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What Horcrux? Chapter 13

A/N: What started out as a short, one shot has turned into a short novella, perhaps. Only a couple or three chapters, trying to figure out why, according to Canon, if Basilisk venom destroys a horcrux and it's container, Harry would still have a piece of Voldemort's soul in his scar after surviving a basilisk bite AND tears of the Phoenix, both of which would destroy something that evil.

A/N2: Thanks to Magitech for the idea of having the blood wards investigated for being tied to Harry rather than Petunia and using his magic to drain him. It will be investigated in this chapter, using a combination of CSI techniques suggested by Kazztar and possibly some techniques suggested by the television show "Bones" for the 'necropsy' of the ward.

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Department of Mysteries, a few minutes after.

Alejandro Croaker sat at his desk and perused the note that Amelia Bones had sent him. He was aware of the controversy over Harry Potter and had wanted to study his curse scar since that Halloween night, but was blocked on all fronts due to Albus Dumbledore.

Since the Department of Mysteries was nearly independent of the Ministry of Magic, only needing to submit budgets that were confirmed with no discussion, there was no oversight, no one, save the muggle Queen to answer too, since the Ministry of Magic was technically an autonomous part of the muggle government, with the Minister obligated to stay in minimal contact with the Prime Minister, whomever he or she may be at any time.

Croaker snorted to himself, knowing that most Ministers of Magic were contemptuous of muggles and gave only minimum lip service to this mandate. Croaker, however, and most of the Unspeakables had developed contacts, and often friends and colleagues among the muggle government, especially where law enforcement and research was concerned.

Croaker's secretary had managed to get a copy of Scrimgeur and Shacklebolt's forensic investigation report and made a few notes. He especially focused on the remnants of wards they had found. Nodding to himself, he touched a crystal on his desk, calling in what was considered the DoM's premier ward forensics team. He made a few notes, most especially the address and noted the report of the reversible Obliviation with an eye to adding to it, should they need to contact her or she should catch them. He also noted they should be disillusioned, if at all possible, while investigating. Noticing another report under the first, he made a note to gently interrogate and then use a reversible Obliviation on Mrs. Figg, a squib and kneazle breeder that had been mentioned as a watcher on Harry Potter, seeing as she had sat him at times during his rather difficult childhood.

He looked up as his team entered and duplicated his notes, handing each a copy. "Handle this with extreme delicacy, we do not want to tip the person or persons who placed the wards that they are being examined. Follow each lead as far as possible without tipping their hand or hands. Also, handle Mrs. Figg as if she were a witch, not the contempt usually reserved for a squib, not only can she, most likely, provide additional confirmation of some of the findings of this report," pointing to the open one on his desk, "we need to get as much incontrovertible evidence, if it leads there, to be able to prosecute the warder or warders, if possible, in a way they can't get off if deemed guilty."

The team nodded and all read the CSI file as Croaker gave some thought to Harry Potter. Something was niggling in the back of his mind and he let it develop as the team got up and left after adding to the notes he'd given them. He remembered, suddenly, that Albus Dumbledore was the one to cast the Fidelius, and there was a record. He also recalled that Sirius Black was named Harry's Godfather and had taken the oaths. One stipulation of the Godparent oath was that anything to intentionally harm the godchild would immediately render them magicless or kill them. Since Sirius Black was still alive, then it followed that he could not have been the secret keeper and given the secret to Voldemort, it would have killed him before he was able to share the information.

He wrote a memo to Amelia Bones, added the information on the Godparent oath and sent it off to Amelia, marked "Eyes Only"

He touched another crystal to call his best legal investigator, writing down his suspicions. He did not need to tell them how to follow up, as the Unspeakable would discretely turn over every rock and log to find every scrap of information available, then follow up discretely.

The Unspeakable that answered did not say a word, nor did they take down their hood, without a word, Croaker gave them the parchment with notes and instructions. They nodded and left.

Number 4 Privet Drive

The two Unspeakables didn't bother to dress in muggle clothing as they apparated in disillusioned. Pulling out recording and analyzing instruments, they walked toward Number 4 and scanned the entire way. Once they arrived at the property line, they started scanning, finding the remnants of the wards. What surprised them was the fact that the so-called blood wards had, in fact, been tied directly to Harry and not his aunt. They found the wards would leech power from Harry, keeping what little of the unbound power he had available at a nearly constant drain. Add the physical problems as well as the lack of food, it was obvious that Harry just barely was able to survive. Any lesser powered wizard or witch would have died many years before. They also found that there was an amplifier portion that appeared to supplement the violence rune that their notes stated were on the vase. Finally, they pulled out the magical signature of the caster. They weren't particularly surprised to find the magical signature of Albus Percival Brian Wulfric Dumbledore.

