One more chance

It is 5 years after the war and after a rushed and failed marriage Hermione has moved away from Hogwarts and the wizarding world. Instead with the help of the ministry she is a primary school teacher. She has been in little contact with anyone from the wizarding world and that's the way she likes it. Until a new student with pale straight hair walks into her kindergarten class with a last name that has hunted her, her whole life.

Chapter 1- of all the schools

I know about the new student. I know he has an unusual name and I won't let anyone bully the child because of his name. I see him walk in with the principal it does startle me at first to see how much he looks like someone from my past but I don't say anything.

"Class, Miss Watson would like to introduce a new classmate so everyone needs to be quite." I say placing a finger over my lips. I smile as most of the students do the same.

"Thank you Miss Granger. Students this is Scorpius. He's going to be in your class for the rest of the year. Welcome him and be nice to him. Miss Granger I have his forms for you." Miss Watson says to me.

"Oh right, thank you." I reply as Emma places them on my desk.

"Alright Scorpius, I'll be nice and I won't make you talk in front of the class. In stead would you like to sit with Tom over here?" I ask Scorpius who stands there petrified. And I know all about that. He slowly shacks his head.

"Okay then how about you sit with me, while I read the class a story?" The boy comes and sits next to me. Not close enough to touch but close enough to separate him self from the class.

The poor thing doesn't know anyone, I think as I read.

When it comes to recess Scorpius still hasn't moved away from me despite my best efforts.

"Okay you can all go out to recess. Make sure you take your hats it's looking sunny outside and your parents would not like it if you came home sunburnt." I call to the class as they run out to their bags. Scorpius remains in the classroom.

"Sweet heart, don't you want to go out and play?" I ask him, rubbing the white board. Again he shakes his head. He hasn't spoken at all so far.

I kneel down to his level. "Are you okay? Do you want to talk to Miss Granger about it?" I ask him. He shakes his head but he also lets out a sniffle while whipping his eyes.

"Do you know what I think we should do? I think we should ring mummy or daddy. Who should we call?" I ask him.

"Daddy." Scorpius says in a tearful way.

I take his hand and lead him over to my desk, where I keep my phone. I glance at the sheet and dial the number listed for his father.

"Hello Malfoy Office, how may I help you?" The lady on the phone says.

I stand there for a moment. Malfoy? Him? It was his son I have been given care of. It almost becomes too much for me, I am so tempted to just hang up and scream at the child to make his own bloody friends. But when I see him look up at me with his tear stained face and askew stick straight hair, I know better. I know not to blame the boy for what his father had done to me.

"Ahh yeah sorry, I'm still here, can I please talk to Draco. It's a matter of utmost importance." I say.

"One moment please." Says the lady, whom I guess is Malfoy's secretary.

"Hello, who is this?" says a male voice on the phone. I know that voice. It is the man who had made my life a living hell. Again I am tempted but after a few seconds that temptation goes away.

"Hell Mister Malfoy, its Miss Granger the teacher of your son. He just wanted to talk to you." I say before handing the phone over to Scorpius.

"Daddy I don't want to be here. I want to go home." He cries. There was a pause and I guess Malfoy is telling his son to 'man-up'.

"Okay daddy." Scorpius says with a grin on his face. He hands the phone back to me and I see that Malfoy has hung up.

"So, what does daddy say?" I ask him, putting my phone away.

"He'll be here soon." Scorpius says innocently.

"What?" I cry out. I must have heard him wrong.

"Daddy's getting me." He says again before walking towards the door.

"Wait a minute; Scorpius let me walk you to the office. Maybe we can work something out wit your Father." I say, though I am dreading the thought of seeing and talking to Malfoy after all this time.

"Okay." He says taking my outstretched hand.

We wait in the office for about half an hour. Another teacher is supervising my class while I wait with Scorpius. He however does not sit still and is constantly out of his seat and looking at all the posters around the office.

"Hermione, he's here." The school secretary, Maggie tells us.

I stand up and take his hand again, after a deep breath. We walk around until we are out the front of the office.

"Scorpius." A male voice cries his name and Scorpius rips his hand out of mine. I see his white hair fly around as he runs towards the man with equally pale hair. I can't see his face but I guess its Malfoy. My breath starts to catch, but I immediately steady myself.

"It's okay, I'm here now, and we can go now." Malfoy says as he hugs Scorpius.

Go? What does he mean go? Scorpius just got here.

"Mr. Malfoy, do you mean to tell me that Scorpius will be leaving us?" I ask, finding confidence from somewhere.

He looks up at me and raises his eyebrows. I'm not sure what he's staring at. I'm only wearing what I usually wear to school. A pencil skirt that isn't too tight or high, a purple singlet top and a lacy purple blouse over it. My shoes are heels but not too high and with the help of a spell, I have managed to make my hair lose its frizziness, instead it is falling in soft curls along my shoulders.

"Long time no see Granger." He says causing my heart to beat faster.

"Likewise, now about Scorpius?" I ask not looking at him. Instead I look at Scorpius.

"We-I have tried him in many primary schools and I am yet to find one that is suitable for him. This one Granger is just another on the list." He says causing me to look at him.

He's still as pale as I remember he was the only hit of colour in his face was the pink that spread when he saw Scorpius. He's dressed in a black suit with a metallic silver tie. Ever the death eater.

"Nice seeing you Granger." He says before picking Scorpius up and walking towards the school gates.

"Wait, Malfoy...Draco." I say. Where did that come from? He stops and turns around.

"Yes Granger?" he says. Why is he still calling me that? We aren't at Hogwarts anymore.

"Scorpius is an incredibly smart and quiet child, please let me teach him." I say. I don't now why I am so desperate to teach this boy, but I know that it's something I have to do.

"Why? From what I can understand he hasn't said one word this morning." Draco says putting Scorpius down.

"Give me one more chance." I say, knowing what it will remind him of. He tenses immediately after I say those words.

"Her-Granger..." He says and I see his eyes grow cold. Scorpius sees it too and pulls on his father's sleeve.

"Daddy, I want to stay here." He says quietly. My heart flies, I have won the child over. A smile spreads across my face.

"Scorpius less then two hours ago you wanted to go home." Draco questions the boy.

"No, I stay with Miss Granger." Scorpius says before running back to me. He hugs my legs. I sink down to the ground so we are at the same level.

"Are you sure? You will have to sit with everyone else by the end of the week." I tell him. He pauses for a moment, thinking about my conditions, before nodding.

"Alright. How about we give Daddy a big hug and kiss before we go back to class?" I say knowing Draco should at least say goodbye to the boy. Scorpius nods before running back to his father. He hugs him and waits as Draco kisses his forehead.

"Be good and tell me if there is a problem." He tells Scorpius before, he runs back to me.

"Goodbye Mister Malfoy." I say, not walking towards him.

"Goodbye Hermione." He walks off. My pulse quickens once he says my name. How is it that after all these years he still has that effect on me?

"Com on, lets go do some maths." I say taking Scorpius back into the office.