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Chapter 5- Scars

Of all the stupid things Scorpius had done, this had to have been the stupidest. Invite Hermione Granger to the place where she got tortured by great 'Aunty Bella', sure thing son. I walk around the house, dreading the next few hours. What is there to say to her I haven't already tried? I can't apologise again, because she never listens. Why had I pressed her for answers? I loved her. I care for her and she has done wonders for Scorpius. Speaking of Scorpius...

"Scorpius, where are you?" I call from the library. I hear him running and soon he's in the room.

"Yes father." He says formally. We'll have to change that.

"Clean your room; Miss Granger may want to see it." I tell him. His face falls and I know how he feels. As a child I hated cleaning my room, but if I didn't I would be smacked. I dismiss Scorpius and retreat to the kitchen.

"Marion, I'm having a guest over tonight, so we will need food for three." I tell her as she sets the washing up.

"A work colleague, sir?" She asks. I can hear the shock in her voice. It is true; I haven't had anyone over since Astoria left.

"No, Scorpius' teacher. He invited her." I explain. Her eyebrows rise at the 'her' but she remains silent.

"Of course, Mister Malfoy." She says. I mentally shudder at my name. Mr. Malfoy will forever be my father and I will not be my father.

I end up walking back to the Library. What would Hermione think about the books in here? The books Voldemort had placed in here for 'safe keeping'. I run a hand along them. Should I remove them? Or let Hermione find them? Mother wouldn't want them. Following the wedding she had left for another Malfoy house. She hadn't been surprised about our divorce either. Father had, but there wasn't much he could do from Azkaban.

The war had changed everyone. Mother had finally gained enough courage to stand up to my father and divorced him 2 weeks after the war. People said that it was just because she wanted to clear her name, but her maiden name wasn't any better. Father had been trailed and taken to Azkaban. Astoria and I, unsure about what to do, had rushed into the wedding that had been arranged when we turned one. Looking back it was a really stupid idea. I hadn't been able to move on since Hermione and she was only in it for the money.

As an escape from the pressures on me in the wizarding world, I had turned to the world I had been taught to shun. The muggle world. I had built up my business in only a few years and was now reaping in muggle money. It was this success that ultimately ended our 2 year marriage. Astoria maintained her immense hatred to the muggles and refused to be associated to a muggle-lover. So she packed up her bags and left me with a then two year old Scorpius.

"Daddy, she's here." Scorpius yells. In such a large house it was any wonder he still managed to fill the house with noise.

"Hello Scorpius." I hear Hermione say. I get goose bumps on my arms. No, she is Scorpius' teacher now. I would be highly inappropriate.

I walk out of the library and into the hallway. She's wearing a floral long-sleeved dress with a low back. She's re-done her make-up and put her hair up in a loose bun. Her shoes are black ballet flats and her short dress is covered by her stockings. She looks beautiful.

"Draco." She nods at me. I imagine her giving me a warmer welcome with a long steamy kiss, but judging by her tone, to try that would be a very bad idea.

"Miss Granger, please come in." I say, Moving Scorpius out of the way.

"Um, here." She says passing Scorpius a parcel. He opens it up and pulls out a book.

"Peter Pan." He says, showing me the book. A muggle book, in Malfoy manor. Father would hate that idea.

"Miss Wright told me you enjoyed the story so I bought this for you. It used to be my favourite." Hermione explains.

"Can you read it now? I like it when you read and Daddy won't let me read the books in our library." Scorpius says dragging her into the lounge room.

"Ahh, what does Daddy say?" She asks from the lounge.

"Scorp, I think Marion has dinner ready." I say to him. His face falls but lights itself up after he realises he's going to get fed. "This way, Miss Granger."

"Please, Hermione will do." She says with a smile. Is she becoming more relaxed? We haven't stepped into the drawing room, where she was tortured.