They decided to make certain all their bases were covered, so they glamoured themselves and called on Mrs. Figg, slipping some Verituserum in her tea, they questioned her, she knew and had alerted the headmaster to Harry's abuse, but was ignored. Discretely casting a detection spell as Mrs. Figg went to make another pot of tea, they found multiple Obliviations as well as loyalty and a mild confundus charms on her. They noticed that her core was bound, although it appeared that she was just above the level of a squib, if her core was unbound. They discretely added a reversible Obliviation that was tied to all the others as well as a Finite to the loyalty and confundus. They left and headed back to the DoM to make their report to Croaker in person.

The other Unspeakable was in the Ministry Archives, researching everything from the casting of the Fidelius in Godric's Hollow, noting the record stated that Peter Pettigrew was the secret keeper, not Sirius Black, as everyone believed. Continuing research, they found no record of questioning or a trial for Sirius Black on the orders of Barty Crouch, Sr. as well as Dumbledore. They tracked down the reports from the murder of the twelve muggles and it was noted that Sirius Black was detained, stunned and transported directly to Azkaban, everything he was wearing and was in his clothes was logged in as evidence, though, again, no record of questioning, as required by Wizengamot law for Heirs of pureblood families.

The Unspeakable tracked down the evidence, noting that Black's wand was there, and no notation of any spells cast upon the wand to determine the last few spells cast by the wand. They immediately cast Priori Incantatum and read the last six spells were various housekeeping spells, no blasting spell or anything that would have caused the explosion that killed the muggles and allegedly killed Pettigrew. As there had been no opportunity for Black to cast enough spells to clear any questionable ones, the Unspeakable made the connection that Sirius Black was illegally imprisoned and obviously innocent of what he was imprisoned for. This was logged in their notes and the evidence was confiscated, to be turned over to Croaker and, they supposed, eventually released to Amelia Bones.

Checking other records, the Unspeakable found the auto generated record that Black had, indeed, taken the old oaths as Godfather to Harry James Potter and any willful action he took that caused severe injury or harm to Harry would have either killed Black or turned him into a squib. Since Black was still alive and, by unbelieved reports, he was remarkably sane after 11 years of being subjected to Dementors, obviously, to the Unspeakable, Black had not been the one to betray the Potters.

The Unspeakable noted the evidence, where it was and how to retrieve it, created a memo and sent it, with a copy to Croaker, on to Amelia. Little did the Unspeakable know that their note was nearly word for word the same as that sent by Croaker to Amelia, aside from adding the evidence gathered from the wand.

The Unspeakable continued to chase down evidence supporting what they had found so far, finding no evidence refuting it, although the few reports found, only showed opinions that Black was guilty. The Unspeakable ran across a reference to a prophesy regarding Harry and checked in the DoM prophecy room, finding that a prophesy sphere was there that indicated a prophesy regarding Harry Potter and Voldemort. Since the prophecy could not be removed, they noted it for their report.

Going back to their desk, the Unspeakable wrote up a report and charmed it so only Croaker and those he gave permission to could read with an addition that the Unspeakable themselves would forget the report once it was delivered until the report was made public or Croaker released it to them. They hand carried the report and placed it into Croaker's in tray then left, forgetting the report and the work that went into it. As this was a normal occurrence for them, they thought nothing of it as they left.

During the same time frame in Diagon Alley

Augusta Longbottom was slightly upset to find that her son's wand was blocking her nephew Neville's use of magic and making him appear to be a near squib. She took Amelia's advice, putting her son Frank's wand on display to honor him and now they were about to enter Ollivanders to match Neville with a wand.

Ollivander was as creepy as usual, first asking Augusta to let him check her wand, then pulling out the tuning machine and dropping her wand into it. After the machine finished, he handed her wand back. As she took it in hand, she noticed that it seemed to fit her even better than when she received it after her 11th birthday. Raising an eyebrow at it, she looked back to Ollivander and told him that they were here to get Neville's first wand.

