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Chapter 3- Creative

You know, looking back, I wonder what would happen if I did wake up Jehu. Would everything change? Like, me waking him up will have a ripple effect and change the entire world? For good? For bad? Never mind...I'm just spouting nonsense. No one really cares what I think.

*Flashback (Continued)*

Hmph. Finally got rid of that annoying Jehu. Woo. Creative writing next. The class actually kinda interests me. Let's see what it has to offer. I enter the classroom, and I see only about eight other students. Very small class. That's good. You know the phrase "The more, the merrier"? Well...it's a huge damn lie.

I sit down at the back, away from everyone. The teacher isn't here yet. I start to draw in my notebook. A creepy tree here. A scary monster there. And blood and gore everywhere. Yep. I'm scary. And proud.

I hear the door open and a young, small teacher walks in with a smile. Ugh. She seems hyper.

"Hello class! I am Ms. Hikari. I will be your creative writing teacher for this year! Now, everyone. I am going to point to you, and you will tell me your name!" I was right. Hyper...

"BAM!" She points directly at a person. A person I know very well. Me. Oh crap.

"YOU! Name now!" She screams, but she's smiling also. I don't talk. Ever. Not even to adults. What do I do? I sit there, not saying anything or doing anything. Minutes pass, but it feels like centuries. I can hear the clock ticking. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. I. Am. Gonna. Go. Insane. The teacher sighs but still has that smile on her face...Why? I didn't answer her question! Let alone tell her my name! How can she be happy with that?

"I guess someone's just shy! Don't worry! It's fine!" She moves on to other people, pointing and screaming. What the hell is wrong with her? I continue drawing. Introductions are not my thing.

The door and slams open. And in comes in a panting Jehu. Damn it! Make that another period with him...He looks around the room and when his eyes land on me, he smirks. I'm officially scared. Ms. Hikari sees Jehu and perks up.

"Hello there! What's your name? And what is your reason for being late in my class?" Shit, I'm screwed if he rats me out.

"The name's Jehu. And I kinda fell asleep! Haha! Sorry!" Wait why didn't he tell on me? He walks over to me and takes the seat next to me. He stares at me. I can feel it. I look at my notebook. Not looking anywhere else. Don't look at him. Do not give in.

"Like I said, You can't escape my wrath!" He smirks and he comes closer. What is he doing? He comes closer, his mouth next to my ear. I am frozen. I do not know what to do. My face is really really hot. He starts to whisper.

"You can't escape my wrath...Haou" My heart almost stops. How does he know my name? I have never even said anything at all! What the hell? All of a sudden...

"Hahaha! You're so adorable Haou..." He then comes closer to my ear. His mouth is touching my earlobe. What is he planning to do? I try to move. Push him away. Run as fast as I can (But then again, that damn Jehu is as fast as hell). But every limb of my body can't move. What happened?Then I feel a certain sensation... Is...he nibbling on my ear?

It takes me awhile to process what's going on. Yep. He is nibbling my ear, with a certain bite and lick there. What is this feeling? I close my eyes...and try to prevent myself from moaning, My face is really hot. How is he so good at this? That pervert.

"EHEM!" I open my eyes and look around us. Oh fuck. We're still in a classroom. All the other students are blushing, looking away, or having nosebleeds. Ms. Hikari has a look of interet on her face.

"BOYS! You know there is no PDA allowed in a classroom! I'm sorry, but I have to give you both detention. Tomorrow after school!" WHAT! Detention?! This annoying perv got me detention! Ugh I hate him! I sit down on my desk. Jehu then goes to his backpack, and taks out a familiar notebook. Oh shit. That's my notebook. And not just any notebook. My story notebook. He comes over and drops it on my desk.

"Next time, don't forget your things!" He smirks. I really really hate him.

The bell then rings, and I rush out of the classroom. Of course, that bastard/stalker/pervert follows me. Why can't he take a hint? I am praying that the last three periods aren't with him.