A/N: My first crack at Ninja Turtle fanfiction! I've got this big idea of making one love story for each of the turtles and them all tying into together. And since Donatello is my favorite, naturally he'd be first :). Warning though, you have to read them in order! Or else they just won't make sense. Happy reading!

Donatello flinched as the screwdriver he'd been using slipped and sliced his finger. Once examining and noting the shallowness of the wound he gave an annoyed glance towards the source of his distraction. Mikey was shrieking in outrage and the sound of virtual machinery exploding filled the lair. Don heard Leo's subtle command of silence but the youngest of the four was not having it. He always got this way when he lost. Video games were his thing, but cars were Raph's, and it seemed even with the bad graphics he was able to control the automobile masterfully. Sighing Donny abandoned his tools and examined his latest repair. He could have swore the last time he fixed this toaster he made it near indestructible! It survived Raph's rage, Casey's clumsiness, and even Mikey's excessive use. But it seemed no kitchen appliance could go through one of Leo's fumbling and live to tell the tale. Don was still trying to figure out how he managed to get both a knife and a fork tangled in the heating coils. Sighing once more he left his lab, toaster in tow, and headed to the kitchen. Leo sat in the recliner in the living room while Raph and Mikey shoved each other on the couch. After discarding the burden he stood a few feet from the atmosphere of pure energy.

They were still very loud, even now when all focus was on the television screen. The noise annoyed him, and at that moment a deep need to isolate himself settled into his bones. Like Leo once did, a phase he'd gone through. But he hadn't realized it, only having been trying to focus on becoming a better leader. Now though he sat relaxed in the arm chair, tolerating his brothers' rowdiness with a smirk that ran deeper than any outsider would understand. Don understood it, but right now he felt like an outsider. Lately he'd been feeling that way, feeling as if he was slowly drifting from the once close band he shared with his brothers.

Like being put on the back burner, he thought suddenly in epiphany. Yes, he remembered this occurring before, even before Leo. At one point Raph had been in the same position when they were kids. He'd been too rough, too hurtful, and as a result his brothers (Donny included) had almost completely just ignored him. He remembered Raph's form literally trembling in anger as he realized what they were doing. It took a lot of work, but Master Splinter had been the one to set him on the right track. Hours of extra practice spent in the dojo formulating ways to control his rage so as not to become undesirable company had paid off, and now he was the Raph they all knew and loved. Angry, but never hurtful. At least most of the time.

Leo also had his shared time with Splinter to shape his ability to lead without causing rebellion amongst the team. Then he'd been sent away to South America. Don smiled slightly. It had taken nearly the end of the world before Raph accepted the fact that Leo was better than him. Maybe not in fighting, they all knew Raph was the strongest when he really focused, but in the level of maturity. They still argued, they still fought, but Don knew Raph respected Leo beyond any measure.

Now it was his turn so to speak. Having always been an observer during these periods of distress, he wondered just what he'd done to cause this change. His brow furrowed and eyes took on a distant look as he began to think. No particular action really stood out, and the more he'd thought about it, the more he realized he hadn't done anything!

...hadn't done anything...

Don's eyes shifted wildly and his mouth opened in disbelief.

Really? That was his fault? Not...not being wild? Spontaneous? The more he thought about it the more dread seemed to weigh him down. Leo was the leader, stoic, responsible, and wise. Raph was the hothead, angry, rash, and rebellious. And of course Mikey was the goofball, energetic, annoying, and carefree. So what was he? The techy of course, smart...


...and bland...

A heavy sigh fled his lips as he crossed his arms and gazed sadly at his brothers. It was true, he knew it. There were times when they couldn't even try to talk to him because his words would just fly right over their heads. It seemed now they wouldn't even try. Shifting his weight Don suddenly felt a rush of anger. They hadn't even invited him to watch this silly little video game tournament! He'd just been handed the toaster by a sheepish looking Leo before said brother walked off the join the others. A sadness mixed slightly with his anger as he watched Leo chuckle.

