Title: 'Vampires', 'Werewolves', and Wizards.

Chapter: The First Day

Okay, so… I've recently fallen in love with the idea of Harry and Jasper together, it's just… So… Good. - So anyways, I'm just going to do a time warp and pretend that the end of the war places Harry into whatever year is when whatever book it is that Jacob and Edward have that fight in the parking lot. I know, I know, I shouldn't have sold my twilight books for some money, because now I'm totally going to struggle but it doesn't matter because this isn't about Bella, Edward, and Renesme, it's about Harry and Jasper. Being all couple-y and cute.

So, warning, this is a slash, and it's not 100% like the books or whatever. I'm just using the characters and the whole Jacob fighting Edward over Bella scene whatever… I think it was either in New Moon or Eclipse, 'cause it certainly wasn't in Breaking Dawn, or maybe I just have it wrong… It's been a while since I've read the books and I don't think I've watched any of the movies past New Moon (I don't think I finished it either. Whatever.)



Harry sighed. He had hoped that Forks would be the one place he could run away from being Harry Potter and from the magical world that had become his life since his eleventh birthday. Except he's never that lucky. The one place, in the middle of nowhere, already tipped his senses towards werewolves and vampires. It was only his first day at Forks high school, for merlin's sake! And yet, he's already seen a werewolf at his school, get this, snarling and in a fight with a vampire. Or, that was the closest comparisons he could make. They weren't like any of the magical beings he had heard about, or well, not exactly like. The werewolf- from what he had heard using a spell- had been threatened by the vampire about not being able to change in public. Harry knew a full moon wasn't happening anytime soon. The vampire himself was off, to say the least. All vampires Harry knew of had red eyes, instead of topaz ones. They also didn't go to a muggle high school. Something was defiantly up at Forks High school.

Harry knocked on the door of his first class of the day- American History. He was a bit late, since both the secretary and the principal weren't ready when he first got there. They had had to search through the system to find "Harry J.P. Black"- he had added the Black to his name in an attempt to remain even more secretive, even through he had doubted that anyone would know of him here, now that he knew of other mystical beings in Forks, he was glad he did.

"Hi, umm… I'm a new student." Harry said, to the tall and slightly balding teacher. The man nodded to him and continued talking, leaving Harry to stand there in front of the class- all of them studying him in a way he wasn't use to, but didn't completely hate.

"Excuse me, why are you not finding a seat? Your name is…?" The man asked annoyingly. Harry wanted to scream at the man, but he decided not to- self control is key to staying on the down low.

"I said, I'm a new student. Today is my first day at Fork's high school, and the name is Harry Black." Harry said in a defiant voice.

"Well then, why didn't you say that in the beginning?" The teacher barked out, reminding Harry of Severus Snape. For some reason this man seemed worse. "Go sit beside Jasper Hale." He added, pointing to another topaz eyed being. Harry felt like screaming, but again, he didn't. He slowly walked over and sat next to the 'vampire', pretending that this wasn't happening. That it was a dream. That he'd look over and he'd see just another muggle. "Now, let's get back into it." The man added, before he began lecturing again.


Today couldn't get any worse. After his class with one vampire- Jasper Hale- he had a class with yet another 'vampire'. This time it was a petite girl- they were both kind of similar in looks, Harry had to embarrassingly admit. Both small ('petite'- but he wasn't going to use that word to describe himself. Ever.), pale (through she is paler than he is), dark haired, with striking eyes.

"Hi, it's nice to meet you, I'm Alice Cullen." The girl said in a smooth, dreamy voice. One that reminded him of Luna Lovegood, and left him wishing for Hogwarts.

"Hello. I'm Harry Black." Harry said, at the sound of his full 'name' a crease formed between the beautiful 'vampire' girl's face, almost thinking intently about something.

"So, did you just move to Forks?" Alice asked, smiling at him- as if they were already the best of friends, instead of strangers.

"Yes, I have." Harry answered. He didn't care if he was coming off as rude. He didn't want to talk to a 'vampire'. He didn't trust her.

"Are you from England?" She asked next. Harry wondered if she was like that with everyone she sat next to.

"Yes, from London." Harry answered again. "You know, you Americans drive on the wrong side of the road. It's bloody frightening." He said, trying to pretend that he wasn't talking to a 'vampire' and was actually talking to a friend, someone he could depend on, after years of being the one depended on. The black haired girl just laughed.

"It's you guys that have it backwards. Would you like to join me and my family for lunch?" She asked. If this was Jasper's mate-and she had a good feeling that he was- she approved and wanted to once again have the chance to play match maker.

"Sure, as long as you don't bite!" Harry said, teasingly. He wasn't teasing but he made it sound like it was. He didn't know of a way to say 'I know what you are' without saying it head on, and he wasn't ready to face the consequences of it just yet.

"We won't." Alice replied, keeping the joking light feeling of their conversation, without really meaning it. Harry smiled, she knew then, or was at least worried.


"Common, Harry! You'll love my siblings- and Bella." Alice said, smiling as she pulled him along. Harry was aware that everyone was staring at him more than before.

"Do people at this school always stare like this?" He asked, feeling like it was really, well, rude.

"Oh yes. You get use to it after a while, through." Alice said, her face scrunching up again before she smiled her dreamy smile again. "Let's go join them." She added, pulling him along towards the table where the other 'vampires' and a muggle girl sat. Harry felt like the stares got worse- if that's even possible… "Harry, this is Rosalie & Emmet, Edward & Bella, and of course, Jasper." The girl said, before sitting down beside the muggle named Bella. Leaving a seat open for him right between her and Jasper.