"Ah, Mr. Longbottom, I expected you here a couple of years ago," he said.

"Well, I was using my dad's wand, and it didn't work too well," Neville said.

"You'd have had better luck," Ollivander said, "if you had tried to use your mother's wand, although it would still have fought you."

Neville nodded, and Augusta said, "We're here to see if we can find a wand for Neville."

Ollivander nodded and set his measuring tape on Neville while he went and started pulling boxes from shelves. When he returned, he snapped his fingers and the measuring tape dropped to the counter. He started handing Neville wands and pulling them away before he could really try them. He looked closely at Neville and gestured for him and Augusta to follow as he flicked his wand, locking the door and flipping the sign to say closed.

He had Neville test the wood blocks, he chose American Cyprus with clematis vine entwined and grown into it, then he sent Neville to the jars containing core materials. Neville found unicorn tail hair, freely given, Welsh green dragon scale and Mimbulus Mimbltonia sap.

"Quite the unusual combination, and three core materials, while not common, will work well together, and will handle huge amounts of power, Power that I sense you have in abundance, Mr. Longbottom."

Augusta looked startled at that.

"Please give me an hour and when you return, Mr. Longbottom, you will have your wand."

Augusta and Neville nodded and left. They headed to Twillfit and Tattings to get Neville new robes and a new dress and robe combination for Augusta. Once they finished, almost two hours later, they returned to Ollivander's and picked up Neville's wand. In a fit of generosity, Augusta got Neville a dragonhide arm holster in hopes that Neville, who was somewhat clumsy, would be able to protect his wand better. After paying, Ollivander threw a wand care kit into their bag. Neville put the holster on, and, after trying the levitation spell on the counter bell, noticed that, not only did he perform the spell flawlessly, but he had complete control. He set the bell down back on the counter precisely in the spot it had rested before. He looked more closely at his wand, it looked nearly alive, the vine winding around it a different shade and made the wand look like fresh wood, just picked and finished. He loved the look of his wand and the feel of power and, more importantly, control he had with it, made him happier than getting his Hogwarts letter had. Neville holstered his wand with a satisfied smile and noticed the gobsmacked look on Augusta's face. It morphed to a look of pride, a look Neville had seldom seen in his life. Neville paid for the wand and offered his grandmother his arm to escort her. She took it with another look of pride and stepped out lively on Neville's arm.

Augusta thought to herself, if getting his own wand was all it took to put some stiffness in his backbone, and she was still unbelieving of the power and precision she witnessed when Neville performed the levitation charm. Her opinion of Neville changed right then, proud that he was much more powerful than she had believed and resolved to treat Neville as the Scion of an Ancient and Noble house that he was. She also noted that he moved much more confidently, with none of the clumsy bumbling she was used to seeing. She resolved to speak to her brother, the one that dropped him out of the third story window, making Neville bounce, realizing that she and her brother had nearly killed her grandson over the years to force accidental magic out of it. She was ashamed that she spent the first 13 years of Neville's life trying to impose her idea of what he should be and nearly stunting his development as a powerful wizard, trying to mold him into a copy of his father.

She resolved to change her treatment of him, paying more attention to his development as well as his schoolwork which, with a shock, showed that he was near the top of his year's grades, but went mostly unnoticed due to his shy and retiring nature that she could see she had forced on him. She felt shame.

More gently than she'd ever spoken to him, she asked, "Neville, would you take a foolish old lady to lunch? We have much to talk about."

"Certainly, Gran, will the Leaky be all right?" he asked.

"Only of they have a private room available," she answered, "we have much to talk about and I have much to atone for."

Neville blushed slightly but steered her to the Leaky Cauldron and had Tom set them up with a private room after perusing the menu and ordering.

They went to the private room and settled in. Once they had been served, Augusta sealed the door and put up charms to block being overheard and to prevent scrying.

"Neville, please hear me out before saying anything," Augusta said. Neville nodded and slowly ate his meal.

"Grandson," she began, "you showed me a few minutes ago how wrong I have been about you." She held up her hand to forestall any protest from Neville. "I always tried to mold you into your father before what happened and I was wrong. I treated you as a squib because I was afraid you would be one, and after I died, there would be no one to carry on the Longbottom name and legacy. In doing so, I wronged you. You are your own man and, as demonstrated, a powerful wizard, when given a wand that was meant for you. Amelia Bones suggested that we retire your father's wand and get you your own. At first, I was offended, thinking if the wand was good enough for your father, it would suffice for you. It wasn't as if getting you a new wand would stress the Longbottom family, the amount is a trifle."

