Okay guys, I've decided to change some of the names of a couple of the mermaids because I think that Midori(which I recently found out is japanese and means "green") and Thalia(which is greek) both have nothing to do with the story. I'm keeping Calypso's name the same because it means "she who hides" and I thought it was appropriate since she ends up running away and hiding.

Midori- If you've forgotten who she is, she is the main character of this fanfic and has been turned into a human. I've changed her name to Nerissa. Nerissa means "black haired" and comes from the name Nereida which means "sea Nymph" or "mermaid". I considered naming her this, but decided that I wanted to also include the fact that she has black hair.

Thalia-If you'e forgotten who she is, she happens to possess tan skin and brown hair(which is extremely rare for mermaids) and in the main cause of Nerissa(midori) going to shore. Thalia's new name is Morena, which means "brown skinned" and "brown hair"