Title: A Promise is a Promise

Pairing: Brittana

Rating: M

Summary: And it felt amazing. It was everything she didn't want the sex to be. But because it was, Santana really couldn't deny her gayness anymore. As she was drifting off to sleep, she began to wonder if sex would feel this amazing with all women…or if it was just Brittany that made her feel this way. AU. First time!Brittana

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"I miss you."

"You're going to see me tomorrow, San."

"I still miss you…"

"Oh, sweetie. I miss you too."

Their conversations have been like that all week. It was Monday night and Santana was leaving for home the next afternoon after her one and only class of the day. Tomorrow started her Thanksgiving break and two out of her three professors cancelled their classes.

Santana was still coming to the realization that she and Brittany were actually together. Was it pretty damn weird for her to think about how they went from best friends to being in a relationship? Understatement of the year. But she honestly couldn't even see herself without Brittany now, even if it was weird just kissing Brittany just because she could. Telling Brittany she missed her because she really did miss her all the damn time. Wishing Brittany was by her side all the time instead of four hours away.

And now she'll see her girlfriend in under twenty-four hours but somehow that's not enough. The knowledge that Santana will literally be in Brittany's arms – their lips most likely pressed together, hands tangled, bodies connected – in less than a day has been driving Santana mad.

So it's been two-ish weeks since they last saw each other.

Life happens, get over it. At least that's what she's been telling Cassie every time she'd make fun of her for acting like a homesick puppy…

How did Cassie react to the news of Santana and Brittany getting together? She might have thrown herself at her roommate, wrapped her in a tight ass hug, and spun her around the room a few times. Or maybe she just mumbled, "About time," and continued on with her homework.

You know.

Either scenario is highly possible (it was the first, but Santana would only insist on the second).

"I haven't stopped thinking about you," Santana mumbled into her phone. Across the room Cassie was alternating between making sick faces and kissy faces while Santana talked to Brittany. "I never do," she admitted shyly as she flipped Cassie off.

"Me neither, San. You don't understand how much my body has been buzzing just thinking about how you'll touch me tomorrow." Santana groaned at the tone of Brittany's voice. It was low in octave and just oozed pure sex. "You alone, baby?"

That's another thing. Brittany's use of pet names. Throughout the summer she'd slip a 'babe' in sporadically as they frantically fucked whenever they could or would be alone. But now, she uses that and 'baby' more and it wholly makes Santana swoon every time. Not to mention how the nickname combined with that tone of Brittany's voice makes her whole body tingle.

"I'm not, babe. Should I be?"

"I'm naked and touching myself…"

"Oh, fuck."

"I am," Brittany moaned.

Santana was wildly shaking her hand at Cassie, trying to get her roommate's attention. Of course she probably could have used words like a normal person, but her brain had seriously gone to mush the moment Brittany voiced how clothed she was.

Cassie smirked at Santana as she finally acknowledged her after patiently waiting a few long seconds. Cause, hello, Santana looked absolutely ridiculous.

"Can you leave?" Santana mouthed. She repeated herself three times as Cassie continued asking what. Cassie was so close to dying of laughter at this point. "Cass! Just leave, please! Go fuck your girlfriend or something, I don't care." Santana had given up trying not to talk and concentrate on her girlfriends pleasurable moans coming from her phone.

"Oh, since you asked oh so nicely…"

"I'm sorry I didn't want to start fucking myself in front of you."

"That would be so hot, San." Santana whimpered at Brittany's voice and now all she could think about was Cassie watching her get off. She cringed at the image. "Can you just image us, my fingers buried deep inside you – fucking you so hard; and her watching us from her bed? Wouldn't that be so hot, Sanny?" Brittany half laughed half moaned. Santana didn't know Brittany was such an exhibitionist, but somehow it didn't surprise her at all.

"Caaaasssss, please go?" Santana whined. "Britt's totally getting off to the image of you watching us…"

"Well you two are pretty fucking hot," Cassie laughed. Sure she'd been a bit shell-shocked at Santana's confession, but hey. She could definitely appreciate two hot ladies. "Fuck, San. You're like a second away from just humping your hand right here, aren't you?"

