Author's Note: Hello everyone! This fanfic is all about, you guessed it, Willy Wonka and the kids! Only this time, Wonka is a villainous chocolatier who's up to no good and has a devious plan up his sleeves. 0-0. Sure, on the surface he seems like an eccentric inventor, but when you get down to it, he's really a nasty character. In both films (the 1971 and 2005 versions), the children all end up experiencing cruel and unusual punishments and Wonka harbors no regrets about this at all. Granted, all the children except for Charlie are pretty rotten, but still, that's pretty intense. Not to mention, Wonka always had a creepy smile on his face that made it clear he felt the kids got exactly what they deserved. Anyways, this fanfic takes place three years after the events of the 2005 film. Enjoy!

Out on the streets of London, the sun shone brightly, birds were chirping, and the streets were filled with the screams of children. That's an unusual combination, thought Charlie to himself; It's usually too cloudy for the sun to be out. But before Charlie could continue to marvel at the rare presence of the sun, a large beefy grabbed him by the hair and dragged him inside his store without so much as a hello or introduction.

"Charlie Bucket, I should've known you were behind all this!" the man thundered. "You've gone and thrown those sweet children down the incinerator just like my sweet Veruca, didn't you?" he thundered. Charlie was still disoriented from the harsh impact of being thrown on the ground, but he would recognize that voice anywhere: Mr. Salt, shrewd businessman and father of spoiled brat extraordinaire, Veruca Salt. Although three years had passed since that fateful tour of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, Mr. Salt still bore the ill-effects of his and daughter's journey down the incinerator. Thankfully for the pair it hadn't been garbage day, as the flames were only turned on every other day; Unfortunately, there was still a massive pile of garbage down there and no amount of cologne or perfume could remove the stench that lingered on the Salt's even to this very day. For his part, Mr. Salt smelled like a skunk mixed rotting oranges and cologne.

"What are you going on about, Mr. Salt?" asked Charlie. "What children? If there's anything I can do to help—"

"You'll do no such thing!" cried Mr. Salt, jabbing a fat finger right in Charlie's face. "I know you and that freak Wonka are behind the disappearance of the Ruff Boy gang. Let me tell you, I've been waiting a long time for you to come out of that factory and give you a pounding for what you did to me and my daughter and now I've got proof that you're evil! So I'll ask you one more time: what did you do with the Ruff Boy gang?" Charlie remained as confused as ever; Mr. Salt was out to get him? Although, to be fair, he wasn't really surprised; no doubt all of the other parents—and their children too, probably—held deep-seated grudges against Wonka, and by extension Charlie, for their gruesome fates. After all, Violet was now blue, Mike was as long and skinny as a pencil, Augustus had been squeezed thin by a pipe, and Veruca had a stench that could be smelled a mile away. Charlie's family had always warned him that leaving the factory could be dangerous as he was a possible target for revenge, but he hadn't figured anything would happen on his very first outing in three years.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Salt," stammered Charlie. "I really don't know who the Ruff Boys are or where they went. I'm sorry about you and your daughter, but I really have no connection with the Ruff Boys and I'm certain neither does Mr. Wonka." At this, Mr. Salt pulled out a walkie-talkie.

"Bring him in for questioning," he said. And, within what had to be mere seconds, men dressed all in black suits and with matching sunglasses, came barging into the room and picked up the squirming Charlie as if weighed nothing more than a sack of potatoes.

"What's going on?" asked Charlie. "Where are you taking me?" But Mr. Salt merely laughed.

"Oh," he chuckled, "there's some people who would just love to see you again, Charlie," he sneered. And with that, Salt, Charlie, and Salt's agents piled into a limo that Salt had called for, and drove off.

Author's Note: So, that's the first chapter! Hope you all enjoyed. I'll be adding the second soon enough.