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"Sirius, it's beautiful!" Hermione audibly gasped as the car rounded the end of the long driveway to his country estate and she saw the nearly glowing, white, two-story manor surrounded by acres of perfectly green grass. There were some wildflower fields at the edges of the property, a stable, and a beautiful garden. It was so picturesque, with blue skies above. It was a change from the dirty, grey, and crowded city and Hermione fell instantly in love.

Sirius left the car first, walking around to open the door for her and hold her hand as she alighted down onto the gravel of the drive. She was still staring around the property in wonder and amazement and it made Sirius see the house and the grounds in a new light. He sincerely hoped he would get to enjoy it for years to come, preferably with her if he had his way.

"And it is all ours. I am so happy for the getaway," he admitted as they walked up the porch steps, one bag a piece, and he unlocked the door. Hermione continued to remain speechless for nearly fifteen minutes after. Every room was a surprise to her, mostly because they were vastly different from his manor in Paris. The rooms were smaller, cozier, and had a very unique charm. The only thing she didn't quite care for was the show of guns and deer heads in his office space, but it was fascinating nonetheless.

After the tour of the inside of the house, Sirius and Hermione found themselves in the main living room and he realized that in their haste to make it there, he hadn't planned ahead.

"Sirius, darling, what is it?" she asked when she saw the look of puzzlement on his face. He took two steps towards the kitchen, stopped, scratched his head and frowned.

"I've never actually gone on a holiday without help," he admitted and then started to laugh. Hermione found herself in a fit of giggles as well. She had also gotten used to it and realized that for Sirius, life just didn't run if it weren't for Neville and Fleur.

"I can cook, you know," she said, although she wondered if Sirius had ever made a meal in his life. That morning they had been in such a hurry to pack and leave that she wasn't even sure if they had said a proper goodbye to the maid and butler, let alone invite them along.

"But this was supposed to be romantic for you…it was supposed to be…"

"Sirius, please," Hermione shook her head with a smile on her face as she wrapped her arms around him. He tilted her chin up with his finger and kissed her sweetly, "Now, are you hungry right this instant?"

"No…" he looked down at her, rubbing circles with his thumbs on her shoulders, "Are you?"

"Well," she blushed slightly as she dropped her hands from around his chest to follow the crisp line of buttons down his perfectly tailored white shirt, "Not for food really…."

As she flicked her eyes up towards him, he couldn't suppress his groan of anticipation. As it escaped Sirius' lips, Hermione lightly ran a hand over the front placket of his trousers and slowly lowered herself to her knees. She was wearing a traveling dress in a pretty soft green, and she took her time fanning her skirt out around her and getting comfortable all while looking up at her lover from under her long eyelashes. He was transfixed as he stared down at her, his left hand finally reaching to grip the backing of the chair next to where he was standing.

Hermione softly brushed her curls back over her shoulders and reached out to feel his length growing prominent inside of the confines of his pants. He instinctively moved closer as she undid the buttons, his hand gripping the chair back harder.

"Finally, all alone with nothing to do…" Hermione sighed, trying to hide the smile playing on her lips as she licked them. Her reaction to pulling him out of his trousers, however, was involuntary and Sirius thoroughly enjoyed the way she bit her lip and started eagerly stroking him with both of her soft hands.

"Oh, I am sure we can think of something to do…" he replied, but it was breathier than normal and his mistress didn't waste any time in showing him exactly what she planned on doing. Hermione wrapped her hand firmly around the base of his cock and with her pink, flattened tongue, licked his arousal. She lingered, kissing him there for a moment before pulling away and giving him a teasing grin.

"Oh God Hermione, how can you be so damned sweet and such a little minx at the same time?" he asked in wonder as his other hand reached down to twine amidst her curls, eager for her lips to touch him again.

"I think I'm learning something from you, Mr. Black," she replied, her full lips curling into a smirk at the edges as she placed her lips back on his cock, now fully hard from her gentle ministrations, and proceeded to wrap her lips around him. Sirius was used to such a form of pleasure but it had never been this good. No proper society ladies did such a thing, but the woman he had been with before were the farthest things from proper society ladies-not that they mattered now, as the only thing filling his mind was the beautiful Hermione kneeling before him, her eyes closed as she sucked on him, making little mewling noises that made him twitch in her mouth. Clearly, she was enjoying herself just as much as he.