"You better be fucking yourself soon, San. I'm so close; I'm going to come and probably without you." Santana could hear and imagine Brittany's pout etched onto her beautiful face. And then she could see Brittany fucking herself with three fingers and her mind stopped working again.

"Cass! Please go?" Santana begged.

"Fine, fine. I can't believe I'm getting sexiled and Britt isn't even here." Cassie stood up from her bed and started packing her things to spend the night with her girlfriend. "Have fun, San," she teased on her way out.

"I'm finally alone, babe."

"Finally, Sanny. But…"

"What! No! No buts, Brittany Susan Pierce. Not unless it's a picture of your butt on my phone or pressed up against me."

"I already came," Brittany said, completely ignoring Santana. "Oh, fuck my fingers taste so good too, baby."

"I hate you," Santana said with a pout on her face. "You're such a fucking tease."

"How much would you hate me if I was there right now? If I was there holding you as you slept. If I was there to make you feel good instead of you making yourself feel good?" Santana sighed at the picture Brittany was painting in her head. She definitely wouldn't hate Brittany at all.

"Britt…don't say things like that. I'm going to miss you even more tonight." Brittany could hear the sadness in Santana's voice and all she wanted to do was kiss the pout that she knew adorned Santana's face away.

"Tomorrow, Sanny. I'm counting down the hours."

"Me too, Britt-Britt. I need you in my arms again," Santana admitted.

The Latina had definitely been opening up a lot more since she and Brittany officially got together. That made Brittany happy and in turn made Santana happy too. "I know, I know. I can't wait to hold you again too."

"Fall asleep with me, Britt-Britt?"

"Of course, Sanny. Always…" Brittany voice was tired and Santana heard the other girl yawn, causing herself to as well. "You just sexiled your roommate…and you're not even going to touch yourself," Brittany laughed a few seconds later.

"Shhh…" I love you, was on the tip of Santana's tongue. She held herself back though. "Sleep…"

What she didn't know was that Brittany almost said it too.


Santana had literally been back home for ten minutes when she got a call from one Noah Puckerman. So now she was waiting in the Lima Bean as he ordered coffee for the two of them. Their relationship in high school had been pretty on and off. One week they'd be dating, the next he was mad because she wouldn't have sex with him. That lasted most of sophomore year, until Quinn. After that, all chances of Santana having sex with Puck flew out the window.

Junior year they spent practically ignoring each other, only speaking when they had to because of Glee club.

Senior year had been better for them though. They were able to settle their differences when Puck was really in need of a friend. He won't admit it (at least expect to Santana) that he was terrified of becoming his dead beat father. The fact that his grades weren't good enough for him to graduate high school, like Brittany, scared him into working himself as hard as he could.

It was half way through their senior year that Puck confided to Santana about his fears and with Beth back in the picture, he was ready to become a better father, person, and overall a better Puck.

"How's college, Lopez?" Puck asked as he sat down across the table from her.

Santana shrugged. She always hated that question. "It's college, I guess."

"I see you've been studying hard," he laughed.

"Shut up, Noah." Puck stuck his tongue out at the use of his first name. Santana swatted at him and they settled into a comfortable silence afterwards.

Sure Santana loved seeing Puck again, but she really just wanted to go see her girlfriend. She'd promised her that she'd be the first person she saw when she got home. But of course not. Brittany had texted her about an hour before she got home saying that Sam was kidnapping her. Santana didn't understand why since Sam was only just a senior this year and they both lived in Lima…

She tried not to worry about Brittany already finding someone else because of her insecurities.

As she and Puck sat waiting for their coffees, only Brittany was really on her mind. As if the bubbly blonde was ever not on her mind. She'd texted Brittany back when she got home that Puck wanted to meet her at the Lima Bean and so far she hadn't heard anything back. That was messing with Santana's head too because Brittany rarely ever didn't text her back right away.

