible ordeal over with and get back to them as soon as possible.


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