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Two Months Later


"God, you look like an angel," Dora said, trying to keep her composure even though she was walking around with a handkerchief practically stuck to her face.

"You'll look just as good on your wedding day, I promise you," Hermione said, looking at her reflection in the mirror as Fleur finished pinning up some of her curls into a simple up-do and placed the veil on her head. Her dress was simple, a long, lean bodice of lace. Hermione didn't want a heavily embroidered dress like the one Ginny had worn on her wedding day two weeks prior, nor did she want one with ample amounts of fabric dusting the floor like Nymphadora's—hers was to take place three weeks from that very day. She just wanted to look like Hermione as she walked down the aisle to meet Sirius at the end of it. Just Hermione.

She really hadn't thought this day would come and as she turned to look at her reflection from the side, her very small baby bump hidden under the lace, she thought about the last two months.

Narcissa's burial was one of the hardest things she had ever had to face. She cried for days on end. Sirius did as well. They let Remus stay with them at the manor for a week, until they were convinced he could be alone.

The police had let Lucius out of custody for the funeral, and he sat in the back with his head down and his face a sad and pale sight. Draco and Pansy, once they had heard the news, had headed straight back to Paris. Draco cried in the arms of Andromeda as he watched the service. He stood close to Remus when they laid her in the ground, the two men shaking hands afterwards and then dissolving into a hug filled with tears on each other's dress coats.

Now Hermione would not see the shining, beautiful face of Narcissa on her wedding day, but she knew she was close in all of their hearts and would be watching from somewhere. That thought alone made her tears happy ones instead of sad.

Lily Evan's body had also been buried, closely after Narcissa's. Another innocent life lost to the devious Tom Riddle. Hermione knew Harry would never be the same again, but the light returned to his eyes shortly after, and she had never seen him smile more widely on his wedding day.

Theresa Gold's body was buried properly, but even though she had no family in attendance, most of Hermione and Sirius' friends were there to pay respects. As she placed a flower on the grave of the girl who was once her enemy, Hermione knew she could have very well been in her place, or even next to her. Hermione didn't know if she believed in a heaven, but she wished her well, wherever she was.

All of Tom Riddle's partners were sent to prison, including Bellatrix, who was given a 35 year sentence. Riddle was sentenced to life in prison, a fate that everyone was more than thrilled about. Lucius Malfoy was sentenced with ten years. Draco was beside himself at the hearing, but it wasn't his whole life lost. Lucius was allowed visitors and as far as Hermione knew, his son visited often.

She also knew that Luna Lovegood had gone to see him when he had first been imprisoned. But of late, her visits had become less frequent. Fleur, being the closest to the young blonde, recounted that apparently Lucius had told her he loved her, but that she shouldn't have to be sentenced to what he was. She shouldn't keep her heart for him for ten years, but instead, love again with his blessing.

Everyone was happy to see her smile again in the presence of Neville Longbottom. There were whispers he might even propose, but it was too soon to tell.

Once things had calmed down, Sirius and Hermione planned a simple wedding, to take place in their back yard. As Dora burst into a new fit of sobs, Hermione was brought back to the moment…the happiest moment of her life.

"You are all ready, lovely," Fleur beamed and Hermione turned to look at her best friends. Ginny was glowing in happiness, holding Hermione's bouquet of fresh white roses. Dora looked beyond beautiful, crying slightly, her engagement ring flashing in the sunlight coming through the window, and wearing a dress of the prettiest pink silk. Fleur had stepped back and was now holding Pansy Parkinson's hand. Their relationship would be frowned upon in society, but Hermione was glad they felt comfortable enough to be themselves in her home. Love was blooming out of the ashes of sadness and death, and it was a beautiful thing.

They were all jolted from their crying and reminiscing when a knock resounded on the door. Ginny opened it to find Harry, looking dapper and handsome in his best tails.

"Everyone is ready," he smiled at his best friend. Hermione had asked Harry to walk her down the aisle, since her father couldn't. Of course, he had agreed without second thought. Hermione looped her arm in his and the party followed them down the staircase and out towards the small backyard.

Dora, Ginny, Fleur, and Pansy went out ahead. Dora took a seat beside a smiling Snape, who looked, for once, completely happy and comfortable. Ginny sat in the front of the makeshift little wedding by her entire family, who was still out in the city after her wedding with Harry. Fleur and Pansy sat with Neville and Minerva, and Harry patted Hermione on the arm encouragingly.

"Sirius isn't going to know what to do," he laughed. They could both see him fidgeting nervously at the end of the small aisle, Remus standing beside him. It was nearly surreal.

"I don't know what to do," she sighed heavily and with one more step, the pair was out on the lawn. Everyone stood up and watched her walk with Harry, who gave her a kiss on the cheek when they reached the minister and he handed her over to Sirius.

Hermione didn't often see Sirius cry, but he was trying to hold back tears as he looked at her through her lace veil.

You look beautiful, love he mouthed so only she could see it and it made her blush. He still made her blush daily, and it was an exquisite feeling.

The ceremony flew by in a rush of words that neither of them paid attention to, being so absorbed in each other. Fingers shook as wedding bands were placed in their proper spots. Vows were exchanged with cracking voices. Finally, Sirius slowly lifted the veil to reveal Hermione's beautiful face and kissed her as a married man, for all of their friends and his family to see.