"Why is he sitting here? It's enough to have Bella sitting with us." The blonde girl- Rosalie said, or rather, snarled. If you can believe an out of this world beauty of a girl like her snarling, of course.

"Hey, I don't want to sit with you either, but Alice asked me and I couldn't say no." Harry answered, at the same time that Bella had said "Hey!" and Edward had quietly growled- much too quite for any humans to hear, but Harry wasn't a "normal" human.

"Why not?" Rosalie asked, looking at him down the tip of her nose, almost as if he was the dirt between her designer high heels.

"Ever hear of 'keep your friends close, but your enemies closer'?" Harry asked, his 'I-Don't-Like-You' voice rivalling hers.

"What could you possibly mean by that?" Rosalie replies. Everyone at the table was glancing between the two. Harry wondered if they had popcorn, if they would be eating that (if vampires could eat), and enjoying the show, of course. "We're not enemies. Yet." She added, trying to seem menacing. For a boy who had faced Voldemort, she wasn't. She was just a vampiric beauty queen bitch.

"Does she know?" Harry asked gesturing towards Bella with a flick of his head, ignoring Rosalie's questions.

"Does who know?" Edward replied, not knowing where this conversation was going- or what the black haired boy was thinking, which outside of Bella, had never happened before.

"Bella." Harry answered simply.

"Does Bella know what?" Edward asked, getting annoyed at the boy. He kept answering weirdly and vaguely, while also skirting around their questions. Besides, he was talking about Bella as if she wasn't even there. This boy was quickly getting on his nerves.

"Does. She. Know. What. You. Are?" Harry asked, gritting his teeth together. Merlin! These vampires were stupid. He couldn't say he knew what they were in front of a muggle!

"Yes." Jasper answered quietly. He knew everyone was going to stare at him as if he was crazy or had lost his head, but he didn't care. Something inside him told him to trust the green eyed boy beside him.

"That's why, even through you've done nothing to me- yet- your my enemies." Harry answered, before he began to eat his lunch as if nothing happened.


Jasper was fascinated from the moment he had seen the black haired boy. The emotions coming off of him weren't odd, to say the least, but the way Jasper felt them was different. He immediately knew that this boy was, well, his mate. Despite not having been born in a time when homosexuality was liked or practiced, he accepted it. It was like, well, breathing was to a human. But, back to the boy's feelings. He seemed annoyed, slightly angered, disgusted, and really, really tired. Whether he was physically tired or emotionally tired, Jasper couldn't tell. He had a feeling it was more of the second one, through.

"Hi, umm… I'm a new student." He said, with a british accent flavouring his words. As soon as he said them Jasper wanted him to keep talking. His words were like music to his ears, better than Edward on the piano, even. Jasper watched as Mr. Zanders just nodded at the boy and went back to his lecture. Which had absolutely no meaning at all. The man just liked to hear his own voice.

"Excuse me, why are you not finding a seat? Your name is…?" Mr. Zanders asked, looking annoyingly at the new kid. Jasper knew the man was feeling annoyed, and well, bothered that someone else was stealing the spotlight from himself.

"I said, I'm a new student. Today is my first day at Fork's high school, and the name is Harry Black." Harry said, with a strong voice. For a moment Jasper wondered if he was related to the Blacks on the reserve, he hoped not. But even so, he wouldn't let anything stand between he and his mate.

"Well then, why didn't you say that in the beginning?" Mr. Zanders said snakily. "Go sit beside Jasper Hale." He added on with a sigh, he watched Harry walk over to sit beside Jasper. Before saying a quick- and more enthusiastic "Now, let's get back into it." Before beginning his pointless and annoying lecture again. Jasper wasn't wasting the fact that Harry was so close. He watched as the boy seemingly chose to sit as far as he could away from him, and gave him a sort of cold shoulder. For once in his vampiric life he wished he had Edward's mind reading powers. Maybe he was reading into it too much, since the other boy wasn't actually sitting as far as he could be, but he wasn't snuggling up to Jasper either. Not that he had expected that.

Instead of paying attention to what the teacher was talking about- he had probably learned it before, anyways- he focused on Harry. Harry Black, the new british student that had greener than green eyes, and black hair with a last name to match. But the last name also-sadly-matched the head mutt from La Push's last name.


Jasper found his math class even more boring than usual today. Maybe it was because Harry- the boy seemed to be stuck in his mind- wasn't in his class. It was the same boring, sinful smelling humans. But for once, that didn't even bother him. Their smell- a warm, sweet, metallic, blood smell- didn't seem to reach him. The only thing that did was the greenest of green eyes. He knew these thoughts would never help him, that they'd only make it hurt more when he couldn't have the boy- he could hardly date a human, and he and Alice seemed to have an on-and-off relationship. They weren't mates, but Alice seemed to enjoy his company, in more ways then the conversational or friends way. It had started out because they had both been lonely, Edward had been too, but he had remained far away instead of seeking the not-fully-right companionship that he and Alice had.

"I don't get this!" Jessica Stanley whined at the girl sitting beside her. "Have you seen the new kid? He's so hot!" She added, smiling her best 'I'm-going-to-go-after-him' smile. Jasper felt a growl growing in his throat, wanting to get out. He wasn't going to let someone like Jessica Stanley- or anybody, for that matter- take Harry. A boy that he hasn't even spoken two words to, a boy he knew he wanted.


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