Ok, you begged. Here is the second chapter is this conversation...

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Still in Percy's PoV


"Nico di Angelo, shut up!" I practicaly growled. He turned and smiled at me (and his smile is kind of creepy...) before resuming his task. I chased after him.

"ANNABETH!" Then Nico stopped. He stood face to face with my girlfriend. And, much to my displeasre, Piper Mclean. Piper was smilling like a madman. Annabeth, whose arm was in Piper's tight grip, looked terrified.

"I swear, Nico di Angelo, if you ask me about my sex life you will take a permanent trip to the underworld!" Annabeth stared with slit-eyes.

"Well, Annabeth, I don't want to know about your sex life. I just want to know about sex. With Percy."

"Well, Annabeth would be glad to tell you all the little details." Piper said with a smile.

"Um, no I wouldn't. Piper, shut up. And Nico, I will not tell you about sex. Especally not sex with Percy."

"Thank you! Now Nico, if you don't get back to the cabin right now, I'm going to strangle you." I said to him just before the conch horn blew.

"Alright then, let's go everyone. We'll continue this conversation... never." And with that, Annabeth took my hand and Nico and Piper followed us to the Dinning Hall.

Now dinner had been going fine. I was sitting there, minding my own buisness, eating, when the strangest thing happens. Piper starts waving at me. She signals for me to come over there. I shake my head. she mouths something like 'Don't make me do it'. I totally ignore her. Like, when you ignore a bug and they go away.

Bad choice. Because now Piper is standing up. Why is she standing up? She's probably just coming over here.

"Ok. Fine. But, Percy, will you at least tell how it was?" Everyone turned to look at me and Piper. There were gasps, horrified looks, Mr. D burst out laughing. I glared at Piper.

THe one thing I don't know is this: Who's face was redder; mine or Annabeth's?

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