~ o0o~

After the spurt of weddings and honeymoons, things settled down in Paris. The grand Impressionist Exhibition finally ended and the winner was announced. Remus Lupin had won first prize and was offered his own private studio and a fellowship to keep painting. It was just what the man needed. Although everyone knew Narcissa was never far from his thoughts, day by day he became happier in the presence of his friends.

Monsieur Dumbledore finally got to meet Ginny Weasley…now Potter, and even though the money from him hadn't been given in time to thwart Riddle, Dumbledore allowed Harry to keep it. Harry did just was an instructed, and divvied it up among his friends. Ron and Remus got a nice loft together and painted avidly. Harry and Ginny were able to buy their own house with plenty of room for her parents and older brothers whenever they wanted to stay. Luna was given a bit of money, as well as Neville, Fleur, Pansy, Minerva, and Andromeda…everyone even close to anyone Harry cared about.

The deed back to the Bergere was signed back into Severus Snape's name, and he was finally on his feet again. His marriage to Dora had been simple and perfect, and he made sure all of his girls at the club were well taken care of. Dora spent a lot of time with her mother, and they became as close as any mother and daughter. It was truly a beautiful sight to behold them together, as their mannerisms were so similar.

Some of Harry's money went to Hermione and Sirius although Sirius resisted, now that his rightful fortune was back in his name. Yet, Harry insisted it as a wedding present. Although he hadn't legally claimed Sirius as his father, not wanting to complicate the family any more, the pair still acted like father and son, and Hermione found it nice to have Ginny and Harry around so often.

Sirius was writing more, and enjoying life with his new bride. He was able to pay Fleur, Minerva, Neville, and the Twins twice their normal salary, and insisted they work much less for it. Nothing was urgent anymore now that his life was fulfilled. This gave Minerva plenty of time to read in the garden, Luna and Neville ample time to exchange sweet kisses in the park, and Fleur enough time to have small outings with Pansy, who had finally let Draco know the truth. He hadn't taken it so hard. He had found a nice girl that reciprocated his love, and was living off of his inheritance.

Fred could often be seen spending time with Monsieur Dumbledore's butler, Cedric Diggory…but only Ginny, Fleur, and Hermione had caught on to their sly glances at each other. George was happily blowing his pay from Sirius at the Bergere every chance he had, drinking free on Severus' tab and throwing the money at the girls instead.

Sirius and Hermione visited Narcissa's grave often, and sometimes Hermione would talk to her about their life—which was perfect. Every day was an adventure with Sirius. She was his muse in his writing, his darling about town, and his obsession in the bedroom. They had even started experimenting in the room previously off-limits, before she became too swollen with pregnancy. The man could make her tingle and get hot from just a look across the dining room table, and yet profess his love to her in the sweetest and most gentlemanly way possible. And Hermione wouldn't have had it any other way,

~ o0o~

Seven and a half months later

~ o0o~

"I really want to be in there with her…" Sirius said, agitated, as he talked to Fleur.

"Minerva says no, she will be fine!"

"She's screaming!"

"She's giving birth, Sirius, what do you expect? You try pushing a…"

"Enough!" he put a hand up to stop her. He was beyond worried. It had been hours. Ginny and Harry were downstairs playing cards to get their mind off of things. Severus and Dora were sitting on the bench in the hallway, holding hands. Dora was pregnant now, and Hermione's screams were frightening to her. Sirius tried to give his cousin and her husband a calming look, but it failed seeing as he was wringing his hands in anxiety. He paced back and forth in front of the door to her room. Hermione hadn't wanted them in there, and Minerva said it wasn't proper, but he was starting to not give a damn.

One more piercing scream made his heart pound and he bolted for the door. Fleur reached out to stop him but he had already turned the knob.

The screaming had suddenly stopped, and as Sirius tentatively walked into the room, Minerva was cleaning off a little baby. The midwife, Poppy, was cutting the umbilical cord and covering Hermione back up, pressing a cold compress to her forehead. Sirius rushed to her side and she reached for her hand.

"I did it," she started to cry.

"My love, you did," he beamed as Minerva finished wiping the child off with a towel and handed it to Hermione.

"It's a girl…" Hermione said in awe, both her face and the child's lighting up upon gazing into each other's eyes. Sirius thought his wife was beautiful, but his wife and child together were unparalled by anything else in the world.

"Hermione, I love you. She's so beautiful, what do you want to name her?" Sirius asked, reaching out a hand to touch his daughter's little foot.

Hermione, a mess of damp curls with her face flushed as Poppy and Minerva mopped up the rest of the blood, looked hard at the bundle in her arms before turning to her husband.

"Cissa, I want to call her Narcissa," Hermione asked but Sirius would never deny her. It was too perfect. He gave Hermione a long kiss on the lips, thanked her for bringing their child into the world, and hurried back to the door, shouting like an overjoyed little boy for everyone to come and see his baby.

Soon, Hermione, Sirius, and baby Narcissa Black were surrounded by all of their friends and family. It was one of the best days of Hermione and Sirius' lives, and they had many years yet to come.