"No, the fault was mine. I needlessly put obstacles in your way as you were growing up, as well as belittling your Herbology talent, thinking it was beneath the dignity of the son of an Auror to dig in the dirt. I failed to see what your school grades showed, you have an amazing talent with plants, especially magical ones. A talent I am proud of you for. Your uncle will be banned from the estate until he accepts that you are a powerful wizard and will grow more powerful as you become older." She stopped and looked at Neville lovingly. "I hope you will forgive me for this, but, starting this summer, you will let me intensify the training in estate management and so forth that the Heir of an Ancient and Noble house must learn. You will take over management of the House of Longbottom and become the Longbottom of Longbottom before long. I am getting old and tired, and I want you prepared."

She held up her hand again, forestalling any interruption, "Sadly, your father will never be able to take up this mantle, you will need to be prepared soon. Amelia Bones and I are working on something that could change the entire face of the Wizarding world and, to be truthful, it is dangerous and I'm not certain I will survive it. I will need you to be prepared for it."

"Thanks to Harry Potter who, according to Amelia Bones, thinks very highly of you, and it was his suggestion that you get a new wand. He could see the trouble you were having and, once you had used his wand successfully, it seems he could tell that your father's wand was fighting you, he convinced Amelia and she convinced me. Now that you are free to develop as you should, speak with Harry. If you rekindle the alliance between our houses, as we have always, as Longbottoms, fought along side of, and supported House Potter, as they have reciprocated, then the two of you will be a major force to be reckoned with." Augusta finished her speech and her lunch and watched Neville as he mulled over everything she said, looking down at his plate as he ate.

Neville looked up and Augusta saw the steely resolve that she used to see in her husband's and son's eyes. "Gran, I will continue to keep the House Longbottom as great as it always has been and will offer Harry the alliance of House Longbottom, as well as help him become the lord that House Potter needs and deserves. Harry is my friend, he also believed in me when no one, not even myself, did. He showed me that I could do the magic and now, with your support, I will become one of the best Longbottom of Longbottoms that I can be, bringing honor to House Longbottom."

Augusta nodded and said, "I know, now, that you can and will."

"Since we will be working hard on estate management and so forth, will you consent to teach Harry as well as give Hermione Granger lessons in comportment and etiquette? She will soak it up like a sponge and make certain your lessons will not be wasted," Neville asked.

Augusta looked a little startled. "She's a muggle born, isn't she?"

"Does it matter, Gran?" Neville asked. "She is the most brilliant witch at Hogwarts and, most likely, if not Harry's wife in the future, will certainly be a part of his life and can help guide him, once she learns what is needed for our society. She has been changing from a confused muggle born, her intense desire to learn and understand will probably make her even more successful in joining magical society than any muggle born since Lily Potter."

Augusta nodded slowly, surprising Neville by considering his request and giving it more serious thought than anything he'd ever asked before. He felt a wave of love and respect for the older woman, since she'd laid her soul bare to him a few minutes before.

Augusta nodded, "Neville, please convey an invitation to Lord Potter and Miss Granger for those lessons, they can be held at Longbottom Manor, and my brother will be banned until you return to Hogwarts. I believe that Madam Bones is currently his guardian, so please extend the invitation to her niece, Susan, too."

Neville blushed a little, he had known Susan most of their lives and recently began seeing her as more than just a friend he grew up with. "I will, Gran, and thank you in advance."

They finished their lunch and Augusta took Neville back to Hogwarts then headed back home. She floo'ed Amelia to have her expect the invitations.

Neville immediately went to his dorm, pulling out parchment and quill and ink and, using his best calligraphy, wrote a letter to Harry, then Hermione, then Susan.

Dear Lord Harry Potter /Miss Hermione Granger/Scion Susan Bones,

This is to inform you that my grandmother, Lady Augusta Longbottom, will be giving me lessons on estate management, comportment in the magical world and etiquette in Wizarding society. At my request, she has directed me to offer you the opportunity to attend these lessons to either learn these lessons or, in Susan's case, refresh the lessons learned before Hogwarts.

These lessons will be held at Longbottom Manor on days to be decided. Please consider this invitation, as it will ease and enhance your experience in the Wizarding society once we graduate from Hogwarts.


