Chapter 22- Grandmother?

I excuse myself from the room as soon as I feel my phone vibrate in my jeans pocket. I'm surprised when I see that it's Hermione ringing me. Had something happened to her? Or Scorpius? But Hermione knew what to do in an emergency, so why would she ring me?

"Hi Hermione, is everything okay?" I say once I've made it into my office and not the conference room where the emergency meeting was held.

"Oh, not really, you know same old, same old. Although someone did stop by to see you, here she is." She says before there is movement.

There is a shuffling sound before a voice "Hello? Draco?"

"Pansy?" I ask. That explains the hesitance in the voice. It was a fair bet to say that Pansy had never used a mobile phone in her life.

"Draco Malfoy, you have a fucking shit load of things to explain." She yells.

"Okay Pansy, calm down. What do you want to know?" I ask sitting down at my desk, in expectation of a long conversation.

"Why is the Skeeter woman claiming that you're marrying Granger? Why didn't you tell me before this happened? I've had so many people turn to me and ask what was going on and I can't tell them anything." She exclaimed.

"Pansy that woman isn't claiming anything. Hermione and I both agreed that we should go to the press about our relationship." I say democratically.

"So it's true? You are shagging her?" Pansy asks crudely.

"Pansy! What we do is none of your business." I scold her. "But yes, our relationship does involve shagging."

"Ha ha ha. There it is. The real reason you're with her. You like the way she shags." She laughs. I can almost hear her smile through the phone.

"Pansy, there is much more between us then just sex. I care for her and I love Hermione." I explain.

"I hear you. I'm just annoyed that you didn't tell me first." She states.

"I'm sorry. And I'm sure you know how long we have been dating and I hope you understand why I didn't tell you before." I say, glancing at my photo of Hermione on my desk. The image doesn't move, but it only solidifies her beauty.

"Yeah I know. And believe me I thought I was doing the right thing when I yelled that Harry should be caught that night. Now I know I wasn't and Voldemort's true agenda was not what my mother told me it would be." She says bitterly.

"I understand completely. I mean you think I was happy at that school while Snape was in charge? I might have had the mark but that didn't mean that the Carrows made an exception in their punishments. If anything I think mine were worse because I had failed the previous year." I reply.

"Oh well. I mean we all make mistakes and there's not a lot we can do about them. Except move on." Pansy sighs.

"Wow, that was philosophical, Pans." I laugh.

"I've got beauty and a brain. I just prefer to use my beauty more because that way I get whatever I want." She replies.

"Maybe if you used your brain more you could get a decent guy." I comment.

"Just because your would-be-wife is the 'brightest witch of our age', doesn't mean that we all have to marry a genius." She shots back.

I laugh. "True, no one else is marrying Hermione."

There is silence on the end of the line. I can hear Pansy breathing and it sounds like she's biting her lip. I'm about to ask her if she's okay when she replies.

"Did you ever like me?" She whispers.

"Pansy, what do you…?" I start before she interrupts.

"I read, in the article that you first talked to Granger, as Hermione, in third year. I just wondered when you began to like her. If it was when I clung to you?" She asks.

"It was when she practically ordered Hagrid to take me to the Hospital Wing after Buckbeak's provoked attack. I don't know what it was exactly, but I began to appreciate her fiery attitude. This was only amplified after she stood up for herself at the Shrieking Shack. I was confused about my feelings so I insulted her again. It was only after she punched me that I realised what it was that I felt. It was a crush. I'll admit I had one on you in first year, but the one with Hermione was a lot deeper then my one on you." I explain.

"So it was during?" She whispers.

"Pansy, I'm sorry. There wasn't a lot I could do to stop it. I tried. I knew you were the safe option. The option my parents would approve of. The one society would approve of. But I'd always been someone who gets what they want and I wanted Hermione. I really am sorry Pansy." I sigh.

"No, don't be. I, I guess I just wish you had told me, before I spent my whole schooling life pining for your affection." She replies casually. "I understand though. Why you didn't tell anyone. Have you talked to your parents yet?"

"No. I'm expecting something from Father soon. I know that the papers in Azkaban have a habit of being a few days late. I'm surprised Mother hasn't owled me. Maybe she's planning to just appear in the middle of something?" I roll my eyes.

"Well, if her reaction is anything like my mother's I'd start running now." She laughs. "Mum went mental. She was like 'How dare that Mudblood steal your husband? Who does she think she is? The Malfoy name is something sacred to some people and she's gone and tarnished it.' I don't think she realises that no one cares about that stuff anymore."

"Um, wow, I don't think your mother will be on the guest list for the wedding." I joke.

"Speaking of Weddings, I know some really good people who are excellent at all things wedding. Want me to talk to them?" Pansy asks.

"Well, Hermione and I haven't really talked about it, but we'd appreciate it. Just talk to Hermione about it first. You know how she is if you think someone is making her do something." I cringe.

"Yeah, I recall the stories of angry birds attacking Weasel and Lavend-whore." Pansy muses. "Wait, I can't call them that can I?"

"Well, not really. And Lavender isn't that bad. She's not as…free as she was before at least." I reply choosing my words carefully.

"And Weasel? Where do you stand with him?" She asks. I can picture the smirk on her face.