I walk behind her and see her nervously glance at the door that leads to the drawing room. Her eyes glaze over and I guess it's from the memories. She unconsciously runs a hand along her wrist. I see what is written there. I had watched it happen and hadn't said anything, didn't stop it. I put my hand on her back and she jumps.

"Come on." I lead her away from the room. Away from the evil that will forever haunt this house.


Dinner went surprisingly well. Scorpius and Draco joked at each other and me. I felt comfortable around Draco when Scorpius was there. It was when we were alone that I grew uneasy. The memories and pain come back to me. Following dinner I had read to Scorpius who seemed to love Peter pan as much as I did. Draco seemed to enjoy it too. This appeared to shock him.

Draco left to take Scorpius to bed so I sat in the lounge room flicking through the book. Magic was such an amazing thing for me during my childhood. I hear his shoes clicking on the dark wooden floor.

"Hermione, we need to talk." He says sitting next to me.

"It's late and I have..." I start before he butts in.

"Just hear what I have to say." He takes a deep breath. "I'm sorry for that night. What Bellatrix did to you was in humane. I'm sorry I didn't stand up for you but you must understand the hold the Dark lord had on us. He had threatened my father with my death if I had not attempted to kill Dumbledore."

I shudder remembering that night. "I accept your apologises." I say taking his hand. It's cold and shaking.

"Now tell me about weasel." He says bluntly, making me laugh.

"After the war Ron and I had felt something but... I don't know it never felt like it did when I was with..." I feel my face flush and my heart beat increase.

"Me." He says.

"Yeah, well after Ginny and Harry became engaged I felt pressure on me to marry Ron. So when he proposed I didn't hesitate. Anyway about a year, year and a half into our marriage, the ministry offered me a job. It was a teaching job in Australia. I thought it was perfect because I had sent my parents there before the war, so getting a job there would allow me to look for them. Ron, he just didn't understand. He wanted to stay here with his family. I needed to go and find mine. I received the divorce papers two days after arriving in Sydney." It's the first time I have told anyone this.

"Is that why you left? Because of Weasel?" He asks me. His grip on my hand tightens.

"Yeah and I just... couldn't do the magic thing anymore. I moved back to England 2 years ago and Have been working at that school ever since. The ministry organised all the paper work. I think they were upset when I left." I tell him.

"Have you spoken to him?" Draco asks. I sense his hesitation to ask that question.

"No, I haven't spoken to Harry or Ron or anyone in about four years." The sudden realisation of how little contact I have had is startling. I don't know how Ginny and Harry are going or if they have any children. "What about you?"

"Me? What do you mean?" He asks one of his hands has wrapped itself around my shoulders. It's comfortable there.

"How are you doing?" I ask. He sighs and removes his arm.

He rolls up the sleeve of his black silk shirt and I spy the symbol that caused us to fight. The Dark mark. I reach out to run my fingers over it, but he moves it away.

"It burns me if anyone but a pureblood touches it." He explains.

"Did it hurt?" I ask quietly. I run my fingers along his strong pale arm away from the dark mark. I blush at the memory of us sitting together in the forbidden forest, our arms wrapped around each other, me falling asleep in his arms after staying up late studying. We were so innocent then. Neither of us had any emotional or physical scars from the war.

"Yeah it was painful. Wizard tattoos are different to muggle ones. These ones can come alive and burn you. It won't fade and it cannot be removed." He says moving me onto his lap. With that simple gesture the walls that I had put up 7 years ago after our break up fall. I want him and he wants me. Who cares what people will say?

"Draco...I..." I hesitate as he rolls his sleeve down. He wraps his arms around me. I feel his lips on my neck. Not doing anything just touching me.

"Sleep with me?" he asks, finally kissing my neck.

"What?" I ask.

"Sleep with me. Not have sex, just lie with me." He says turning my head to make contact with my lips.

"I don't have pyjamas." I say after we take a collective breath.

"I'll get them." He says. I hold on to him tight and close my eyes, anticipating what's going to happen. When I open them I find myself in my own apartment.