Chapter 1: The Induction of Mikuru Asahina

It seemed just like any other day. Waking up to another torturous day in which Haruhi would once again force us into something I honestly had no intention of doing. I never thought that the day would give me such an interesting twist. However, let me start from the beginning. It was actually last night that this story started.

We were all sitting there in the club room as Haruhi was going over one of her many plans to find "abnormal beings" in the world. Due to the countless times I'd heard things I decided not to pay attention. Instead I grabbed one of Nagato's books to try to read. It was a lot more productive than listening to Haruhi, even if I couldn't read it. Fortunately it was printed in human language so I was able to distract myself from her rambling. "Kyon! Are you listening?" She screamed at me as I finished the final few pages of the book. "Yeah, yeah. Loud and clear." She just gave me that annoyed look she always does and then picked up her bag to leave.

It was only now that I realized that the book I'd picked up was all about hypnosis. As if that stuff actually worked. I asked Nagato about it but all she did was say to try it. But who would I try it on. Haruhi? No, she'd think I was just being a moron again and probably punish me somehow. Nagato? No, it was her book, she probably knows if it works on her or not, and it probably doesn't. That left Kouzumi or Mikuru. And to be honest, Koizumi isn't exactly what one has in mind when thinking of someone to test this particular thing out. Besides, I'm pretty sure he's gay, so really he'd probably do it just because he'd like the male-on-male interaction. I'm not a homophobe or anything, but I don't want him being like that with me. So it was miss Asahina.

After a few minutes of explaining she agreed to my request. She asked that if it works I don't tell anyone about it. Why would I though. Even if I did, no one would believe it was me, much less that it ever happened. "Okay Mikuru, now um… I guess, picture yourself walking down a flight of stairs." Mikuru shuttered. "Uh, when I do that I always get that feeling like I missed a step and fall. Can we try a different way?" I thought about the book again. That was usually the easiest way. I thought I'd try another method though.

After searching the club room, I found a pocket watch in Haruhi's desk. But the shine off of it plus the motion started to give me a headache. I grabbed a lighter from the top of a cabinet and that seemed fine for both of us so long as I didn't drop it. "Okay Mikuru, stare deep into the flame. Watch it as it dances around…" You get the picture. I basically told her in a thousand different ways to watch the fire move.

After about 20 minutes I took away the lighter and she looked at me confused. "What's wrong?" she asked in her usual sweet tone. "This isn't going to work. It's stupid to think that this is real." Said the guy to the time traveler. "I'm sorry. I was kind of starting to think it would work."

So we sat there for a few minutes wondering what to do. "If it helps, I do feel really relaxed." I nodded. "That's good. Maybe that's all hypnosis is used for. I mean really, what should I have expected, to be able to control your every action?" I chuckled at the stupidity a bit. This is where I proved myself wrong. I turned around still ranting. "I mean come on. Did I seriously expect that if I snapped my fingers and said 'sleep' that you would actually call asleep." I snapped my fingers and when I turned around Mikuru was just sitting there, but now with her head slumped over and her eyes were closed.

"Great, I bored her to sleep." Or so I thought. "Well, she is cute like this." I smiled and wondered what I should do. "Hey Mikuru… uh… wake up?" She opened her eyes. "What happened?" She asked confused. "You fell asleep on me when I gave my example of the sleep trigger." She looked confused. "Sleep trigger?" I nodded. "You know. Like this." I snapped my fingers and said "sleep" and sure enough she was out once again just as she had been before.

It was then that I realized that it had actually worked. I wanted to see what more I could do with her. "Mikuru, um… open your eyes and sit up strait." Without delay she opened her eyes and stared blankly ahead of herself. I waved my hand in front of her eyes, like in all those movies where people check this type of stuff. "Stand up." Again she stood up still staring ahead of herself. "It worked." It was only then that the male side of my brain decided to kick in.

Sometimes I hate the perverted mind a guy can have, but this was too hard to pass up. "Mikuru, take off your skirt, I guess." Without a passing second she raised her hands to her sides and slowly pulled down her skirt. She then returned to her standing position. "And your shirt." I added, not knowing if that registered, but apparently it did. Because she raised her arms and removed it, showing that same pink bra from the day Haruhi made her dress in that red bunny-girl outfit.

I decided not to go too far with what I was doing so it's not like I had sex with her. But I did have her do a sexy dance or two for me. I even had her call me her master. She did however start referring to herself as a slave on her own. As she danced she constantly would repeat things. "I must obey my master." Was one of them, but one of my personal favorites was when she said "I am an obedient slave, my master must command me. I am under your complete control." Which I didn't have her say, but who am I to stop her?

It was then that I got an idea. If I could make this work on Mikuru, maybe I might just be able to use this new found ability on Haruhi. That would be fun, considering what I had Mikuru do was soft because I don't want to treat her badly. As cute as she was, I decided to have her stop, put her clothes back on and sleep again before waking her up with no memory of it, but not before placing a trigger word in there for future manipulation. When she woke up I pretended that we were still talking about it not working. After that she walked home and I went home to prepare my plan for getting to Haruhi, more importantly using hypnosis on her.