"He's not my favourite person in the world, but he's not the person I absolutely hate. He's somewhere in the middle." I reply.

"Ah, I see. You just don't want to tell me where you really stand because it could tarnish your reputation. Of course telling that Skeeter woman that you had always loved Hermione and that nothing could tear you apart might have impacted it a little." She laughs.

"Hey, I'm still seen as the evil Voldemort-junior." I frown.

"Trust me, after the wedding and a few kids, you will be seen as a hero." She tells me. "And if that doesn't work, you can write a book explaining everything."

I laugh. "I'll be the first Malfoy to get a bestseller."

"Ha ha, that's the spirit." She laughs.

There is a bit of noise in the background, nothing that I can pick up though. Pansy's voice sounds muffled.

"Pansy? Hello?" I say.

"Draco, you need to come back now. She found my parents." Hermione says.

I stand up from my desk. "What do you mean? Who's 'she'?"

"She found them. I can't believe it." Hermione says before the line goes dead.

I stand there for a moment staring at my phone. Who found her parents? It couldn't have been a Death Eater. Most of them were in Azkaban. Although there were a few who had gone rouge. Could one of them found them? I put my phone back into my pocket and storm out of my office. I need to get to Hermione so I can get all the details and then plan our next move.


I pick the letter up off the floor and read it. It's exactly what I'd hoped it would be. A message from a fellow witch who had promised to keep an eye out for my parents. I had meet Jane in Sydney, where I was collecting a few potion ingredients. I was short on some money so she lent it to me. We talked for a bit and I told her about what I had done to my parents in order to keep them safe. She had lost touch with her own parents and offered to look for them after I returned to England.

"Marion I need a quill and parchment." I say eyes still on my letter.

"Miss, are you sure?" She asks.

"Trust me Marion. I've been waiting for this letter for a long time." I smile.

Marion nods before leaving. The Tawny frogmouth huffs slightly before peaking at the meat Marion had left out. I walk over to it and cut a little off. It had flown a very long way and it deserves something. Scorpius was still in the corner staring at the Tawny frogmouth. I smile slightly at him before walking over.

"'Mione?" He says eyes still on the bird. "What was that about?"

"During the war I had to remove the memories from my parents in order to keep them safe. I told them to move to Australia and that's where they are currently living. However during the war I lost contact about where they were. I tried to find them, but I couldn't. Instead one witch, Jane, found them. She sent me a letter telling me that she had found them." I explain to him.

"Here you are Miss. It's from the Master's study." Marion says returning with the utensils.

"Thank you so much Marion. I hope you don't mind but I gave the bird a little meat. It had flown a rather long way." I say.

"Not to worry Miss." She nods.

I take the parchment and begin to write my letter.


Thank you so much for looking out for them. I cannot express to you how much this means to me. I swear I will be down there soon to see them and restore their memories.

I also hope that your own quest to locate your family was successful.

See you soon,


I folded the letter several times before tying it to the Tawny frogmouth's leg. It screeches before swooping towards the sink. It drinks from there for a few moments before flying out the window.

"Draco. I have to tell Draco." I exclaim before running towards where I had left Pansy.

"Ha Ha, that's the spirit." Pansy says before I take the phone from her. She struggles slightly, but I am desperate to talk to Draco so her fight leads to nothing.

"Draco, you need to come back now. She found my parents." I say in to the phone, my face falling into an involuntary smile.

"What do you mean? Who's 'she'?" He replies.

"She found them. I can't believe it." I say before hanging up.

"Granger I was having a very important conversation with Draco then." Pansy huffs folding her arms.

"Pansy, who the hell cares? My parents are alive and Jane found them." I spin around.

"What do you mean they're found?" She asks.

"I removed their memories before the war. I didn't want to risk them and I knew that Voldemort would use them to get to me. But I lost contact with them once they arrived in Australia." I explain to her.

"And you found them?" She asks.

"Yes, a friend in Australia found them." I laugh, picking Scorpius up and spinning him around.

"Granger, that's really great news." Pansy smiles, for the first time since I've seen her today.

"I can't believe it." I bite my lip to try and contain my smile.

"Will they move back here?" Scorpius asks.

"I don't know." I pause for a moment to think about what would happen once I actually restored their memories.

"Who cares Scorpius, you'll actually have a pair of decent Grandparents." Pansy winks at Scorpius.

"I would mind your tone Miss Parkinson. This boy's Grandmother might hear." A cold calculated voice said from the fireplace.

I turned, hoping it was Draco mucking around. I was wrong. Standing there in beautiful powder blue robes is Narcissa Malfoy. Her hair is curled to perfection and the stands with her back straight and tall. She steps out of the fireplace and brushes off invisible soot.

"Well? Aren't you going to greet me? As Lady of the House it is your responsibility." She says to me, her eyes studying my clothes. Her mouth sets in a firm line.

"Um, Good afternoon?" I half-smile.

"Hermione, I got here as quick as I could? What's…? Mother? What are you doing here?" Draco asks walking through the door.

"I came to see how the Newest Lady Malfoy was coming along. At the moment she is failing, miserably." She frowned.

My Happy Balloon burst.

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