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"Ladies and gentlemen, we have arrived to our destination. It is a beautiful smoggy day here at Coles Toy Factory. Please remain in your seat with your seatbelt fastened until the copter comes to a complete stop. As if you have a choice." he chuckled. "Thank you for flying Air Skumm, we look forward to you flying with us again."

After six painful hours in the air, the Skummcopter descended. Linka was far too exhausted to look up and guess where they were. With restraints so jarring, she couldn't shift in anyway. Her nose had been itching for half the flight, her ears were ready to pop from the air pressure and she was drooling uncontrollably.

Skumm shut down the engine and looked down at his helpless passenger. She was falling between consciousness and sleep for the twelfth time.

"If you need a drink, now's the time. You won't get anything else for a while." He displayed a water bottle to her. "I don't know if it's clean. But it's better than nothing so take it."

Linka sighed. He was right for one thing, that her tongue was dry to the bone.

"Do not talk, just drink." he instructed. The torture of the gag had finally come to a stop when he forcefully yanked it out after unlatching the buckle.

Her jaw was surprisingly sorer than anywhere else in her body, through of course her elbows, wrists, and chest contributed too. She had a slight difficulty closing it to drink from the bottle.

"Wait." Skumm took a cloth and used it to wipe her face. "You made a mess." Then she was given the water.

Clean or not, it felt like water from the Fountain of Youth. She emptied the bottle in one session.

"Got job. Next time it could be my dick you're sucking."

"You will get nothing from me." she sniped.

"That really hurts." he said, simulating awkwardness. "Now." he opened a glove box and brought out a white rag. "Even though you just hurt my feelings, I'll be nice this time and give you a more comfortable gag. Either this or I stick a bigger ball back in."

Linka felt her stomach finally acting up. It wasn't long before it erupted liquid bread like Mount Vesuvius onto his floor. Linka coughed, screaming to herself in frustration. After a long awaited drink of water, her throat decided to extract vomit and set her throat on fire. "Please, I need another." She whimpered. "My throat is burning me now."

"No." Skumm growled, walking behind her. He grabbed her hair and tied it back up in a ponytail. "This nice long hair of yours gets in the way. Say ahhh." He slid the cleave in between her lips, reminding her of the time she want on a car ride with Hoggish Junior. When he said more comfortable, he forgot to mention the foul taste and the number of knots he'd tie. "Comfortable?"

Linka shook her head as Skumm brought his hand over her hair and stroked it like she was one of his pets. Linka let her eyes wander to keep her attention off him. Trying to pretend those hands were Wheelers didn't turn out according to plan either.

He broke touch with her, throwing her into a field of relief. Unfortunately she was pulled out of the field too soon. Skumm returned with a syringe filled with a colorless drug. "Now relax beautiful. This is to make you relax. Hold still now or I might poke an eye out." he said.

Her chest started humping again once she detected a fingernail like it was a deadly insect. Skumm pushed back some hair. He grasped the symphony of her whimpering.

"Ahhhhhhh!" As the liquid entered her neck, she felt like she was being murdered. Seconds later, her neck fell down as with every muscle.

"You're being such a good girl." he purred. "I'm about to untie you, but I had to be certain you wouldn't fight."

He went to the hanging ropes and gnawed them apart first. Skumm must have forgotten at that moment that Linka was petrified. The Planeteers upper body forcefully hit the ground. "Ouuuu!" she growled at him fiercely.

"Should have thought of that." he apologized. "Oh well."

He chewed at the ropes over her chest and released her wrists. Before he got to her elbows, he brought out a white zip tie. He pulled it around the bones, setting it up as tightly as a pair of handcuffs.

"You didn't think I'd leave you completely untied, did you?"

Linka was too weak to protest. He nibbled the remaining binds away except for her shins, so when he released the ankle bounds, he was able to zip tie those easily.

"That's as light as I'll go." he told her as he presented another cloth came from his pocket, which was used to blindfold her. "Just wait until you see your room."

When she couldn't see what he was doing, he took out the chloroform and soaked it in another cloth. Then gently, he placed it over her nose and mouth like an operating mask.

The Skummcopter opened. The rat tossed his prisoner over his shoulder and gave her ass a spank before the door hauled up.

"Well, well, well." the too familiar voice of Looten Plunder barged in. "I see you finally got here."