Soon enough, Puck's name was called and he let Santana to go get their coffees. Almost the second he left Santana felt her body tense as two hands covered her eyes. She smiled as Brittany's familiar scent wafted into her senses. She let her body lean back until she had her head leaning on Brittany's stomach.

"I missed you, B," she murmured with her eyes still covered.

Brittany leaned down and disguised the kiss she placed at the base of Santana's neck as a hug as she wrapped her arms around Santana's upper body. "I missed you too," she crooned. Santana bent her own arms upwards so she was hugging Brittany's to her body.

The sound of Puck's laughter broke the girls out of their embrace. Brittany pulled the seat out to Santana's right and sat down as Puck sat his and Santana's coffees on the table. Sam was right behind him and smiled his huge smile at Santana as he sat down as well.

"Britt! You look hotter than ever!" Santana's body tensed again hearing Puck's lame attempt to hit on her girlfriend. Her girlfriend. Not his. "You ready to get into bed with me yet or are you still 'waiting for the right person?'" he playfully mocked. The only thing keeping Santana from jumping over the table was Brittany's hand, discreetly caressing Santana's upper thigh.

"Sorry, Noah. I'm staying away from the guys right now."

"Aww, so Sammy here isn't getting it in?" he asked. Santana's eyes widened and Brittany's hand gripped tighter. She shook her head and Sam punched Puck's arm. "So what, are you into the ladies now?"

"I'm not in anyone right now…" Brittany trailed off. Sam coughed out a laugh and Puck's face just dropped in disbelief. "But if I was, would it matter if it were a girl?"

"Hell no! That's fucking hot!"

Santana scoffed. There came a lull in the conversation once more just in time for Sam's name to be called. He left to pick up his and Brittany's drinks and Puck immediately dove into the reason he called upon Santana.

"Let's go to a club tonight," he proposed. Santana raised an eyebrow in question. "What! I haven't been to one in forever and c'mon, miss college girl is back. You've had to have been to some pretty epic parties down in Louisville."

Sam came back as Santana replied with a, "yeah, they were alright, I guess."

"Oh San, don't you remember that one party…?" Brittany's question trailed off at the end, leaving Santana to instantly pick up on what her girlfriend was suggesting.

Yes she remembered that party. It was the second out of three times Brittany had visited Santana. Cassie dragged them out to a sorority house with her own girlfriend and man did they get fucked up that night.

Santana can't tell you for sure if she made out with just Brittany that night, but Brittany insists it was pretty damn hot (for only a minute) watching Santana make out with her roommate…that was until she pulled Santana away and they basically fucked on the makeshift dance floor for the rest of the night.

But yeah.

What a good night that had been.

Santana could feel the heat rising up her neck and she was grateful at that point for her tanned skin.

"Ooh, do tell!"


"Come on!"


"One juicy detail?" he persisted.

"Me and Britts made out." Brittany was definitely surprised at the ease that slipped from Santana's mouth, until she remembered they'd made out hundreds of times at the parties Puck used to throw in high school.

"Old news. Something else."

Sam came back with his and Brittany's drinks, thankfully saving Santana from further questioning when he asked, "So, what are we talking about?"

"Club tonight, bro?" Sam nodded as he lifted his coffee to his mouth. "Sweet!" Puck pumped his fist in the air and looked expectantly back to Santana and Brittany.

"Ugh, fine," Santana muttered. Brittany smiled. She knew Santana wanted to go out. Plus they'd be dancing and Brittany loves dancing. Not to mention that Santana loves watching Brittany dance. "But you're driving! And I'm not getting drunk."

"Boo, you whore!"

This time Brittany didn't hold Santana back as she leaned across the table to smack Puck upside his Mohawk-ed head. "Shut up, Noah."


Turns out Puck decided they should go hit up the local gay bar. It also turns out that Puck now has an 'in' at this bar too. Upon reaching the front of the line, Santana was surprised to see that one David Karofsky was the bouncer stationed at the door. She was glad to see he recovered well from his attempted suicide from the previous year.