When had he become like his brother? It almost seemed as if they had switched places, for it used to be Leo the one standing idle while he joined in the merriment. It should be him high fiving Raph right now! It should be him punching Mikey in the shoulder and calling him a dork! Donny's fist clenched as a sense of sickness washed over him. What was wrong with him? Wishing his brother back into solitude just because he was now the brother being left out...the frustration of it all was giving him a migraine. Unfolding his arms they fell weakly at his sides, his balance slightly affected by the emotional stress.

"Hey," he began, though cringed at the way his voice cracked. The volume was cranked pretty high so he spoke up. "I'm going out!"

Raph and Mikey paid no mind and Leo only gave him a nod before turning back to the screen.

Of course they wouldn't question him. Where would boring old Donny go anyway? It wasn't like Don would get into trouble. No, Don was the good brother, the quiet brother, the-

Without another word he stormed out of the lair and into the sewer. His pace didn't slow until he'd nearly reached the exist closest to the junkyard. He felt numb and sluggish, and all he wanted to do was get out. He shook his head to try and clear the mental storm brewing that contained nearly all his negative emotions. In his mind he knew his brothers didn't care any less for him than they ever had, but that didn't necessarily mean he'd changed for the better either. Climbing up the ladder he took deep breaths. He just needed something new, something different. Maybe a little time away from his brothers would do them all some good. Nearing the entrance Donatello took a final breath and calmed slightly.

Yeah, something different.

That's all he needed.

And as he lifted the manhole cover, that's exactly what he got.


Jennifer Wilkinson had never been the wasteful type. Not in substance per say but with things such as time, emotions, and actions. Which is why at that moment she was silently fuming in annoyance at her own natural bodily functions. It was one o' clock in the morning and she was wandering the dangerous streets of New York just because she was on her period.

Her eyebrow twitched at how this errand came about completely unplanned. She'd woken up at six a.m. to appropriately dress for work, arrived at her office at precisely seven-thirty, worked till five, and then headed home for her routine errands and chores. She knew it was about time for her monthly dues, but what she hadn't expected was the abnormality of her cramps. She could honestly say they were the worst she'd ever had the displeasure of experiencing, and she knew she wouldn't last the night without taking something. And that's how she ended up walking home after midnight, all because she'd run out of midal. Before heading out Jennifer had briefly toyed with the idea of making her soon-to-be-husband get out of bed and fetching some, but she realized it would be better if she just went herself. The last time she'd done so he'd came back with a half eaten pack of mentos.

Heaving a frustrated sigh Jennifer continued her brisk gate down the sidewalk near the junk yard. She was repulsed by the thought that she had to live with the piles of rusting metal as her balcony view, but the apartment was the cheapest and closest to work she could find. Not according to plan, but realistic. Turning she quickly looked both ways before crossing the street.

Almost home, she mentally sighed. Then I can just go to bed.

A vicious cramp abruptly hit and her pace faltered, and then suddenly the ground was moving. At first she thought it was simply a loss of balance, after all, she was in heels. But then reality hit and she confirmed the ground was indeed moving, causing her knees to buckle and land on her butt with a sharp yelp. Her eyes went wide as the manhole cover she'd been standing on seemed to have floated up and brushed her off like it was tired of her standing on it. But that was obviously not the case as her gray eyes were suddenly locked with chocolate brown ones. She stared in shock at what looked like a man coming out of the sewer, but he was no longer moving. Instead he remained stock still, eyes wide with terror. It was dark, but she could still see his silhouette. He was stocky, muscular, and oddly shaped. And...green.

With a sharp intake Jennifer did the only sensible thing one would do in this situation.

She screamed.

A/N: Ah, the beginning. It's always rocky, but it'll get better. Sorry all you Donny fans (me included) for making him a bit angsty. I don't like it either, but it's necessary. Please tell me what you think :).