When her slightly swollen lips made their way nearly to the base of him, Sirius' knees almost gave out from underneath him, and his grip on the chair was slackening, his whole body shaking slightly. It had only been a few moments, and he was trying his hardest to not give in just yet. Yet, every time her big and gorgeous chocolate eyes sought out his for approval, he couldn't help but curse in ecstasy.

"Hermione, please…" he begged. He didn't want it to end…he wanted to make her come undone by him first, and Sirius hadn't felt that way about a woman in a long time. When she made no move away from him, and instead licked him with a renewed fervor—moaning onto him as he clutched her curls tighter-he couldn't help but spill himself into her hot mouth, surprised but even more turned on when she didn't immediately pull away and instead took him all. He almost laughed at the juxtaposition of it all, Hermione in her pretty dress spread out around her like a princess, swallowing his seed daintily and wiping her mouth with the back of her hand like nothing was out of the ordinary.

But he couldn't laugh, because his breath was taken away- not only from his orgasm, but also from the beautiful sight before him. He had never in his life felt so much love and simultaneous lust for someone. It was filling him with the best feeling in the world, and it also scared him. He would die if something happened to her; he just knew it to be true.

"Was that alright?" she ventured after a moment and Sirius realized he must have looked slightly off just staring at her.

"Was it alright?" he repeated, sinking to his knees as well, "Darling, everything you do is more than just alright." He kissed her softly at first, tasting himself on her tongue and not caring in the slightest as he felt her small body curl into his. As he wrapped his arms around her, he kissed her harder for a moment, and then lifted her off the ground and carried her a few feet until he had perched her on the edge of an armless chair.

She pouted as he pulled away from her, but let her back rest against the chair as he stayed on his knees in front of her and nudged her legs apart, pulling up the green skirts of her dress and running his hands up her legs. Hermione silently watched Sirius as his hands drew dangerously close to her center, and then pulled away, scratching lightly down her thighs. She wriggled in the chair, whimpering for him and he didn't have the strength to deny her.

He pushed her dress back and pulled down her underwear, beginning to drag one finger along her inner thighs before cupping his hand possessively against her sex. Hermione rubbed herself against his palm, aching for her own release and in return he ground the heel of his palm into her clit, causing her to buck against him.

As she was mumbling nearly incoherently for more from him, Sirius began kissing up her thighs but didn't waste time finally tasting her sweetness. He pressed his mouth against her and her hands gripped his shoulders, pushing him towards her. She was wanton and spread her legs wider, delirious from the pressure of his kisses that tortured her in the best way imaginable, but wasn't nearly enough.

Sirius spent a few long moments licking up her folds, tasting his lover, and worshipping her body. Everything about her was perfect, and he felt inadequate in comparison. He had never had any reason to doubt himself, his looks, or his skills in boudoir; but she was a goddess squirming beneath him. Every time his name left her lips in longing, it was a prayer and he appreciated every sound and move she made.

Soon, his tongue delved deeper and he could tell she was close to release by her erratic breathing. He was torn where to look as he parted from her briefly to slip a finger inside of her, her flushed face, or her beautiful body. He continued to pleasure her as her back arched up from the chair and he gripped her waist with his other hand to steady her as her body shuddered around him, fluttering around his finger. She gasped when she came, making Sirius smile as he slowly pulled away from her, setting her dress right and smoothing it down over her legs, and then kissing up her neck to her ear.

"I love you Mademoiselle Granger," he told her in a voice full of playful formality as he nipped at her earlobe. She was still catching her breath and reached out to squeeze his hand to show that she felt the same.


Hermione and Sirius spent the remainder of the day lounging around in his master bed, with Hermione retreating to the kitchen a few times to scrounge for some sustenance. They didn't really mind the lack of food or help after a while though, as they were mostly too busy with one another to notice or care about anything else in the entire world.

"Sirius?" Hermione asked softly. Day had turned into night and he was lying on his back next to her in his bed. They were both completely naked; Hermione lying on her stomach, facing away from him and looking out the window towards the shadowy forest at the edge of the estate.

