Loren and Tyler's Prologue

Loren Tate is now at the peak of her career about to become famous. Most of her fame also comes from dating a famous actor his name is Tyler Rorke. But the one person who made this all happen for her is Eddie, Eddie was Loren's best guy friend she could talk to him about anything. She and Eddie though had way more chemistry than her and Tyler, which was weird because Tyler was her boyfriend. Loren had feelings for Eddie she still kind of does but she assumed he didn't want her. Little did she know Eddie wanted her more than anything. One night she went to the Aroma Café and Tyler was there, Loren was upset over Eddie because she thought he liked her. Anyways Tyler soon started to mend her broken heart and soon enough they started dating. Tyler and Loren have now been dating for about 3 weeks. Right now it was the month of February and it was a Monday, Loren right now had a meeting with Kelly about her concert. She called Tyler to pick her up and go with her, he said he would be there in about 15 minutes.

Eddie's Prologue

Eddie Duran was a famous worldwide rock star who everybody knew. Lately though he hasn't had any concerts because he's too busy writing songs for his album. Eddie was almost finished writing his album because of one very special girl named Loren Tate. Eddie loved Loren he wanted to be with her but Tyler Rorke was standing in the way of that. Eddie really liked Loren a lot but he never got the chance to tell her after what happened. One day Loren accidentally said I love you on the phone and Eddie told her that he wasn't ready to commit to her like that. After that Loren's heart broke and Tyler came into mend it and soon enough they started dating. Eddie couldn't believe Loren would just give up on him so easy, but at the same time he understood why. Eddie started realizing he loved Loren about a month ago, he wanted to act on his feeling so bad but her couldn't. Eddie couldn't believe it but Tyler actually made her happy, and he wouldn't get in the way of that. Eddie right now didn't want to focus on that anymore, he needed to go to a meeting with Jake and Kelly. He knew Loren was going to be there so that's what made him more excited to go, but little did he know Tyler would be there too.


Loren now was ready to go to the meeting with Tyler, she knew Eddie would be there but this didn't really bother her. Loren was wearing a blue vest with a black shiny tank top under and she had on dark blue skinny jeans. Loren didn't even have on any makeup and she still looked perfect. Loren was now going into the kitchen so she could grab some grub before she left. Her Mom made bacon and eggs also pecan pie which was Loren's favorite thing to eat.

Nora: "Hey sweetie you're awake that's great you want some pie."

Loren: "What kind of question is that Mom you know I can't resist your pecan pie."

Nora: "I know right what kind of question was that." Nora then handed Loren a peace of pecan pie, Loren now licked her lips which made Nora laugh.

Nora: "See you really think it looks yummy

Loren: She was too busy gobbling down her pie she didn't even pay attention to her Mom that much. All of a sudden there was a knock at the door. Loren immediately jumped out her chair dropping some of her pie.

Nora: "Don't' worry sweetie I'll go get the door you just clean up your mess." Loren the laughed a little and went to get a little napkin to pick up her crumbs. Nora now opened the door only to find Tyler standing there. Nora didn't like Tyler really she thought something was off about him, and plus she liked Eddie so much more and wanted Loren to date him instead. But Nora never told Loren this because she didn't want to make her daughter happy.

Tyler: "Hi Nora it's nice to see you again."

Nora: "Hi Tyler you're here to pick Loren up aren't you."

Tyler: "Yup is she ready to go or what."

Nora: "Yeah she's right her.. Nora was then interrupted by Loren shouting from the kitchen

Loren: "Yup right here I'm coming."

Tyler: Tyler looked at Loren and was dumbfounded, and he couldn't believe how beautiful she was. He stopped drooling for a second and said "Ready to go." He then held out his arm waiting for Loren to grab it.

Loren: "Yup I'm ready to go to the meeting" Tyler then held Loren's hand and told Loren's Mom bye. Loren did the same and told her Mom bye, with that they went to the meeting not knowing that someone that they thought disappeared for good would be there.