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"Madam Malfoy…" Remus lurched backwards after Narcissa kissed him. He had lingered in the kiss for a few blissful moments before he realized who he was kissing…and that she was a married woman.

"I would much prefer it if you called me Narcissa," she looked up at him with slight hurt in her eyes as she watched him stumble around awkwardly in the studio, trying to figure out what to do. She had closed the door behind herself and it was just the two of them…alone.

"I shouldn't…we shouldn't do this" Remus stammered, blushing and pulling at the collar of his coat. He walked in front of his easel to the canvas he was working on. It was right out of Narcissa's view and he quickly threw a sheet over it. Puzzled by his reaction, she stepped forward, navigating her way through the half-dried paint drips on the floor until she was once again right beside him.

"And why not?" she asked, looking up at him.

"Because I've already let myself go farther than appropriate. You are married…to a man who intimidates me beyond belief-and I don't mean to be rude but of whose company I do not think has the best intentions for my friends-and Monsieur Black, who already despises me, is the next man in your life," Remus sighed as he looked at her. He found her so beautiful and intriguing and he knew she was in an unhappy marriage but it was a marriage nonetheless. And even beside all of that, she was a woman far beyond his class, even if he did manage to become successful as an artist.

"Remus," Narcissa reached out and grabbed his hand, forcing him to look her in the eye, "I am in a loveless marriage with a man who I do not respect. I have been forced to watch him have a mistress for years and I came home today to find that poor girl beaten. I will leave him or die trying. There is no longer a person on this planet except you that can further spoil my life or my happiness, so please, don't do it."

Remus placed one hand on her cheek and the other on the back of her head and pulled her into a kiss. He parted her lips sweetly but then his emotions and need for her quickly replaced the rest of his dwindling chivalry. He held her close in his arms as she kissed back passionately, his hand entwining in her thick blonde hair as he walked with her, still kissing, over to the couch. Instead of laying her down, he grabbed the blankets off of the couch and threw them onto the floor. Narcissa opened her eyes and parted from him, giving him a 'come-hither' smile as she followed his lead and laid down on the blankets, smoothing them out underneath her and starting to unlace the front of her dress. Remus got onto his knees, quickly stripping off his jacket and shirt and Narcissa was eager to rake her nails down his chest and kiss his neck, causing him to groan out in need for her

As she touched him, Remus forgot all about his lost love of Dora, and his heartbreak over Hermione. He forgot all of the sadness he was dealing with and realized that he had been harboring feelings he was denying himself of Narcissa.

As Remus wrapped his strong arms possessively around her, kissing up her neck in a slow and tortuous manner, Narcissa found herself contemplating similar things. Lucius hadn't touched her in over a year—a fact she had come to terms with and was thankful for-but when he used to it had never been like this. She had never felt like such a woman. There had never been kissing on the lips and they had kept as much clothing on as possible and as Remus captured her lips once again, she felt she was slowly losing the upper-hand with him. Although she gave off the impression as the dominating, whip-smart, woman-about-town, and feigned the confidence a more experienced woman would have in the boudoir; Narcissa couldn't believe how hot and bothered Remus was making her with a few well-placed kisses and bites and touches over her shoulders and between the swells of her breasts. When she squirmed in pleasure he gave a low laugh in her ear before continuing his ministrations and that was when she knew without a doubt he was enjoying teasing her.

She mentally cursed herself for not taking Sirius' advice to take a lover long ago. She had been sorely missing out.

Remus didn't ask permission to take off her dress, but even if he had, Narcissa knew she could have never denied him. Although she hadn't been with another man since she married and was quite thrown at having him look her body over-the grin on his face as he slowly raked his eyes from her feet to her collar-bone made her sure this was worth whatever risk. He cupped one breast gently and let the other run through her blonde hair, watching it fall over her shoulders. He was enthralled by the sight of her. Dressed up and primped Narcissa was a gorgeous woman, but this alabaster beauty was a goddess in his eyes. He loved that someone so intent on being perfect could let herself become undone so beautifully.