"Yes darling?" he asked, reaching over with one hand to rub her smooth, creamy, white back. She audibly purred under his touch but it didn't deter her.

"Can I ask you something?"

"I am surprised you haven't already come out with it," He grinned as she rolled over and sat up in the bed, looking at him in a slightly wary way. His hand grazed over the curve of her hip and couldn't help but touch her dusty rose nipples that were now displayed so tantalizingly for him. They had both been in silence for a while, recovering from yet another romp.

"Only answer if you really don't mind…"

"Hermione, what is it?" Sirius frowned, rolling over slightly and pulling her back down onto the bed with him. He kept her close, his eyes searching hers.

"I know we both have secrets…and I think I've told you a lot about me, but there are parts of you that I want to know about…"

"Alright…" he prompted her.

"The room…"


"The room. The room no one is allowed to go into and no one speaks anything about and you always have it locked…." Hermione gushed out suddenly. She flushed in embarrassment at asking, even more so when he didn't answer straight away.

"So you've tried the door then…"

"Of course I have! Have you ever not known me to be curious…Fleur says you never gave her a key and she doesn't know why…"

Sirius sighed and shook his head, imagining his little mistress and the blonde maid conspiring outside the second floor room, "It is about time that I am honest with you…"

Sirius had planned on telling her long before now. In fact, he had planned on taking her in said room right away, but things had progressed differently with Hermione. He loved her; he didn't want to just use her. She sat patiently, waiting for his explanation and he drew it out until she looked ready to explode with the unknown.

"Before I met you, I used to have rather unorthodox tastes when it came to sex," Sirius told her. There…you said it…he mentally patted himself on the back.

"What do you mean?"

Of course she wants to know more Sirius, you daft man…"Hermione, I'm not trying to pretend to be anything I am not with you. You need to know that. Things are different with you, and I hesitated to tell you for fear that you may not want me…"

Hermione still looked confused, he could see her brain ticking…thinking things through. It was an interesting study, but it hardly distracted him from his pounding heart.

"I see now…" she said, eyebrows still knitted, "The very first time I met Cissy, she mentioned something about me having to keep up with you in the bedroom…and I had no idea what she meant. And then that wretched Mademoiselle Gold always making remarks about how you would need more than me…and the whispers I heard at the Bergére…"

"It's just a room…there's no bed…there's a bench, and some…er…restraints. Listen, Hermione, before I met you I hadn't made love to a woman, let alone in a bed for ten years…maybe longer. It was too intimate for me. I fucked. That was it. There was no emotion. I used women, and I dominated them, and many didn't last long or particularly like it. I never hurt them Hermione, I just wasn't very…gentle…" Sirius explained, looking rather tortured as he did so. He was trying to read her, but her face remained expressionless the entire time except for her eyes, which looked slightly scared but curious.

"Am I not enough for you?" her small voice asked after a moment and he pulled her ever closer.

"You are everything to me, and more than enough to satisfy me, believe me…I can have the room redone and turned into whatever you like the second we get back to the city…"



"I don't want to change who you are Sirius. I don't know if I am ready for all of that…but I want you to show me. I want to have everything…I want to make love to you a thousand times and a thousand ways and it still would not be enough. And after all, I am sure you are quite tired of me bossing you about," Hermione ended with a giggle, although she was unsure what she was getting herself into.

"Quite the opposite actually, I rather enjoy that you challenge me. You are the smartest woman…or rather person I have met…and I would have it no other way than you matching wits with me," he told her, kissing her nose. He couldn't stand it if he accidently hurt his beloved Hermione, but her being so sweet, and curious, and not acting as if he were some sexual deviant made him more aroused than he cared to think about.

"I know you want to show me," Hermione lowered her voice. She felt him growing hard against her leg and she couldn't hide the fact that her nipples were pebbling with just the thought of it all, even if she was uncertain what it all meant.

"Why do you have to be so damn intuitive?" he groaned at her realization of his hardness as he gave in once again and pressed his body against hers. He was fighting internally with himself about taking her roughly, but he did want to show her all of him. Once upon a time, Sirius Black had been a boy with a broken heart. He had then turned into a man who tried to pretend he had no heart at all. He was light mixed with a little dark, and he could no longer separate the two. He had once thought that he could never respect or have an intelligent conversation with a woman he had bent every which way in the lonely hours of the night, but Hermione was the exception to every rule. He wanted to love her, marry her, own her, and fuck her, all at the same time. It was a heady realization to come to.

