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"Where the Hell is DiNozzo?" Gibbs asks angrily as Tim and Ziva walk into the bullpen each of them looking like they like they were in a boxing match and lost "And what happened? He quickly adds.

"We had a communication problem that's all. Tony went down to accounting to see Chris Fisk." Tim answers giving the briefest answer possible just like Tony told him to.

"McGee, why did Tony go see Fisk?" Gibbs asks, understanding that Tim is using his own rules against him, with Tony's careful reminder if he had to guess.

"Fisk was a Navel Corpsman, Tony went to see him so that he could have his shoulder popped back into place."

That's all it takes for Gibbs to storm out and go straight to the accounting offices. He gets there just in time to hear a single loud swear then a groan, to be quickly followed with a softly spoken thank you all coming from Tony.

"You know the drill DiNozzo. You're luck its Friday it will give you the weekend to rest before Gibbs finds out you got hurt again."

"Too late Chris." Tony says as he looks over his good shoulder.

"I'd go see Ducky If I were you before you leave for the day, I'd wait at least four hours though."

"I see you asked the right question Boss."


"He'll be fine Gibbs, Tony knows what to do. Now if you'll excuse me I have to go back to work."

Gibbs doesn't say a word as they make their way back to the bullpen. He waits gathering his thoughts and thinking of the right questions he needs to ask in order to find out what the hell happened,to his team."

Tony never gives him an opportunity, the first thing he does is picks up his desk phone and call down to the holding cells.

"Bill, it's Tony. How is our guest doing?"

"He's calmed down, he's just sitting there rocking, I'm watching him like you told me to."

"Call me it you have any problems."

"Will do." Bill tells him then ends the call.

"If you're done stalling I want to know what happened DiNozzo."

"I'm sure Tim gave you a verbal report, you know what happened, Boss."

"DiNozzo." Gibbs says through clenched teeth.

"I took care of it, of everything. Just like a senior agent you trained should."

Gibbs looks from Tony, to Tim finally stopping at Ziva glaring the whole time.

"It is my fault I did not follow orders." Ziva tells him not flinching as he glares at her.

"Tim, explain." Gibbs orders, glaring at Tony daring him to interfere.

"We found the man, we cornered him in one room. Tony held us back from entering the room. Tony observed him for a few minutes then told us that the guy was high on drugs and paranoid, that we held back he might be able to talk him down enough to put the cuffs on so we could safely transport him back to the Navy Yard. That he had seen reactions from drugs like this before while he was a cop in Baltimore."

"I thought Tony was wasting our time, making a mountain out of a ant hill. I went in the room while Tony was talking and grabbed his arm. That is last thing that I remember." Ziva adds.

"Tony and I rushed in and well we cuffed him after pinning him down. It was then that Tony told us that he thought the guy was drugged on purpose. He was crying and holding his head and rocking back and forth, for someone that would willingly take drugs the behavior was off."

"Is there a reason why you didn't follow DiNozzo orders Ziva?"

"As I said I thought he was making it bigger deal than it was, that we were wasting our valuable time."

"Tell me Ziva besides that one time with Cpl. Worth, have you ever seen anybody else have a bad reaction to drugs?"

"No Gibbs."

"DiNozzo do you have anything to add?"

"I put him in a holding cell with a corpsman and a guard watching him the room has been stripped of everything so he can't hurt himself. We put him in a straight jacket and drew some blood Abby has it right now. I will bring him to medical before I leave and have him checked out."

"Write your reports." Gibbs orders then leaves.

"Tony." Ziva says. She repeats herself three times then goes to his desk trying to get his attention. "Tony you must listen to me."

"No Ziva I don't have to listen to you at all. If I were you I'd do my report like Gibbs ordered us to do."

Gibbs comes back with a fresh coffee, no longer fuming and looking like he wants to bite some ones head off. He knows that as long as Tony doesn't file a reprimand against Ziva his hands are tied.

"Tony do you want to have dinner with me tonight?"

"Sorry Tim I have a date."

"You can go on your date after you go see Ducky."

"Of course Boss."

"Where are you going on your date, maybe we can double I can ask Abby?"

"Sorry Tim, but we are eating in, tomato soup and grilled ham and cheese sandwiches."

"A cheap date she must be still in college." Ziva says loud enough for her dig to be heard.

"Actually Ziva, she likes Gruyere and Fontina in her sandwiches and the soup is homemade. Comfort food, I just have to pick up a nice dessert for us. And no she is not in college."

He drove to Mandy's home without a care in the world. She was his solace and he wonders if she knows just how much he loves and needs her in his life. Maybe he should rethink his decision to not get married.

Using his key he opens her apartment door and takes a deep breath leaving the stress of the outside world behind him as he closes the door.

"Oh, Mandy I'm here and I have peach pie and coffee beans."

"Tony! I love peach pie." She says stepping out from behind the kitchen island.

"I know." He tells her then smiles his first real smile of the day as he lowers his head and kisser her just once as his habit.