Seifer groans and holds his chest as he attempts to sit up, but is immediately pushed back down onto Squall's lap. He quickly noticed the twins' absence but found them with others before he could freak out, and then noticed a currently sleeping Zell on the opposite couch. He couldn't have been hurt. He was nowhere near firing range, and he certainly didn't look hurt.

"What happened to Chickie?"

Squall sighs with a hint of relief. "You just got shot in the chest twice and the first thing you do is worry about Zell?"

"Speaking about that…what the hell happened?"

"Dr. Kadowaki was on her way up to scold me for leaving the infirmary, so she was able to pull out the bullets and heal you. Thankfully there wasn't any serious damage. As for Zell, he just suddenly went nuts on the guy that shot you so she gave him a tranquilizer."

Seifer chuckles, soon regretting it, and winces in from the lingering pain in his chest. After a few moments of letting the pain subside, he sits up against the couch and looks around the room. Everyone seemed to be unscathed, and the dogs were lying by the couch, but he didn't see the man who had shot them. Had he gotten away? He doubted it. The dogs would have gone after him.

"He's in one of the high security detention cells. It seems he's one of those people who are after one of us because of something that happened during the war."

"Has anyone figured out why Zell flipped?"

Irvine coughs and looks away. "That should be obvious."

Seifer raises an eyebrow. "What is that supposed to mean?"

"Well…Squall and the twins were in immediate danger. He looked at one of them…and…well…"

The ex-knight's eyes widen. "No way. Which one?"

"Lucas," Squall answers.

Seifer runs his hand over his face before peeking through parted fingers at the slumbering martial artist. Zell had, for lack of a better word, imprinted on Lucas. Soul mates were decided beforehand, but the imprinting pretty much sealed the deal. Now the only one left to figure out was Cole, and he had an inkling it was gonna be weird. For now though, he was going to worry about now, and right now he was hungry.

"I'm starving. What's for eats?"

Laguna smiles. "Whatever your heart desires. They made everything under the sun you could think of. Kisa is currently enjoying applesauce."

"Bacon sounds good," The blonde grins when Squall makes a face of disgust. "Some eggs and hash browns, too."


"Ow. Fuck. Hang on."

Seifer leans against the wall, and Irvine shakes his head as he allows the blonde to rest. "Idiot. What if those bullets killed you?"

"Better me than Squall and the twins. Besides, I'm fine."

"You were dead for five minutes, and let me just say that I never want to see Squall cry again."

"What? He said the doc-"

"She did get there in time. If she had been there any later, your death would have been permanent. Don't you ever do that again!"

Seifer scowls. "I'm sorry for protecting my family on instinct!"

Irvine groans. "I meant don't scare us like that again. It was scary enough to hear you were dead let alone Squall looking so lost. You mean everything to him just like a soul-mate should. I never want to see anyone go through that kind of emotional pain anymore."

"I don't either."

"…come on. Let's get you to the apartment so you can get some rest. You shouldn't even be walking there."

"Once I can walk around without keeling over every ten feet, I'm gonna show that asshat what happens when he fucks with my family."

"We never expected anything less from you."


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