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What Horcrux? Chapter 1

A/N: Always wondered how, if basilisk venom and/or phoenix tears destroyed a horcrux and the container, how the heck did the so-called horcrux in Harry's scar survive the Chamber of Secrets.

Takes place right after Harry kills the Basilisk, saving Fan-Girl Stalker Ginny Weasley.

A/N2: §words§ means speaking parseltongue

Harry groaned, as his eyes fluttered open, he heard an unearthly scream, as he focused on what was going on around him, he saw that he had the basilisk fang in his hand and Tom Riddle was saying something in the background he was having trouble understanding.

Harry focused on the diary in front of him and pulled it closer. He heard Tom Riddle lamenting that Phoenix tears will heal nearly everything then protesting as Harry looked at the diary and the fang in his hand and then stabbed the diary.

Riddle shrieked and then, as Harry focused on him, noting the diary was spilling ink, almost as if it were bleeding from a mortal wound. Riddle disappeared in swaths, like someone wiping an eraser over a blackboard until he disappeared with an unearthly scream, just like he'd heard when he came to while Fawkes, the Phoenix was crying into his basilisk bite wound.

With a groan, surprised he was still alive and feeling better than he had a right to, Harry reached into the basilisk's maw and surprisingly easily, pulled out the Sword of Gryffindor.

He heard a groan and looked over, seeing Ginny was waking up, but paler than her normally white skinned and freckled complexion. "Fawkes," Harry said, hoarsely, "please take her to the hospital wing, and collect her brother and that idiot DADA teacher and take them there, too. Then come back and get me, please. I need to rest for a few minutes."

Fawkes let out a trill that sounded affirmative, gripped the semi-conscious Weaselette and flamed out. Harry looked at the basilisk carcass and nearly passed out when he saw the size. He walked over and picked up his wand and Ginny's, noticing that his no longer felt like an extension of his arm. Shrugging, he stuck them in a pocket and looked around. He saw that the mouth to Salazar Slytherin's statue was still open and there appeared to be a deep chamber, deeper than would be needed even for that monster basilisk.

He wandered toward the opening and, as he stepped through, lights came on, the same green torches as in the Chamber. He wiped his forehead and saw blood on his hand, feeling for his scar, aside from it bleeding a bit, it no longer felt swollen and inflamed.

His mind also seemed more clear, thought processes moving quickly, not the seeming glacial pace from before, especially around Ron. As he looked around, he realized that Ron didn't really like him, but hung around him because he was The-Boy-Who-Lived.

He saw, then investigated a couple of doors, they wouldn't open. He concentrated on a snake and spoke §Open§

The door opened and lights came on. He was in a library, hundreds of books. He didn't want to touch them, figuring they were extremely old and probably very fragile. He smirked to himself, Hermione would probably soak her knickers down here. He may not be the brightest bulb in the light fixture, but he'd knicked enough of Dudley's dirty magazines, and, unlike his pig of a cousin, actually read them, in addition to ogling the pictures. Not that he was experienced, but he was well read.

He shrugged, walked out and spoke §Close§, turning to the other door he spoke, §Open§, and it opened, showing a room full of gems, gold and a sword in a green scabbard, green leather, silver decorations and a silver wrapped, emerald green grip.

Oddly, something drove him to reach and pick up the sword, setting Gryffindor's sword down, Harry drew the sword from it's scabbard, and, aside from a curve, making it eerily similar to a Japanese katana, it was clear that it was a brother to the Gryffindor broadsword style blade.

§Who disturbs my chamber? § a voice hissed out.

Harry looked around wildly and saw a portrait, looking more like him with 30 or 40 years more age than the monkey faced statue at the entrance to this chamber. Hearing parseltongue, Harry answered in it, §Who are you? §

§I am Salazar Slytherin, these are my chambers, now, who are you?§

§I am Harry James Potter, second year student. §

§What are you doing in my Chamber and how did you get here? §

§I was saving my friend's sister from Tom Riddle, calling himself Heir of Slytherin and using the name Lord Voldemort. A very evil wizard. §

§How is it you speak parseltongue? §

§Headmaster Dumbledore doesn't know, and since I was raised by muggles, no one knows how, but accuse me of being the Heir because I'm a parselmouth. §

§No doubt, accusing you of being a dark wizard, § Slytherin hissed, disgustedly. §Only here, in Britain, are parselmouths automatically labeled dark. In other parts of the world, India, especially, they are revered for the ability to control serpents so they need not be killed and yet keep the farmers and villagers safe. §

Harry nodded, then yawned, for some reason, he felt extremely tired.

§Did you chop Sshassha's head off? Only that will really kill her. §

Harry shook his head, §I stabbed her through the roof of her mouth with Gryffindor's sword while she was biting me, getting a fang in my arm. The fang broke off and I know I was dying, I heard an unearthly scream as I opened my eyes and saw Fawkes crying into the wound. Fawkes had blinded her after Tom Riddle told her to kill me. §

Slytherin sighed, §She, like Fawkes, is supposed to be a protector of the school, to protect the students, not harm them. §

§I guess Riddle managed to get control of her when he opened the Chamber about fifty years ago, ending with one student killed. She now haunts the entrance in the second floor girl's loo. Why did you ask if I cut her head off? §

§She'll regenerate, she's nearly immortal. I hope, though, that Riddle's control is broken. If you take my picture out to her, if she's still living, but in a healing trance, she'll hear my voice. §

Harry nodded and took the picture off the wall. §Pick up both swords, the Slytherin sword is now yours by conquest, and you ARE the Heir of Slytherin, now. §

Harry looked confused but carried the portrait out to the other chamber.

§Sshassha, if you can hear me, you will obey Harry James Potter, the one you bit, he is now my Heir and your master. Do you understand? §

Holding his breath, Harry thought he heard a faint "Yesssss" in parseltongue.

Facing the portrait, Harry sat down, exhausted, §I need to return to the school soon, they'll think I'm dead of I don't. §

§Can you take me with you? I'll teach you how to shrink and expand me, so I can fit in a pocket. §

Harry nodded, and Salazar described how to shrink his portrait without damage, and it would still allow Salazar to listen in without being detected. Harry practiced on a couple of rocks, finding, except that his wand didn't feel right, He could do magic much easier.

Shrinking Salazar's portrait, then putting the resulting small portrait in his robe pocket, he thought for a moment, then quietly said "Fawkes." A moment later, Fawkes flamed in and agreed to take him to the infirmary. Grabbing a tail feather, Fawkes then flamed out and appeared in the infirmary where Harry promptly passed out.