Santana definitely wasn't the happiest person when Puck announced in the car that they'd be hitting up Scandal's. But in his words, "so what if a few dudes hit on me? It boosts my ego and I get a free show of ladies mackin' ladies."

The Latina called him a pig and smacked him again from the backseat of his car.

So here they were, surrounded by gyrating lesbian couples and gay couples and even a few straight couples too. Brittany automatically grabbed Santana's hand and dragged her to the dance floor where some nameless techno-beat song was blasting through the speakers.

Sam and Puck were only a few steps behind the two girls as they weaved their way to the center of the floor.

Brittany pushed her body into Santana's so her back was pressing into her girlfriend's. Being around Puck and Sam didn't leave Santana with the confidence to grip her hands on Brittany's gyrating own hips. She wanted to, but knowing that the boys could potentially find out about her and Brittany petrified her into keeping her arms stiffly at her sides. That didn't deter Brittany though.

It was such a sight watching Brittany dance.

The way her hips moved and the way her body movements were fluid and in sync to the beat of the music almost immediately always surprised Santana (not like she was complaining though). Watching Brittany dance would probably forever be one of her favorite things to do – besides having sex with the dancing goddess in front of her, of course.

There was no doubt in her mind that having Brittany dance on her, having the blonde's amazing hips and toned ass grinding into her always left her aroused to the point of breaking. Brittany's dancing combined with the barely there length of her skirt left nothing to Santana's already vivid imagination.

As Brittany rolled her hips back into Santana's body for probably the umpteenth time of the night, Santana had to physically hold back the moan that was stuck in her throat. Her arms were still tense at her sides, but ever so slowly she could feel herself loosening up.

Santana forced her eyes from Brittany's body. Dark brown landed on a red-haired girl staring directly at her girlfriend. She narrowed her eyes at the girl and finally let her hands pull Brittany flush against her body. She was just able to lean her head on Brittany's shoulder as she moved her hips in time with Brittany's.

Songs were changing left and right but Santana kept a firm hold on Brittany. No one else was allowed to dance with her.

By the time the song changed again, Brittany turned herself in Santana's arms. She grabbed at Santana's hips and pulled them into her body as she slipped her knee between her girlfriend's legs.

Santana didn't see the way Puck's eyes met Sam's as she roughly pulled Brittany's face to hers and ground her barely covered center on Brittany's toned thigh.


"S-San…" Brittany gasped out.

Santana's mouth quickly covered Brittany's and she tangled her fingers in Brittany's hair while she continued the frantic pace of grinding into the girl underneath her. Brittany moaned around Santana's tongue and scratched at the skin of Santana's tanned back.

It was Saturday morning, and it was the first time the girls had physically been able to be together since Santana came home four days ago. Yes they'd obviously seen each other, but no that didn't mean they had the means of being alone in either one of their houses. Thanksgiving was definitely a crazy holiday, and really only when it concerned Brittany's mother, older sister, Katie, and herself.

After the club Tuesday night, Brittany had barely gotten the chance to say a proper goodbye to her girlfriend before she was dropped off at her house. Sure she was pretty sad that Santana still wasn't comfortable with herself (even though they totally almost fucked on that dance floor), but she still understood. It's only been just over a month. She didn't really expect to have a full blown announcement at that time.

Or so she kept telling herself.

Wednesday literally consisted of her being pulled around by her mother as they prepared for their Thanksgiving feast with Brittany's father's family at her house. Santana had stopped by for a whole ten minutes before her own mother was pulling her back across the street. (Brittany pretended her mother hadn't had a knowing smirk on her face the whole time Santana was in their house. Having the open door talk was traumatic enough.)

A whole half an hour on Thursday was spent with Brittany and Santana desperately making out in Santana's room before Brittany had to be back at her house and Santana had to be in the car, driving to her abuela's house for a full Lopez thanksgiving.

After a full morning of shopping with her mother and Katie on Black Friday, a tradition from her childhood, the day found Brittany, Santana, and Katie baking cookies and making a batch of apple cider for the annual Lopez/Pierce/Fabray Thanksgiving the following day.

All of that leads us to now.

