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Sydney's POV

I couldn't sleep a wink. Every time I closed my eyes I pictured Adrian's expression as he left through the door. Was he serious? Was he really leaving me? God, please no. I don't think I can do this on my own. Adrian never came back last night. The sun was out now, and it gave me a head ache as it shown through the window. I took the covers and pulled it over my head as I kept more of my tears back.

A loud knock sounded off at the door, and I looked towards the door hoping it was Adrian. The door opens and I sit up quickly only to see Lissa walk through the door. I frown and lay back into bed, watching her charming smile fade and turn into a concerned thin line.

"What are you doing still in bed? You're supposed to be ready to go to the doctors appointment." Lissa says walking over to me, and when I hear more footsteps I know the others are here too.

"Where's Adrian?" I hear Rose ask.

"He's not here." Both Lissa and I say in unision, but Lissa sounds more concerned than I do.

"Where is he?" Christian asks.

"I don't know." I answer.

"Where did he go?" Dimitri asks.

"I don't know." I answer again.

"Did he just leave you here? Why didn't he tell us? Where could he have gone?" They all began to ask questions, causing my head to spin.

Suddenly I felt the familiar urge to puke, and I sat up sprinting for the bathroom not bothering to shut the door. I fell over the toilet and let it all out. No one came to help me, which I kind of expected since I was human and all, but I still didn't like that they stared at me. Helpless and not knowing what to do, each of those vampires watched me at my worst.

"Adrian has be gone all night." I finally say as soon as I catch my breath.

"I take it that your fight last night didn't go very well." Rose stated and I shook my head.

"So he just left you here?" Christian asked appalled.

"With no protection?" Rose added, even more upset than Christian.

"Dimitri and I will go look for him." Christian said and began to leave.

"I'll try calling him." Lissa said and walked over to the window to do so.

I didn't trust myself to leave the toilet just yet, so I stayed curled up to it just in case. Rose walked over to me and sat on the tub's rim. She grabbed one of my elastic bands and tied my hair up to keep it out of my face.

"Thanks." I said.

"No problem. I'm just looking out for you." I look up at her not sure how to take that.

"Because it's your job?" I ask. She shakes her head.

"I feel bad for you." She says, and I blush. "You were thrown into our world without warning, you're new to the whole moroi stuff, and are pregnant at a young age." She says and I sigh. I sound like a mess.

"But I look out for you mostly because…Adrian needs you." Her words shake me up inside. Did I hear her right?

"Adrian needs me? How?" I ask looking up at her. She smiles down at me.

"You don't see how happy he is being with you? Can't you tell how much better he's been since being with you?" I shook my head making her laugh. "Adrian was a wild card, and he still is, just not as crazy as he used to be."

"It's true." I hear Lissa put in. "He's not answering his phone." She explained as she walked into the bathroom and stood next to the sink. Rose sighed and they both looked at me as I clung onto the toilet bowl.

"I can't help but think that he's only with me because of the baby." I admit right before having another puke session. Rose rubbed my back to try and help sooth me, but it only worked a little, not like how Adrian's touch helped me.

"We should get you ready for that doctors appointment." Lissa said and looked at Rose who nodded and helped me sit up.

After I had showered and dressed on my own, I went with Lissa and Rose to see this Doctor Wilkins guy. The closer we got to the place the more nervous I became. I was going to be introduced to another vampire. Sure I should be used to them by now, but my anxiety hasn't gone away.

I sat in the room with Lissa and Rose who both were silent as we waited for the doctor. Rose stood against the wall staring blankly at the other side of the wall, and Lissa sat comfortably in one of the chairs reading a magazine.

I sighed and leaned back on the chair looking up at the ceiling. This doctor will know about the baby I carry inside of me. Does the doctor know that I'm human? I look over to Lissa who doesn't seem worried about my species one bit, so I guess the docotor already knows.

The door opens up and I look up expecting to find a middle aged man, maybe balding, dressed in a while lab coat. But this man wasn't middle aged, or balding. In fact he was dressed in a nice blue dress shirt and black slacks. His hair was thick in it's messy styled way and his green eyes showed many more years of youth.

"Adrian." I whispered to myself. His eyes meet mine and theres an intesity that pulls at me deep in the pit of my stomach. Oh my god that stare!

He walks into the room and shuts the door but he turns away and looks to Lissa who was now standing facing him.

"Sorry I'm late." He says but all Lissa does is sigh in relief and gives him a hug.

"I thought something happened to you." She said and pulled back, and Adrian smiled lovingly at her.

"No worries, I can take care of myself. Besides, we are in moroi country." He chuckles and looks over at Rose.