Neville Franklin Longbottom

Scion of the Ancient and Noble House of Longbottom

Future Longbottom of Longbottom

Neville checked his calligraphy, saw that it was neat and clear, sealed each letter with his Heir ring and walked up to the owlry and selected one of the stronger school owls after spelling each letter sealed so only the recipient could open it without destroying it. He tied the letters to the leg of the owl after telling it they would most likely be found at Bones Manor.

In the Headmaster's office, sometime the same day.

Albus Dumbledore sat glowering in his chair at his desk, sucking on a lemon sherbet candy, unable to tale pleasure from his candy. He had tried to get to Harry and modify his memory and behaviour to reflect his image of the proper martyr who would sacrifice himself to provide the same protection his mother had given him, but extending to the entire wizarding population of Britain, and weakening Voldemort enough that he, Albus Dumbledore, defeater of Gellert Grindlewald, Headmaster of Hogwarts, Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot, Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards, de facto leader of the European and British magical society, could swoop in and defeat Voldemort and perk up his flagging popularity by giving the magical world another reason to worship him, making his Greater Good closer to being implemented.

He was so caught up in his dark musings that he never noticed all the little gadgets that were tied to all the spells and charms on Harry Potter had stopped working with no alarms. He didn't notice that the one that monitored the wards on Number 4 would have notified him that magicals were near the edges of the wards around Number 4, nor that the one that monitored the rune that magnified the hate and distrust in that household had stopped working. Normally, he wouldn't pay attention to it, except during the summer holidays when Harry was in the house. Unknown to Albus, the ritual that shielded the observers and the hundreds of feet of earth and stone between the ritual cave and the surface blocked any notifications of these monitors. It would be too late to do anything about it when he noticed. What he didn't know, is that it was too late once the ritual was finished.

He was contemplating telling Harry that a prophecy existed, but not the exact wording, until he could figure out a way to twist it to show Harry that his sacrifice was necessary and unavoidable. If he could get Harry to sign over control of his vaults, that would be even better. If he couldn't do that, manipulate Harry into a marriage contract with the youngest Weasley, giving Molly and him, Albus, joint control over the vaults. And he would be able to manipulate Molly into giving him control, throwing a few million galleons her way under her Prewitt maiden name.

He mulled over what had happened since Harry appeared in the hospital ward and was having trouble accepting that Harry had changed that much. He had no idea what made Harry insist on the Aurors or the reason he, the Headmaster, was kept out until Madam Bones was there with a dicta quill, as if taking testimony.

He had to find out what Harry had said before he was allowed in and find a way to make anything that would reflect badly on him or the school disappear from files as well as from the minds of the witnesses.

Albus' hand brushed the Elder Wand and a small part of his mind noted that, while the wand never felt warm as his original wand did, it seemed to feel colder, somewhat more hostile.

Shrugging his shoulders, he called an elf for tea and sipped, looking out his window at the Forbidden Forest, unable to work out what felt off since Harry slew the basilisk and saved Ginevra Weasley and destroyed the horcrux diary. It was too badly damaged and the magic disrupted for him to learn much from it. The basilisk venom had damaged it beyond his ability to study the magic that held the soul piece in stasis and he was certain there was a compulsion on it at one time, to make someone with a weak enough mind, such as a love struck, pre-pubescent girl like Ginevra to write in it and share her very soul. Sighing, he dropped that line of thought and gave thought to starting the search for a new DADA professor for the next year.

He smiled to himself and almost cackled in glee when he remembered Remus Lupin, he was a Defense Master, something very difficult for someone with his affliction, he owed the Headmaster favors, since he allowed him to go to school at Hogwarts, and he had been a close friend of James and Lily Potter and might be able to get Harry to see that the headmaster had his best interests in mind, doing him a favor by hiring one of his father's best friends. Albus knew that Remus believed that Black was guilty of betraying the Potters and killing Pettigrew and 12 muggles before being tossed in Azkaban. And, having his affliction, having quarters at the school, and being able to have Severus brew anything needed for him, Albus wouldn't have to pay top galleon. Due to his Mastery, he would have to pay him a bit more than a normal DADA professor, but not as much as some of those that had been on staff for years, though he could report paying top galleon to the Board of Governors and pocket the difference.

Satisfied, he wrote a letter, inviting Remus to apply for the position then sent it off.

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