Chapter 1: Pool Party

"No school for three months!" Thomas yelled from the diving board above Kristina's in ground pool in her backyard. He took a giant leap off and landed with a splash in the water, spraying water all over his best friends. The band all gathered there after they got out of their last day of school for one of their last relaxing days before the craziest summer of their lives. The band was going on tour, leaving in just a few short days, for the entire summer to promote their new album, which came out in late August. They were ending the tour with a big album release party in LA.

"I'm so glad finals are over, I'm so done with all the stress!" Kristina said, stretching out across a lounge chair near the pool. Rosalina was in a chair next to her, doing the same thing. Ever since the movie premiere, Rosalina and Kristina put their differences aside and found that they had a lot in common, instantly making them best friends.

"And in just a few days, we're leaving for the biggest tour of our lives!" Alex exclaimed, shooting the water basketball in his hands into the hoop on the outskirts of the pool in the shallow end. "I'm declaring this summer, the summer of love!"

"And why is that, Alex?" Nat laughed at his brother, catching his rebound off the rim and dunking the ball in.

"Because after going across the country all summer, I'm determined to find my soul mate! I mean, we all have them so if I look hard enough, I'm sure I'll find mine." Alex said with a grin. The boys all looked at him with a strange look and busted out into laughter a minute later.

"Ha okay, good luck with that one little man." David chuckled as he floated around the pool.

"Hey! Lay off of Alex!" Rosalina said, standing up for Alex.

"Yeah, I think it's adorable that he's ready to fall in love." Kristina said, sitting up and titling her sunglasses up so she was making eye contact with the boys in the pool. "You boys should be taking notes or you'll never find a girl."

"Whatever you say!" Qaasim, Thomas, and David all said in unison, rolling their eyes at her.

"Guys, play time's over! We need to go over the tour details and get everything finalized." Cooper yelled from the sunroom connected to Kristina's house. The band all groaned and trudged inside.

"Alright, first announcement I've got is that I have someone for you to meet. Luke, come on out!" Cooper yelled. A tan boy with short dark brown hair walked out from the living room. He had on a light blue dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a pair of khaki shorts. He was wearing a snapback on his head and had a bunch of folders in his hands. "Everyone, this is my new assistant, Luke. He's in my advanced marketing class and he said he'd be able to help us out with getting new merchandise and other stuff. Luke's going to be joining us this summer to help promote the album and sell our stuff."

"Hey guys, nice to meet you." Luke said with a killer smile. He sat down next to Cooper on the couch.

"Alright next announcement, I've booked a new girl group to open up for you guys. They're from New York and they're called State of Grace. They'll be at rehearsal tomorrow so you'll get to meet the girls."

"Wait, we've never had an opening act for a tour." Nat said, the rest of the band nodded in agreement. "Why do we need one now?"

"I'm just trying to promote the buzz. I want this to be our biggest tour yet and State of Grace is one of the most famous groups on YouTube at the moment. And I could make them big with this tour!" Cooper exclaimed. "But moving on, the set list will be mostly songs from the new album, with some old favorites thrown in there of course. We're leaving in 2 days, bright and early in the morning on Saturday. Rehearsal will be at noon tomorrow until whenever we finish."

"Okay, are we good?" David groaned. Looking around at his fellow band mates, he saw them all looking bored as can be. Rosalina and Kristina were leaning their heads against each other's, Alex's head was leaning against Rosalina's arm, Nat was nodding off with his head in his hands, and Qaasim and Thomas had their heads thrown against the back of the couch, trying to stay awake.

"Yeah you guys are good, go celebrate summer!" Cooper smiled, waving them all outside. The band all jumped up and ran back outside to enjoy their last day of freedom.