With Santana rocking so hard against Brittany and Brittany's mind about to turn to mush from the copious amounts of pleasure coursing through her body.

Both girls were so close. Brittany could feel the steady rhythm of Santana's thrusts growing increasingly erratic. She could tell by the way Santana firmly kept her forehead against Brittany's own, that Santana was going to fall over her edge.

And Brittany knew she was close too.

The feeling of her arousal mixing so deliciously well with Santana's and the sound of their centers as they grinded into each other was enough to send Brittany's nerve endings on overdrive. She was sensitive to the touch (and not just down there, where Santana's clit kept rubbing against her own). Santana disentangled one of her hands from Brittany's blonde locks and trailed her finger tips lightly down the skin of her face, then neck, then arm.

A trail of goose bumps formed in the path of Santana's finger and her heart skipped a beat when Santana reached behind her to pull one of Brittany's hands down from scratching at her back. Brittany swore her heart stopped beating right then and there as Santana threaded their fingers together and began thrusting harder than before.

"Mm'gonn…" Santana moaned out and Brittany's eyes fluttered from the feeling of Santana's warm breath. She loved watching desire dance over Santana's beautiful face. She loved the way her breathing lost control and the way she panted hard as she brought the two of them closer to their precipices.

Brittany moved her free hand from Santana's back to cup her face. "L-look at me, San." She felt the other girl nod slightly, eyes still closed.

Santana was waiting for the right time to open her eyes. She could feel just how close she was and if she played it right…

Dark brown eyes locked to ocean blue and…


Santana fell first and Brittany didn't waste any time before she jumped right after.

Both girls cried out their releases as Santana ground harder and opened her eyes.

Just seeing the pleasure (and the love she pretended not to see) in Brittany's bright eyes will forever be the reason she crashes over into pure bliss. She loved the way Brittany's fingers tightened around her own just before her own pleasure took over her body.

Santana whimpered as Brittany's back arched off the bed, pushing their bodies closer together. Pushing their already connected centers closer together. "I…I l-" Santana cut herself off before she let her words slip out of her mouth. She buried her head into Brittany's neck and pulled at Brittany's other hand so they were laced together as well.

Brittany sighed, which she hoped she could just play off as a rather erratic pant of her breath and hoped Santana didn't notice. If she did, the Latina didn't say anything. "I know, 'Tana. I know," she cooed. She tightened her fingers around Santana's in what she hoped was a reassuring gesture.

As Santana lifted her head to rest on Brittany's again, Brittany was able to stare perfectly into Santana's eyes again. She leaned her head up to kiss her girlfriend.

The contrast of emotions that played in Santana's eyes hurt her. She wanted to kiss away the confusion, the sadness, the doubt. She wanted to let her kisses transfer all of her happiness and love and most of all, all of her reassurance that they were okay. It was okay for Santana to be with a girl, to be with Brittany.

"I can't believe you two didn't fucking tell me that you were together."

It was Saturday afternoon, Santana's parents had some last minute errand to run, and Quinn had (once again) walked in on a very explicit scene of passion between Brittany and Santana. Only this time she caught them in an embrace that screamed more than fuck buddies.

"Wh-what?" Brittany's heart and face dropped at the scared tone of Santana's voice as she scrambled with the covers on her bed. Instead of staying where she was, Brittany just grabbed a forgotten blanket off the floor of Santana's room and wrapped it around herself. On her way out the door, after picking up her clothes, she heard Quinn scolding Santana.

"Way to go, Lopez," Quinn hissed.

"I don't know what you're talking about, Fabgay," Santana retorted. She clutched her comforter closer to her chest, trying to calm the erratic beat of her heart. Was it because she was just caught again fucking her best friend? Or was it because she was caught for the first time making love to her girlfriend?

"A little pot calling the kettle black, don't you think?"

"Speaking of, heard your hobbit won't be joining us."

Santana immediately felt guilt bubble up in her stomach at the deflation on Quinn's face. "We broke up." Santana was up and out of her bed (completely forgetting about her lack of clothing) ready to hug her best friend. "Whoa there, cover yourself. I don't want to see that," she exclaimed holding her arms up and turning around to give Santana privacy as she redressed herself.

