YAY! Finally writing more cub crack! I've had some serious writers block but I believe I'm back!

"I'm hungry."

Seifer cracks an eye open to look at his brunette lover before burying his face back into his pillow. The one time he actually wanted to sleep in because of a certain baby giving him a headache…his boyfriend wanted him to make breakfast. Hell fucking no. He dealt with a sick Kisa all night so he was sure that Squall could make something simple for himself.

"I'm too tired Kitten. Make some cereal."
"We're out of milk remember? You drank the rest of it when you got home yesterday."
"Then yogurt."
Squall's face twists into disgust. "It has fruit chunks in it."
"Then why the hell do you buy it?"
"You and Kisa eat it."
Seifer huffs. "Have you tried cooking something simple like eggs?"
"…I've been cleaning the walls the past two hours."

Seifer looks up from his pillow and stares at the brunette. The man could fight. He could go through nine months of pregnancy and give birth to his child. Hell, he could change diapers and clean up baby puke without even grimacing. Seifer did monster guts but not puke. Squall was apparently too challenged to cook food with blonde sighs and runs a hand through his hair.

"Fine. What do you want?"

Seifer stares at Squall again.

"Are you pregnant?"
Squall scowls. "Are you calling me fat?"
"I didn't say anything like that so that proves you are. You only eat bacon when you're pregnant."
"Seifer. I'm not pregnant."
"Last time I gave you bacon after you had Kisa, you took one bite before giving the rest to me. We're going to see the doc. Get the baby."


"What did you do to him this time?"
"I think I knocked him up again."
"What makes you say that?"
"He wanted bacon for breakfast."

Dr. Kadowaki raises an eyebrow at the pouting possible mother-to-be.

"I see what you mean."

She retrieves the needed equipment and applies gel to the brunette's stomach after Seifer wrestles the shirt off of him and the doctor snorts after a few minutes.

"What's so funny?"
"Seifer knows you like the back of his hand."
Squall glares at Seifer. "I don't get why that's funny though."
Dr. Kadowaki points at the screen. "You've got a six-month-old and already expecting twins."

Both males stare at the screen before Squall pulls Seifer down by his shirt with a scowl.

"Seifer. You are getting fixed."
"No way! I'm fulfilling my promise of making our own army!"
"Fine. You can have the kids."
"Hell no. That's your job."
"Then forget it. Now get me some bacon. I'm still hungry."
"Yes Princess. Fresh or frozen?"
"Whatever is faster."
"Alright. Fine."

Seifer leaves the infirmary and Squall gets up after cleaning up and putting his shirt back on. Twins. Dear Hyne, he was going to castrate the man if he came within ten yards of him for sex after the twins were born. If Seifer thought he was difficult with Kisa, he was going to make sure it was hell for him now.

Short and simple. Don't know if this is going to stay a one-shot or not. Depends on the reviews I get. Hope you enjoy! R&R please!