"Am I last?"

"Nukem is still looking for Pyro boy."


"Jesus Christ Skumm, did you drug her?"

Skumm glared over at his teammate. "You don't think I'd harm her, do you?" he walked beside the green suited man. "She was very resistant."

"Wherever Linka and Wheeler are, I hope they've gotton away." Gi looked through the bars of her cage to Kwame and Ma-Ti across from her. Just hours ago, Gi was relaxing at her parents house when she heard a noise. When she went to see what was going on, Greedly knocked her out with the vase.

Kwame just had a similar experience with Dr. Blight, except he was stunned to unconsciousness.

Argos Bleak had no trouble with capturing Ma-Ti. He simply threatened to gun down Suchi and Ma-Ti complied.

"If I had my ring, I could check." Ma-Ti sighed. "I hope they're safe too Gi."

"So how are we going to get out of this one?" Kwame asked. The doors of the cells were charged with volts. If any contact was made between the metal and the skin without a key in place, the prisoner would be electrocuted.

The double doors to the factory prison boomed open.

"You'll be with your friends for now." he said. "Have fun because it could be your last time."

Plunder raised his eyebrows at Skumm talking to the sleeping Soviet.

"When you put her away, we need to have a meeting." He stated. "Greedly still doesn't know what he's gonna do with Sake over there."

"What did you do to her!" Kwame shouted once Plunder stopped.

"Why is she tied up?" Gi questioned meekly.

"Fine." Skumm sneered, ignoring her friends. He placed Linka on the stretcher in her temporary cell. "Get some sleep. You need it."

"She can't hear you Planet Fucks." he explained obviously. "And don't bother screaming, she's in her own world now."

"Why is she tied up?" Gi repeated louder and meaner. "Answer me."

"Because she ran." Skumm sneered. Gi looked to her right where Linkas cell was. Chills went down the Asians spine when she saw the gag and blindfold on her.

"What did you do to her?" she felt herself barking.

"That is none of your concern, Sake." Plunder snapped.

"Don't even think about trying to wake her." Skumm warned.

Gi watched her best friend with concerning eyes, hoping somehow the fumes would weaken and Linka would wake up. Not knowing Linka's situation worried her more than she worried for the others.

"Guys, I have a bad feeling about this." She said. "If Skumm is Linkas 'master', things will only get ugly again."

"I agree." Ma-Ti nodded. "Wheeler is going to be furious when he finds out."

"Do you guys thing that… what Skumm wants from her isn't what the others want from us?"

"What do you mean Gi?" Kwame questioned.

"Like…" she swallowed, tears coming down her eyes. "Sexually?"

Kwame's lips gapped. "Why do you think that?"

"He made her a drug addict!" Gi cried. "And in case you haven't been paying attention, Skumm has been undressing her with those eyes since we first met him! He calls her pretty all the time! Did you see the way he was touching her? He's going to make her life a living hell all over again while she's still grieving for her grandmother!"

The Asian hugged her knees, sobbing.

"Remember the screaming?" Ma-Ti brought up a dark memory. "The night after we got home?"

"I thought he was in her room." Kwame recalled.

The night after they returned from Washington, Linka finally went to sleep and woke up screaming like a serial killer was across her bed. All of her teammates burst through the door like the FBI. Her emotions were more out of control than a raging bull. Ma-Ti had to use his ring on her to make her stop.

"He was here!" she cried. "Skumm was just here!"

Gi remembered having Linka cry on her for and hour before calming down as Wheeler searched the entire island for Skumm. Gaia was keeping a watchful eye on her ever since.

Her eyebrows furrowed. "I don't even care what Greedly makes me do." She walked over to Linka. "I'm waking her."

The doors bellowed open. Dr. Blight was the first person in, a successful smirk on her face.

"I'm going!" Wheeler snapped at Nukem, who kept unnecessarily pushing him forward. "You don't have to fucking do that!"

Kwame sighed. Ma-Ti looked down as if disappointed in him.

"You watch your fucking language kid." Nukem grouched. "Now get in the cell!"

Wheeler scanned the emotions of his friends. When he saw Linkas condition was far worse, temper built in his head like the fire in his ring.

"What the FUCK did you do!" He roared.