"Fuck off! I was trying to be a good friend here," Santana threw over her shoulder as she quickly hooked her bra on and collected her discarded panties from the floor. "Do you need me to get, Britt?"

Quinn let out a huff of a laugh. "How are you so sure she's even going to talk to you after what you pulled?"

"What the fuck are you saying, Q?"

"That you couldn't see how much you hurt her! I've never seen her face drop that fast, even when Lord Tubbs decided he hated her for a week."

"I think I know my girlfriend better than you, Quinn."

"Oh so she is your girlfriend? Now you aren't afraid to say it?"

This is how Santana had been the entire month since she admitted her true feelings for Brittany. She'd been a mess more than once, crying into the shoulder of her roommate that she wasn't good enough for her girl. Brittany should be with someone who wasn't afraid to hide her. She should be with someone who wasn't afraid to love her.

But Santana didn't want her being with anybody else.

That would break her heart.

And fuck. Seeing the way that whore was eye fucking her at the club Tuesday night left something deep inside Santana that she never wanted to experience again. The jealousy that took over her whole body…

Sure Brittany had been happy about the public dancing and hugging and kissing of that night, but at the end when Santana didn't offer to walk her to her door nor did she even look at her girlfriend as she got out of the car deflated Brittany once again.

It's one step forward, three steps back.


Dinner the previous night hadn't been that great with Brittany almost vehemently trying to avoid contact and conversation with Santana. In the end Quinn went to talk to Brittany for a while before they both went back to Santana's bathroom. Brittany sat next to her girlfriend, but far enough to let Santana know she shouldn't come close to touching her. Quinn told them the reason for her split with Rachel and Brittany spent the rest of the time before dinner consoling Quinn.

Santana sat brooding on her bed trying to think of a way to get Brittany to even look at her.

Here they are the next night, Santana's car was all packed once again and she sat on the swing hanging on Brittany's porch with Brittany's head leaning on her shoulder. Santana's left arm was wrapped around Brittany's back keeping her warm from the cold of the night. Both of Brittany's hand were playing with Santana's right hand.

"I'll miss you…"

"I'm going to be back home soon, B."

"I don't want you to go back. I just want you to stay here with me."

"I want that too, Britt, but we both know I have to go back to school. And you have to go back and work super hard so we can be together in New York or LA or wherever you want to go, baby."

"You'll actually be able to tell a stranger, like I don't know our landlord, that we're dating and not just two best friends living together? You'll actually take me on a date and hold my hand in public?" Brittany sat up and moved away so Santana was forced to unwrap her arm from around Brittany. Her head was down in guilt as she played with her own fingers now.

"Come on, Britt…"

"It is a perfectly valid question."

"I can't promise you that."

"I'll see you in three weeks." Brittany's tone was short. She was upset again.


Brittany leaned down to place a kiss to Santana's forehead before she stood from the swing. "Have a good drive. Call me when you get in. Be safe."


"I love you, Santana."

The door closed behind Brittany and all Santana could do was sit and stare at the wood of the Pierce's porch.

"I-I love you too, Brittany," Santana whispered into the crisp November air.

One day Santana would figure herself out. One day Santana would be the woman that Brittany deserved. For both hers and Brittany's sake, Santana hoped it was soon. She didn't know how to stop feeling like she was an abomination though. She could see the looks of disdain on her abuela's face as her cousin brought his boyfriend to Thanksgiving dinner.

She wished she was that brave.

If she couldn't be brave for Brittany, then how could she be brave for herself?

With one last longing stare at Brittany's front door, silently praying that Brittany would run back outside and kiss her again, Santana slowly lifted herself from the swing. Her pace was slow as she crossed their street.

She missed the figure in the front window of her house (and the figure in Brittany's window) as she opened her car door, closed it again, and drove off.

One day.

Breathing you in when I want you out.
Finding our truth in a hope of doubt.
Lying inside our quiet drama.


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