"Please?" she asked once more, and his kisses against her neck became decidedly rougher. She returned his kisses with equally passionate ones but with two strong movements, he pinned both of her wrists to the bed and rolled on top of her. He worked her nipples with his mouth, rolling the hardened buds between his teeth and biting gently before kissing down her stomach. The mere thought of having her made him hard against her, and as he moved back up her body, he pushed his prominent erection into her stomach, just above where she wanted him the most, biting at her shoulder as he continued to hold her down.

"Turn over," he whispered gruffly against her ear, releasing her wrists, but she hesitated under him, "I said turn over little girl…"

Hermione moved quickly from underneath him, rolling onto her stomach and Sirius reached for her hips, pulling her arse up into the air and spreading her legs slightly. She pressed her palms into the bedding and raised herself up, on all fours, looking back at him with her curls a mess and lust in her heavy lidded eyes.

When he saw that she was enjoying herself, he grabbed her arse none too gently with both hands and as he moved behind her, gave her a rather hard spank.

Hermione jumped and keened out a long, low moan at the action, which he repeated a few more times for good measure. She was flushed, and slightly embarrassed, but loving the pure masculinity exuding from every ounce of his body. He knew what he was doing, he was in control, and it was intoxicating for her.

A moment later his chest was pressed flush against her back and his palms rested on top of her hands, holding her to the bed. He didn't warn her as he thrust into her, sliding his right hand up her arm and tugging on her hair sharply. Her neck jolted back as he simultaneously thrust into her and pulled her hair. As he continued to move roughly inside of her, his hands never left her wanting. They found their way to her breasts, palming her roughly and tweaking his nipples hard, and then one hand kneaded her arse while the other pulled and thumbed relentlessly at her clit until she was screaming his name over and over. It was exactly what he wanted, and he begged her to cum for him. His lover didn't make him wait, and she cursed loudly as he filled her to the hilt, wrapping his arms tightly around her stomach as he pounded erratically into her over and over, falling into ecstasy seconds after her.

They collapsed onto the bed, Sirius' arms still wrapped around her, holding her close in the indent of his body. They didn't talk for a long while, and they didn't need to. Sirius never had any doubt that Hermione could keep up with him in such a situation, even though he had been rather gentle on her; and Hermione was sated knowing that while the whispers about him had been true, they weren't nearly as scandalous as everyone made them out to be-and she was happy to know that she liked him taking control of her just as much as when they made love slowly and gently.

When her breathing had evened out, Sirius kissed the back of her head and eased of out bed from besides her. He had been waiting until the right moment, but he couldn't think of a better time, and it had been killing him to wait.

He padded over to his traveling coat, hanging over one of the chairs in the bedroom, and pulled out a little box.

Sirius was undeniably in love with Hermione. He had told her, he had accepted what would possibly come from it, and now he knew it was time to prove his words to her. She had surprised him all day, whether it was her naughty teasing, the sweet tears that fell down her cheeks when they made love, or her unashamed moans as he took her roughly. She kept surprising him all the time with her wit, and her smile, and her kindness…and especially her resilience given their current situation. She was simply the most extraordinary woman he had ever met. It didn't matter that she was poor, or an outcast…he loved her and always would.

He slid back in bed and Hermione gave a contented sigh as his warmth returned but she did not open her eyes. Sirius opened the box and took out the one heirloom he had from his mother. It was a beautiful diamond engagement ring, with a large stone in the center, ringed with small white and black diamonds. Rather fitting for the woman who was to become Madame Black, he mused as he gently took her left hand in his and slipped the ring on the appropriate finger. Hermione didn't stir, and he smiled down at just how wonderful it looked on her. Tomorrow he would ask her properly, but tonight he couldn't stand to not have his ring on her.

She had accepted him for everything he was and was not, and what had just transpired between them was proof of it. She had loved him even when he treated her in a way no gentleman should have treated a lady, but she wasn't afraid to let him know he was in trouble for it. She was his friend, and his muse, and his lover. And soon, she would be his wife.

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