"Hey Hathaway." He greets and she glances over at him, but you could feel the anger burning from within her. "What's with her?" Adrian asked.

"She's mad at you because you left Syndey by herself, unprotected." Lissa answered.

"Christian and Dimitri were just a few doors down." Adrian tried to reason, and I couldn't help feel a little hurt.

"That isn't an excuse." Rose answered still keeping her posture and looking straight ahead. "Anything could have happened to Sydney, whether it be an attack or she fell and hurt herself."

"Rose," Adrian tried.

"She's right Adrian." Lissa added. "She's carrying your child, you should take care of her no matter what happens between you two."

"Guys, please stop." I interject and they all turn to me. "I don't blame him for leaving, if I were in his shoes I would have too." I say and lay back. "Adrian isn't in the wrong, I am." I say and close my eyes keeping myself from becoming an emotional wreck once again.

"Wow." I hear Adrian say, but he didn't sound amazed he seemed more annoyed than anything.

"You're really taking the blame for this?" He asked. I didn't say anything in response. "Even if everything was my fault, you're going to say that it was all on you?"

"Wasn't everything my fault?" I ask opening my eyes. "Wasn't I the one to start all of this mess?" I look towards him.

"I was the one who called you out to work for me. I was the one to fall in love with you. I was the one to allowed us to have sex! I'm the one pregnant right now! I was the one to start our fight last night! It's all my fault! Everything has happened because of me!"

The tears had come down and my sobs began to shake my whole entire body. I tried to stop but I only cried harder. Everything had happened because of me.

"I'm sorry. Sydney, I'm so sorry." Adrian wrapped his arms around me and brought me into his chest where I continued to cry. He rubbed my back to sooth me and he kissed the top of my head and continued to whisper to me.

"I'm sorry a thousand times sorry. I'm to blame too, it's my fault too. I agreed to work with you, I wanted the sex and allowed it to happen just the same as you." My sobs began to calm down and they turned into sniffles and small hiccups.

"It's my fault your family is after us. If I were a human your father wouldn't have a problem with us. I'm the reason why you're like this. I should be considerate to the way you feel. Sydney I'm sorry for yesturday I wasn't thinking." He adds.

"I shouldn't have questioned your love for me." I whisper to him and I look up at him. "You wouldn't have gone through any of this if you didn't." I say and he smiles wiping away my tears and probably some of the mascera I was wearing.

"That's right. I love you so much, Sage. Don't ever question that again." He says. I smile up at him and he leans down and gives me a very sweet gentle kiss. I was so happy to have him back.

"Where did you guys find him?" I heard Lissa ask, and then I realized that she was talking to Christian and Dimitri who had entered the room.

"We didn't. He found us." Christian answered.

"What? Did you really think I'd miss this?" Adrian asked looking at all of them. I smiled up at him, loving him so much.

"Knock. Knock." A gentle feminine voice sounded from the door. We all looked to find Dr. Wilkins walking in, her blonde hair done up in a french bun and a white toothed smile on her lips.

"Good morning Dr. Wilkins." Lissa greets standing up. Instantly Dr. Wilkins bows respectably to her queen.

"Good morning Queen Vasilissa." She answers.

"This is Mandy St. James." Lissa said gesturing towards me. I looked at Lissa confused but she just nodded at me wanting me to follow her lead.

"Miss St. James, pleased to meet you." Dr. Wilkins smiled and extended her hand to me. Nervously I smiled shaking her hand.

"Shall we get started then?" Dr. Wilkins asked, and both Adrian and I nodded in answer.

After the appointment was done Dr. Wilkins informed us that our baby was healthy and strong, and that we need not to worry. We were headed back to the motel when Adrian turned to Lissa.

"Mandy St. James? What the hell was that?" he asked.

"I came up with a fake identity for Sydney. Here." She handed me a very familiar looking envelope. Wasn't this the envelope Dimitri had handed Lissa earlier yesturday?

Quickly, I opened it to find about three different ID cards with my picture on them. I look up towards Lissa, but this time Dimitri spoke for her.

"We'll be running into a lot of people, this is to hide our trail so that no one who is looking for us can find us." He explains.

My heart drops a bit at his words. I nearly forget who we're running from, but then again it never leaves my mind. I wonder if my father and sister have come anywhere close to finding me. Will I ever be able to go back to my mom or Zoe? Something tells me that answer is a no.

I sigh and place the envelope in my lap. "Don't worry, Sage. Everything willl turn out okay." Adrian assures me and kisses the top of my head. I smile, the pain still there slightly, but Adrian makes me feel better.

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