"Not me." Nukem said, easily keeping him from running. "Skumm."

"Nukey baby, I have an idea." Dr. Blight purred. "Why don't we put him in her cell?"

"Are you mad, Blight?"

Though Duke Nukem was powerful, his brain was not the brightest.

"Only brilliant."

The guy who once passed the Planeteers off as Flintstones processed the idea. Unhesitently, he let Wheeler go.

"You have until Cheesebreath returns." Blight shoved him into Linkas cell and slammed the door. "Now Nukey baby, we should have popcorn for this."

Wheeler wasted no time running over to her, immediately pulling off the sedative cloth and the gag and puling the blindfold off. To his despair, they were still closed. She could have been knocked out for hours, he realized. She could have been sick.

"Linka..." he gently slapped her cheek. "Linka it's me. Wake up Babe." He shook her shoulder gently and rolled her to face him. "Wake up baby. It's only me."

He stroked her temple, looking at the mess she was. Wheeler feared that Skumm passed the black plague to her based on how clammy her skin was.

"Ouuuuuuu..." Wheeler looked down to see her eyes opening about as quickly as a broken garage door. His hands stayed on her moist cheeks to keep her calm.

"Linka, hey, it's just me. You're ok."

Linka moaned, only a little livelier because she just inhaled Wheeler's breath.

"Is he gone?"

"He's not here." said Wheeler. "Holy shit Linka, what did he do to you?"

"What are they going to do to us?" she whispered hoarsely.

"I'm more afraid of what they're going to do to you." he said. "What happened?"

"He just broke into my house and took me." she moaned. "He broke into my house, chased me, knocked me out and before I fell asleep, I saw him set the town on fire. Grandma's things, Wheeler. They can be gone for all we know!"

"What?" Wheeler balled up his fist. "That son of a bitch!"

"I don't know what he plans to do next. But it has to be worse."

"What did he do to you before?"

Linka sniffled and tried to shift against the mattress. "He tied me up and touched me."

Wheeler gritted his teeth. "That rat is headed for the big sewer in the sky."

"No." Linka shook her head. The next thing she said shocked him. "Let me kill him. He took Boris. I must avenge him."

"Do you really want to do that? Gaia will exile you."

"Gaia should understand. I've had it."

"Hey! What are you doing you shit!" Skumm stomped into the room, killing any tenderness between them. Blight smirked for once more a brilliant plan of hers worked. "What is the meaning of this?"

"Just wanted to piss you off." said Blight. "And I did."

"Open the fucking cell!"

Wheeler turned his attention back to Linka, trying to ignore the rat monster stomping towards them. "Listen, it's going to be ok. We're going to get out of here like we always do. Hang in there."

He was yanked from behind by his shirt. Skumm lifted him in the air as Linka felt herself crying again.

"She's not your girlfriend anymore, boy."

"Bozhe moy, hands off him!" Linka snapped.

"And you..." he glared at her. "You're supposed to be asleep!"

"You're supposed to hide in the sewer and never show your face!" she spat.

Skumm tossed Wheeler back into the last empty cell and slammed the door.

"Heed my warning boy." he snarled.

"She's not a piece of property you sick fuck!" he roared. "You don't own her!"

"But I do. And Nukem owns you." he said. "Now..." he turned to Linka. "It looks like I should get you out of here."

"Nyet!" she protested. "Leave me alone!"

He shoved the gag back in and threw her over his shoulder like a towel.

"Nyet! Noooooooooo!"

Linkas teammates cried foul.

"I swear, if you do anything to her," Wheeler started.

"You'll kill me?" Skumm snickered. "You don't have the balls. But never fear, she will be fine."

"No she won't." Gi's mouth slipped. "You ruined her life before and you're doing it again."

Skumm's eyes yellowed a bit in anger.

"I am her master now. What she feels means nothing. You women especially need to know your place."

Before Gi could debate him, he walked out. Linka howled through the gag for some last minute miracle.

The booming thunder of heavy metal played in her head as Skumm tossed her into a different room. By the looks of it, the factory could have passed as a half-castle. It was like a dungeon complete with stonewalls and shackles. Through the dim lights, she saw newspaper clippings, magazine pages and posters slapped to the walls.

The headlines varied in language but the pictures had the same people. In each picture, their faces were scribbled out with black marker except for one.