He sensed her hesitation and once again took the lead, standing up and stepping out of his trousers, unashamedly naked and hard. Remus watched her mouth, now a rosebud pink from kissing, try and decide between a smile and a look of surprise and it hovered somewhere around the middle in the shape of an 'o'.

That 'o' soon became vocalized as instead of burying himself in her to the hilt as he had desired to do for the last half hour, Remus gently nudged her smooth thighs apart and bent to kiss the inside of her thighs, licking dangerously close to her center and by the way her back arched and deliciously sinful moans came out of her mouth, he ventured to guess she had never been kissed there before.

"Oh Remus please don't…"


Both stopped dead in the middle of the act, Remus' head jerking up towards the door, where someone was banging on it over and over.


"Oh my…" Narcissa murmured, shakily trying to stand up and find something to cover herself with, even though she had been halfway to her first real orgasm and couldn't string a single comprehensible thought together. Remus helped her and quickly stepped back into his clothing.

"Monsieur Lupin!"

It was Neville's voice, and he sighed at the awkward boys' ill timing.

"Hold on!" he shouted back so at least the knocking would cease. He gave Narcissa an apologetic smile as he wrapped the blanket they had been laying on sweetly around her and moved towards the door, jerking it open a bit more violently than he had anticipated and Neville stumbled back.

"I'm sorry to bother you…" Neville said and Remus just nodded to keep him talking, slightly blocking the doorframe so the boy couldn't see his guest, "Monsieur Black wants to know if you could spare some room here for a guest tonight?"

"A guest?" Remus raised one eyebrow in question. Although he was grateful for the fortune Black was about to bring upon him, he was already growing weary of his antics.

"Yes, a woman. I don't know her but she came by today and she needs a place to stay…"

"If I tell you yes, will you leave?" he asked rather harshly. He wasn't trying to sound to blunt, but he was aching for the woman who had just been lying naked before him.


"Good, send her over after supper. Thank you Neville! Goodbye!" Remus sighed and closed the door on him, turning back around to Narcissa who had a look of jealousy etched on the face that was once ago the picture of pleasure.

"Is the mood already gone?" Remus laughed a little, cocking his head to the side and scratching it awkwardly as he watched her. She shook her head.

"No, I mean I want this but…you are just going to let some woman stay here?"

"He is your ridiculous and arrogant cousin! If I had said no you would have been furious with me!"

"You don't know me as well as you thought then…" Narcissa said, standing up with the blanket still draped around her, and the look on her face clearly told him that they weren't done with the conversation about a strange woman staying at the studio. Instead of speaking anymore, she walked over to the canvas he had covered and boldly snatched the fabric off of the painting.

Remus watched for her reaction carefully, and was pleased to see her eyes soften and a blush creep up her cheeks as he moved behind her to admire what she was looking at. It was a portrait he had been doing from memory of her; just her face and her shoulders…and it was beautiful.

"You've been painting me…" she whispered slowly.

"It was supposed to be a surprise. And to be honest I never thought what just happened would ever be a reality…so this was my little piece of you to keep…" he admitted a bit sheepishly. She turned around to face him, looking up at him for a moment before letting the blanket drop to the ground so that she was standing stark naked in front of him once again.

"Well I am more than happy this is finally a reality," she said and kissed him once more.


"I don't need a damn dress for the country Fleur, what in the world is going on?" Hermione asked. They were standing in Madame Maxime's dress shop, a very tall woman with a low voice and a short, stylish hair cut that most women in France dared not to wear; and Fleur was busying herself with picking out a floral print dress for Hermione. The curly-haired brunette had finally snapped. She didn't like shopping, and was irritated that she wasn't kissing Sirius in the back of his motor car as they travelled out to his country house. She was so scared of something getting in their way again.

"You do if Monsieur Black says you do!" Fleur huffed, although she was concerned for her dear friend, walking away from her to consult with Madame Maxime on a few frocks she had picked out in an effort to try and avoid answering Hermione's question directly.

