Waka's Back Story

Jarael Moonsilver

My name is of no consequence. I am simply here to reveal Waka's back story, which is as follows...

"Hey Waka, since we don't have anything better to do... You never told me how you got on The Ark of Yamato. Mind explaining?" Issun bounced up and down in front of Waka, who was reclining on a large rock. Amaterasu was lying beside him.
"Ah, my little bouncing friend, you don't really want to hear me tell a story right now."
"Why not? I've got all day, and I'm only gonna be here for a few days."
Waka looked over at Amaterasu, "*sigh* How can you stand him, ma cherie? Very well, I will relay what happened. But I cannot be held responsible for what might happen."
"What's he talkin' about, Ammy? I just wanna hear the story!"
"All right, I'll tell you. It started right where we are now, The Celestial Plain..."

I had been sent to the Celestial Plain as a representative, to bring back help. My own tribe was being attacked, and we were losing the battle. A few people of the Moon Tribe were sent to the mortal world, which you already know. When I arrived here, I was surprised to find the Celestials were being attacked as well. Orochi had laid siege to the place, and only a few were up to fighting. That's when I met Amaterasu. She was like a storm, whirling around Orochi, confusing him, then striking. I had never seen such magnificence in a fight before. I joined the battle, and before we knew it, we were side-by-side, protecting each other and fighting at the same time. For weeks, we fought; sometimes we had to alternate fighting and sleeping. We couldn't fight forever. And Orochi was stronger than both of us could handle.

I then realized, "Orochi can only be defeated with the help of The Chosen One!" As a last resort, I plunged my sword, Pillowtalk, in to the Water Head. The electricity coursed through Orochi's body, and he lay on the ground, stunned.

I yelled to the other Celestials, "Hurry, get onto the ark!" They all ran to board the Ark of Yamato. Not knowing of the evil that lurked inside, I thought that they would be safe there. Amaterasu looked at me. We had fought as if we knew each other for a very long time. It was almost as if we could read each other's thoughts. "You too, Amaterasu," I said, not realizing I knew her name simply by looking at her, "I'll hold Orochi off."

She looked at me, her head tilted to one side as if to say, "But you just said we can't beat him without this 'Chosen One'. How will you be able to do that?"

Staring at her, I could tell she could tell what I was thinking as well, I might not make it out of this alive.

Orochi began to stir. I made a compromise, "We have just enough time to board that ark. I'll go if you go, too."

She raced off in the direction of the Ark of Yamato, with me following behind.

I dashed ahead of Amaterasu, running up the ramp and into the ark. I turned around. Orochi had come to his senses and was slowly but surely pursuing us. "Come on, Amaterasu!" I yelled, "Hurry!" She leaped forward, but instead of jumping on, she attacked the door, causing it to close.

"Amaterasu! Amaterasu!" I stood in front of the door, stunned. Why? Granted, I wanted to get away, but I was concerned for my new friend.

"Truth be told, though, I was mostly wondering how I was going to face the others of the Moon Tribe. I hadn't gotten any Celestials that were the fighting-demons type. And I was glad, deep down, that I didn't have to worry about Orochi anymore. I helped Amaterasu fight him, yes, but I was still a coward underneath. Don't give me that look, Amaterasu! You know it's true." Waka sat up, looking down at Amaterasu. She lay beside him on her stomach, her head in her hands. She glanced up at him, "Stop putting yourself down, Waka."

Issun bounced onto Waka's arm, "Yeah, Ammy's right! You may be able to tell the future, but you stink at recounting the past if you don't think you're totally awesome! Now get on with the story!"

"All right. So, on board the Ark of Yamato..."

I pounded on the door with my fists. "Amaterasu!" I was half-tempted to try to use my sword, Pillowtalk, to break down the door, but we had already begun to lift off. Now the ark would automatically return to my tribe. How could I explain this to everyone? I fell to my knees, wondering what to do.

As I sheathed Pillowtalk, I felt a hand come to rest on my shoulder, "Waka, what's wrong?" It was a soft voice, one I knew very well.


All of a sudden, Waka broke into fits of coughing.

"Waka? What's goin' on?" Issun bounced in front of the man from the Moon Tribe. He had doubled over as if he had been punched, his face contorted with pain.

"Nothing, nothing," Waka struggled to sit up again, "Just got something caught in my throat. Now, where was I?"

"You were talkin' about Kusa. Hey! Isn't that the name of that village back in the Sasa Sanctuary?"

"Yes. I sort of pulled some strings, had them name the village after her."

"Wow, she must've been pretty special. Was she your girlfriend or something?"

Waka cleared his throat, "Really, a better word would be, um," His voice dropped lower, "Fiance."

"Wow! You two were gonna get married?"

"If we had time, we would have gotten married right then and there, aboard the ark."

"So why didn't you? And if you two were such lovebirds, why isn't she with you now?"

"Well, we, ah, ran into some, uh, problems."

"What kind of problems?"

Amaterasu raised her head giving Issun a meaningful look that said, "Shut up. Can't you see this is a difficult subject? Why do you think?"

Waka held up his hand, "All right, all right. Back to the story..."

I turned around, confused, "Kusa? What are you doing here?" You see, Kusa was supposed to stay on the moon while I left. We both knew that if things didn't work out, we would never see each other again. Either she would be dead, or I would.

"I had to come with you."

"So you snuck on board?" She nodded. "Why? You should have stayed there."

"I had to come with you. I don't know why. I just had to."

We were interrupted by one of the Celestials I knew, Azumi. She just walked right up behind us, "Waka! Thank goodness you're alright! When you told us to board and I didn't see you following, I was worried."

Kusa looked confused now, "Waka didn't come with you?"

"He told all of us to board, but when I looked back, he was conversing with Amaterasu. It seemed as if he had no intention of leaving. You fought very bravely, Waka; you and Amaterasu. By the way, where is she?"

I cleared my throat, staring at the ground, "She... stayed behind. She wanted to give us time to escape."

"Oh," Azumi tittered nervously, "Well... I'm sure she'll be fine. She won't go down without a fight, at the very least," We stood there in an awkward silence until Azumi finally said, "Well, I'll leave you two lovebirds alone. I should go make sure all the Celestials are still here."

As Azumi walked off, I muttered to myself, "Coward."

Kusa turned towards me, "What was that?"

I leaned with my back against the door and pounded on it with my fist, "If I wasn't such a coward, I would be down there helping her!"

"Waka," She put her hand on my arm, "You're not a coward. I could tell what you were talking to Amaterasu about. A coward would have run away. Instead, you wanted to stay. Even if it meant you wouldn't survive, you wanted to protect everyone. I think Azumi was right, you were very brave."

I looked over at her. In the dim light, she was possibly even more beautiful. Her golden hair swept over her shoulder, the tiny wildflowers she had evidently grabbed as she ran for the ark were weaved in and out of it. At that moment, I couldn't imagine being without her. Still, I wasn't convinced, "Amaterasu will need help. I could have helped her if I had been faster."

Kusa started to argue, but then Azumi came running towards us. "Azumi! What's wrong?"

She was gasping for breath, "I was making sure the others didn't get lost, and seeing if they were all accounted for,"

I nodded, gesturing for her to get on with it, "Yes..."

"And I started talking to an old friend I hadn't seen in ages, Marco, you remember him, don't you?"

"Yes, keep going," I said.

"So I was talking to him and- and-" She started to hyperventilate.

"Azumi! What happened?"

She looked up at me fearfully, "And he disappeared!"

I grabbed her shoulders, "What do you mean, he disappeared?" She started shaking, "Azumi!"

"He- he just disappeared into the darkness! I don't know what happened!"