Cole goes straight to hell.

a/n infamous isn't as good as sly but fuck I guess I like it. FUCK YOU.

well ok here we go

here's the start of the story.

Cole always wanted to fucking kill zeke but they were cool today. they got in zeek's jeep and fucking headed down to michigan town.

"Where are we going today old chum?" zekiel said.

"Remember zeke we're going to hell michigan. it's a real place look it up fucker." cole mgraf said.

"shit lol. what the fuck"

"I know right"

"why are we going there"

"Dude for beers" cole said and shot a dude on a bike that was gonna cut them off. he died.

"heh." zeke said.

"That was kind of an asshole move was it not?" cola said and felt said. he healed the guy and they got to hell michigan. it was pretty shitty.

"this place sucks FUCKING SUCKS FUCKING SUCKS!" zeke said.

"yeah lol."

they got the beers but then kezzler was there.

"hello cole and fat fuck guy."

"hey kessler."

"fuck you."

"no thanks we don't have sex with guys." coal said. kessler started crying.

"you better watch your shit mcraf, there's shit going down in hell michigan tonight or maybe today."

"yeah there's a high chance of pussy's bringing me the fuck down, get the fuck out of here kessler." cold said.

"yeah whatevs." kessler left.

Cole went to a bar. moya was there.

"hey colp what are you doing down here in hell michigan?" she finished her sentence yelling and shit, it sounded like "hey colp what are you doing down here in hell michigaaaAAAANNNNNN?"

"not fucking you. you probz got the herps." zeke said. cole gave him a low five. but not a high five. zeke aint getting no high five. (a/n zeke won't get a high five for the rest of the story).

"hey cole look that guy has a ray sphere." moya said.

some fuck in a blouse did and he looked pissed.

"i am the fucking king of hell michigan now I get powers"

he used the ray sphere and it blew up everyone outside of the bar, especially kessler.

"kessler's dead." zole said.

"hey kole what are you going to do now that guy has powers."

"i'm gonna go the fuck back to empire city or that other city to build my power sup. Sup?"



"can I come too" moya said.

"ok" cole said. he dint wnat to but having a chick around made him seem cooler. at lelast ontil he could find kwo.

then jeremy the king of hell michigan showed up. he had tentacles instead of ears and a double haircut. he had pink glowing eyes. He picked up zeke and disappeared!

"shit now I gotta get zeke back. FUCK." cole said.

"check empires cities."

"ok I will."