My Little Amnesia

Chapter 2

I continued through the dark hallways, and into the next room, where a lever laid on the wall. Using my remaining knowledge of magic, I moved it down, and nothing happened. I moved back up, and the ground heaved, as a heard the sound of wood moving across a surface.

I turned my head, and saw an empty bookshelf, and the wall moving, revealing a hidden door. Slowly, I went through, unsure of where I was going. On the other side, was a large room, with pillars that had been knocked down, and yet again had a hole in the ceiling.

In the darkness, I heard a flapping noise, and saw birds flying out of the hole. My head suddenly begun pouring, and my vision brightened, before slightly darkening and blurring. In my head, I could here voices of what sounded like my past self.

"Alexander is it inside the castle?"I asked.

"In a manner of speaking. Come, and bring your lamp. You've been to the refinery, have you not?"Alexander asked.

"I don't believe I have. Is it connected to the…what did you call it?"I asked.

"The Inner Sanctum. My most precious chamber Twilight. And it lies well beyond the Refinery. In fact, it lies beneath the very stone of Hoofenburg."...

My vision lightened back to normal, and cleared. The voices stopped, and I noticed another substance on the floor. I picked it up, realizing they were rose petals. Again, it made a trail down a flight of stairs, which led to another door.

However, I chose to look around the room for any more clues or recourses. In the search, I found another door, which had a sign next to it, saying, "Laboratory".

I entered, and found another large room on the other side. I realized I was on the second level of the room, and walked down a small staircase to the ground floor. Behind me, was yet another hallway, which led into a smaller room, where I went to investigate.

Using the tinderboxes I had collected, I lit a torch on the wall. To the left of me, on the floor, was a trap door looking device, which I could see through. At the bottom, I could see water, and inferred it was the sewer. I begun to look away, when splashes in the water startled me. I could here snarling coming from below, and I jumped back in fear.

Nearby, a few crates laid neatly in the corner. One by one, I covered the trapdoor with the crates, and told myself to forget about it. I turned around, and again saw another note on a desk. With that, my vision brightened, darkened, and grew blurry once more, as the voices returned to my head.

"hmm…there should be more cuprite…and one part, aqua fortis."Alexander said

I guessed it was Alexander once more, and begun reading the note.

"Early Alchemy Experiment

This is my third attempt to produce artificial vitae. The former compounds lacked the potency I need, but I sense I am close. Calamine and Orpiment are given, and the cuprite binds them well. This time I will try Aqua Regia, instead of Aqua Fortis, in hope it will produce a more even solution.

The experiment was unsuccessful. The resulting solution turned out to be highly acidic, but proves impractical to put to any use, except for detergent." I continued reading, and once I was done, looked around to room for any more resources that might become useful.

All I found, was one tinderbox, and another note. This note marked where Alexander had last placed his ingredients for the substance he was attempting to make. After searching the room clean, I went back up, and back to the entrance hall, where the rose petals still lay scattered all over the floor. I went up a flight of stairs, and entered a part of the castle called, "The Archives".

In there, I felt cold, and dark. It was oddly quiet in there, and was the first part of the castle where it was actually in good condition. I just had a gut wrenching feeling, that something wasn't right..