Hermione sighed heavily and sat down on a lilac colored puff of a seat near the window of the store. As she twidled her thumbs and anticipated getting back to the manor, a slightly familiar looking woman caught her eye outside the store. Hermione soon recognized her as the fortune teller she had met the night Sirius had made her leave. And her words were soon ringing in her ears again—and with Lucius' recent threat they had new meaning—if he marries her…you will die.

Hermione felt almost certain in her heart that Theresa Gold would not be a threat on that level anymore, but nevertheless, it made her more anxious to get out of Paris for a little while and really get to the bottom of what she and Sirius had. It was love, she knew it, she just wanted it to be lasting.


"Do you have to go now?"

"Yes, I have to go now, obviously," Severus stretched out the last word in his low drawl as Dora looked up at him with begging eyes. They were standing outside of his small manner and the driver Snape had hired was putting two suitcases in the motor car that was humming in preparation for the journey.

"What if something happens here? What will I do? How will I know where you are?" She asked the pointless questions to fill the air and keep him from leaving and although he was feigning annoyance, he didn't want to part from her either.

"The Blacks will take care of you…and I will be back before long with proof to end Riddle and this entire nightmare will cease to exist, you'll see. Take care of yourself dear Nymphadora," Severus sighed and kissed her firmly on the lips, trying to suppress him emotion before turning towards the car and getting in the back.

She watched with a solemn face as her lover disappeared in the car down the cobblestoned road that was glistening from the light rain. She had no idea where he was headed or what he planned on doing, but she hoped he returned safe.

When she could no longer see the black car, she walked back into the manor that Snape had given her free reign of ( I know you aren't going to leave me alone…so you might as well stay and not worry…he had said) and climbed up the one flight of stairs to his bedroom. She immediately pulled the covers back and laid in the bed, in the soft indent where his body usually laid every night.


Sirius and Lily were embroiled in a conversation about the right way to tell Harry when there was a knock on the door, Neville answered it, and the foyer filled with the lively sounds that could only be made by Weasleys.

"Monsieur? Harry, Fred, George, Ginny, and Ronald are back…shall I lead them through?" Neville asked a moment later.

"No," he looked up from Lily, "Give them all my sincere apologies but if it wouldn't be too much trouble for the Weasley's to take supper at the apartment? And please lead Monsieur Potter up to my study. Do not do anything else."

After a few moments, the loud and excited voices were hushed and the sound of the front door opening and closing could be heard which left the foyer silent enough for both Lily and Sirius to hear Harry's furious protests and questions of why they had to leave.

Sirius gave the boy…his boy…a few minutes to settle down before leaving Lily in the sitting room…insisting that it would probably be too much to meet her and learn the news all at once. Sirius also knew this was something that had to be handled man to man.

Unfortunately, Sirius wasn't ready to own up to being the man absent from his son's life for eighteen years, so he took him time heading up the steps and took three deep breaths before turning the knob on the door to his study. As he expected, Harry looked furious.

"Why the hell did you make my best friend…your right hand men…and my fiancé leave?" the boy nearly roared, standing up and turning over his chair in the process.

"Your fiancé?" Sirius sputtered, his heart nearly stopping…this certainly was the poorest timing in the world.

"Yes. I asked Ginny to marry me while at the Weasleys and I was so looking forward to coming back and celebrating with you. Where's Hermione? Why have you had Neville take me up here?" the questions kept coming faster and faster.

"Harry sit down," Sirius said, and he couldn't believe how authoritative and nearly fatherly it sounded coming out of his mouth.

"I'll stand thanks. Now tell me."

"Harry you said you never knew your mother or father, am I correct?"

Harry looked puzzled but nodded, "I just remember the orphanage, then going to work, then meeting Ron and starting to paint. I assume they are both dead."

Sirius sighed, "Not dead…no…and currently both inside this very house…Harry your mother is downstairs…her name is Lily and a very long time ago she and I were…well we were together…she ran away with a man I assumed to be your father, named James. He is dead…and I hadn't seen Lily since today…when she came and told me the news…"

Harry's face went pale, "Sirius…what are you trying to say?"

"I'm trying to say that I am your father."

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