Title: Vampires, Werewolves, and Wizards

Chapter 3: Stupid Vampires, Stupid girl, Stupid Shifters.

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Edward paced around the room, back and forth, back and forth, it could have been considered a very human action if you didn't count his speed and the fact that he was running a deep groove into Esme's pristine white carpet. He was actually quite worried, waiting for what should have been a quick ride from the high school home, that seemed to be taking Jasper, Alice, and their unwanted guest quite some time. Edward knew, even without the ability to read Bella's mind, that she was worried about him, he could see it plainly on her beautiful face. He didn't always act like this… But… Their unwanted, stupid little guest could ruin what they had right now, their life, he wasn't needed in the same way he needed Bella. He was just something in their way.


When Jasper finally pulled up to the house, he could feel the tension and worry that was emanating from his family, and he didn't need to have his powers to feel that, it was like the air was hot and tight, as if they were zapping out the usual dewy, cool humid air that they were use to with their heated feelings.

"Beautiful house." Harry commented, as he started to follow Alice towards the door. It really was a beautiful house, but it had nothing on the beautiful oddness that the burrow had. A little pang hit him in the heart, he missed the burrow. He missed everybody. Harry knew that remembering them, all of them, today was just a little… too much for him to handle.

"Isn't it? Esme designed it." Alice said, with a little twinkly giggle that reminded him of a Pixie, as she opened the door to reveal a very open house, as well as the whole vampiric family. Edward was now standing beside, and ready to move in front of, Bella, whereas Rosalie was curled up beside Emmet, a fashion magazine in hand as he was playing some sort of muggle racing game, Esme, and her husband- he didn't know the coven's leader's name just yet, were standing beside the door. "Harry, you already know the rest of us, but this is Esme and Carlisle Cullen, our parents." She said, as she dashed over to stand beside Bella's other side, as if acting as her second guard.

"It's a pleasure to meet you both, Mr. and Mrs. Cullen, you have a beautiful home." Harry said, smiling politely before he opened his mouth again to speak, "Now, what was it that you wanted to talk about? About your uh, 'secret'?" Harry said, as he eyed Bella, which made Edward a little uncomfortable.

"We don't want you to tell anybody, idiot." Rosalie said, rolling her eyes, before she pretended that, yet again, he didn't exist. But it didn't matter, he preferred it that way.

"And why would I do that?" Harry asked in an exasperated voice, as he copied Rosalie's eye roll.

"Why not? You could become famous or get rid of your so called 'enemies.'" Bella said, piping up and broke into the conversation.

"First of all, muggle, I'm already famous, I don't want that, never did, and never will wanted to be famous. Second of all, already did so." Harry said, as he copied Rosalie, and ignored her again, and focused himself on Carlisle, who seemed to be staring pensively at him, as if he was working out that Harry was a wizard. "How do you deal with the blood lust? Living so close to humans and all?" Harry asked, changing the subject. He was curious, he felt like he should know but he didn't, it was like he was trying to remember but it never came.

"Great self control, Harry. Besides, we drink animal's blood, which is why our eye colour is not the same as regular vampires." Carlisle explained easily, and in a way that reminded Harry of Dumbledore. He really missed the old coot.

"What do you mean, muggle? And everything else you've said?" Edward asked, as he was working it out in his mind, with the bombardment of everyone else's thoughts- except for Bella and Harry's thoughts, of course- but it was disorientating.

"Hmm, interesting, Carlisle. - Edward, I'd rather have Bella leave before I answer those questions, and I meant human." Harry said, quickly, looking anywhere but at the little muggle girl.

"Why do I have to leave?" Bella said, whining, as she gave them all an unattractive look, that looked, at least to Harry, like a cross between a pout and her being constipated. The idea made him chuckle.

"The same reason your little vampire friends never should have allowed you to know their secret. It's against the rules." Harry said, as he shifted from one foot to the other, "Carlisle, surely you understand, your studies should have shown you that much." Harry added, raising an eyebrow at the blonde vampire. It was obvious to him that at least the coven leader knew of the existence of the wizarding world.

"Ah yes… As much as I don't want to do this, our secret is more important. Edward, please take Bella home." Carlisle said, as Esme led Harry into their seldom used dinning room. Edward looked as if he was going to complain, but Rosalie shot him a look, and he began to leave, expecting Bella to follow him. Not that she had the brain power to know that that was the better option.

"Why do I have to leave? Common, Edward, aren't you going to fight against kicking me out of your own house because of that stupid freak?" Bella whined. Harry turned around, and coldly glared at her. She took the whole thing one word too far.

"I am not a freak, if anyone's a freak, it's you. You pitiful little girl, who thinks you're special because they hang out with vampires- like a suicidal fuck up, and that because some stupid vampire can't read their stupid mind- it's because there's nothing going on in there!- that your superior. And honestly, I wish I had never come to Forks, but I'm not letting a family of vegetarian vampires, a pack of shifters, and a stupid little girl scare me away." Harry said, hatred heating up both his and Jasper's body. It was a super feeling, it blew everything else Jasper felt from everybody else out of him, out of range. Harry felt hate for the stupid girl, for the vampires, for the shifters, for his life, for his relatives, for Voldemort- even if he was dead, he also felt just a slight twinge of hate for the wizarding world, and as much as he felt like Dumbledore was a kindly old, weird, great uncle to him, he hated him too.

"Don't-" Edward tried to say, but he was cut off, the mental hate he was getting, the anger that was coming from his usually calm, cool, collected adopted brother halting him.

"I think I should just take you home, Harry. It's obvious that you'll keep our secret, and that Bella's an idiot." Jasper said, in a huff. He sounded so unlike himself that everyone, except Harry, stared at him as if he had grown a second head or had sprouted a pair of wings.

"Sure, why not?" Harry said, sending one last glower at the brown haired girl before he grabbed the empath's hand- Jasper hurriedly tried to get rid of the feeling of utter delight, because being angry and utterly happy at the same time was a weird combination, and made his dead stomach churn, and stormed out of the house.


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